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Dreams turned Nightmares.

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A little drama, a little violence.

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Chelsea woke up early, much earlier then she normally woke up. In fact, it was as if she had only been asleep merely an hour. Chelsea looked over at her husband who she had just been cuddled against before looking down at her son who was still sleeping peacefully wrapped up in his blankets. She smiled lightly as the pushed the blankets off her small frame and walked out of the room listening to the soft patting of her feet on the cold hard wood floor. Chelsea shivered a little bit as she quietly walked down the stairs of the dark cabin. It felt as if it were almost twenty degrees colder then it had been when she had gone to bed. Chelsea rounded the corner only to find the front door wide open. Chelsea felt her heart jump out of her chest as she heard soft foot steps behind her.

Chelsea turned around to look and found no one. She quickly walked over to the door and shut it locking it behind her. She stood against the door listening for any sort of sound she could make out but nothing met her ears. Even the foot prints had turned silent. Chelsea rationed that it must have been her imagination or her father getting up to go to bed. She walked into the kitchen and was next to the fridge as she heard a gun shot go off resonating off the walls of the house. Chelsea quickly ducted down in front of the cabin as Thomas and Brendon flashed in her mind. She slowly made her way through the dark house to for the stairs that she slowly walked up. Finding that the coast was clear she made her way back to her bed room that she was currently sharing with her husband and her son. As she entered the room she shut and locked the door being startled by what happened next.

'Did you think that coming to some cabin in the woods would stop me from finding you Chelsea?' she heard someone say before the lamp was flipped on.

Chelsea looked up to see Bob Water's sitting on her side of the bed next to Brendon. Brendon no longer looked like himself. His head was covered in a red liquid Chelsea made out to be his blood. The sheets were covered in it as was the oak head board behind him. Chelsea's breath was caught in her throat as she looked at her precious husband lying lifeless on the bed. Tears rushed to her eyes and down her beautiful cheeks as she walked over and looked at him. She took his hand, partially covered in blood, 'Brendon, Brendon honey wake up. Brendon.' She cried.

'Aww poor thing, now he can never save you.' Bob said standing up as he walked over to the pack-n-play that held their sleeping ten month old son. Chelsea quickly remembered Thomas sleeping and stood up and turned around just as Thomas began to cry while Bob held him.

'Please don't hurt him. Please don't take him away from me.' She begged.

'Aww look at that Thomas, your mom is begging for you. What do you think would happen if I walked over to this window and accidentally dropped him?' Bob asked with a smirk as Chelsea stepped towards her crying son.

'Please, please don't hurt him. I need him. I'll do anything you want me too.'

'Chelsea, you had your chance. I didn't come here to negotiate, I came to get revenge. There is nothing you can do that will save this little bastard son of yours just like there was nothing you could do to save your husband or your parents. You're going to live by yourself alone for the rest of your life. No one will love you; no one will care about you. You're going to be all alone.' Bob said as he opened the window and threw Thomas out.

'Chelsea. Chelsea wake up, honey come on wake up.' Brendon said shaking his wife as tears rolled down her cheeks and sweat soaked her clothes. Mr. and Mrs. Reeves quickly came into the room flipping on the other light Brendon hadn't turned on. Mrs. Reeves picked a crying Thomas up out of his bed as Mr. Reeves sat down next to Chelsea. 'Chelsea.' Brendon said soothing her arm, 'Baby wake up.' Brendon cooed. Chelsea jumped up sitting up faster then anyone expected as she pulled Brendon into a hug.

'Oh my god.' She cried.

'Baby calm down it was just a dream.' Brendon said soothing her hair against the back of her head as he hugged her.

'Brendon.' She cried looking at him before kissing his lips hard, 'Oh my god Brendon.'

'Honey, everything is okay. You're okay, I'm okay, it was just a dream babe.' He said looking at his father in law whom held a worried look.

'It was a dream.' She whispered parting from the hug. She looked at her dad pulling him into a hug just as tight as Brendon's.

'Daddy, you're okay.'

'I'm fine honey it was just a night mare.' He whispered hugging her as well as he kissed the side of her head, 'It was just a dream.'

'It was terrible.' She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

'I'm going to get you some water.' Mr. Reeves said quickly getting up and walking out of the room. Mrs. Reeves walked over with Thomas as Chelsea reached out for him.

'Oh baby, honey, mommy's sorry; she didn't mean to wake you up.' Chelsea cooed, 'I'm so sorry baby.' Thomas began to calm down as Mrs. Reeves took her grandson back into her arms as Mr. Reeves handed Chelsea a bottle of water.

'Sweet pea what happened?'

'He found us. He was here. He shot Brendon, point blank right here, he killed you and mom, and he threw Thomas out that window. I watched you all die.' Chelsea said as she began to cry again.

'Baby, it was just a dream. We're okay.' Brendon said pulling her into his chest.

'I know.' She whispered. Mr. Reeves urged her to drink more water. He and his wife sat with their daughter for about half an hour after getting Thomas back to sleep before venturing back downstairs.

'Cole. Do you think Chelsea is going to be okay?'

'Yes, she'll be okay. She just needs to time to heal.' Mr. Reeves said as he got back into bed with his wife, 'She has Brendon to help her; he's a good man honey.'

'I know he is, he takes such good care of her.' Marla said as she cuddled next to her husband, 'But you don't think that this dream was a night terror, you don't think we should take her to a doctor?'

'We'll give it a little while before we do that, I think she just needs some time, she needs to spend some time with Brendon, trust him again. She'll be okay.' He said.

'It felt so real.' Chelsea said as she laid her head on Brendon's chest.

'It wasn't real baby, it was just a dream. No one will ever hurt you.'

'It's not me I'm worried about, it's you.' She said looking up at him.

'Baby, no one will ever come near us again. I love you too much for anything to ruin this family. I promise.'

'When did our lives get so dramatic?' Chelsea whispered as she ran her hands along Brendon's bare chest.

'That's a good question.' Brendon said as he watched Chelsea as she got up and straddled his hips.

'Is it wrong of me to want you so badly right now?' she asked looking down at him with an innocent look.

'You just had a nightmare of me being killed. If it were me, I'd have you tied up by now.' He joked. Chelsea bent down and slowly pressed her lips to his moving from his plump lips, down his neck, and finally to his chest.

'Brendon, I want you to make love to me.' She asked as she sat back up. Brendon rolled over taking her with him before gently kissing her.
sorry guys, not my favorite thing to write.


Chelsea woke up early the next morning, much earlier then normal. The sun was shining through the sheet blue curtains hanging in her room and Thomas was still sleeping soundly in his bed while Brendon softly snored against Chelsea's back. She pushed the blankets out from around her body as she reached down for panties pulling on Brendon's pajama pants and a random shirt from the floor. She walked out of the bed room shading her eyes from the sun that shown through as she walked down the steps and into the kitchen seeing the clock on the stove blink: 6:34 AM.

'Morning sweet heart.' Her father said as he shuffled in for his coffee.

'Hi daddy.' She said walking over to give him a hug.

'What is this for?' he asked as he hugged her back.

'For everything you've done for Brendon and I in the past few weeks. We wouldn't have made it with out you.' She smiled.

'Chelsea, what did you think I was going to do? You're my only little girl as Brendon is my only son in law. Besides, I love you two and I can't live with out you honey.' He smiled.

'Well thank you daddy, you're the greatest.' She smiled kissing his cheek.

'Chelsea, I want you to know that anything you are having trouble with anything you can come to me and I will fix it for you.'

'I know dad.' She smiled.

'The same goes for Brendon, does he know that?'

'You know, I think Brendon knows that.'

'He's been around for so long I've almost forgotten that he's not actually a member of the family.'

'Sure he is. We're married, we have a child together.'

'But he's not my son honey; I'd almost forgotten that he wasn't.'

'He'd be very happy to hear you say that.' She smiled.

'Sweetie, when you told me that you and Brendon eloped when you were seventeen, I was very, very angry. I felt betrayed that you didn't trust us enough to tell us that you and Brendon were serious enough to get married but now that I see you two together, see how much he loves and cares about you, it makes sense to me, infact I probably would have done the same thing.'

'Brendon and I are going to have a big wedding one of these days, when Thomas is older, we're going to have a big family wedding, make me an official Urie, that way I can take the hyphen off.' She laughed.

'Well when ever you're ready honey we're here, just don't forget about us in your crazy, fast paced life.' He smiled.

'I could never.' She smiled.

'Go cuddle up to your husband, he's probably cold.' Mr. Reeves smiled sending Chelsea upstairs.

Chelsea walked back into the bed room where she quickly removed the clothes she was wearing and crawled back in bed and curled up next to Brendon, whom didn't miss an wink of sleep. He stirred a little feeling her lips against his chest, 'Mmm where did you go?' he mumbled.

'I went down and talked to my dad; Brendon, something is telling me that the worst is over.' She smiled.

'Good, I'm glad.' He smiled as he kissed her softly, 'more sleepy time.' Chelsea laughed as Brendon wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her on top of him as they both drifted back to sleep wrapped up in each other's arms.
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