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Shopping for something nice

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Viola goes SHopping for a dress

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"What am I supposed to wear?" Viola cried frantically pulling through her close, "I brought tees and shorts, how can I own a dress?"

Carson sat on her bunk as she pulled through her luggage; lazily he played solitaire on his ipod.

"Carson!" she shot.

"What Vi?"

"What am I going to do?" she festered before collapsing into her clothes.

Carson slowly excited off the bunk, he sat down next to Viola.

"Carson," She cried, "I haven't owned something girly since I was 13."

"I think Bob," Carson began, "doesn't care about what you wear."

"But this is a date, I want to look like I cared enough to go to this," She took a calming breath, "I really like him, he's so sweet and kind and-."


The two friends turned to the voice.

"Pete!" Carson exclaimed falsely.

"Viola can I talk to you?"

Viola shot a hand to Carson's, she gripped tightly.

"Well, I's just me and Carse are going shopping."

"We are- ow...yeah shopping."

"Oh," Pete sighed, "I know a good mall."

Viola bit her lip, maybe she had better let Pete come along.

"Really?" she piped, "Can you take us there?"

Carson rolled his eyes,

"I'm not going shopping with you Vi."

"Why not?"

"Because I hate it."

"No you don't-ouch, fine you can stay here."

"Have fun you too."

Viola rolled her eyes and mouthed 'you owe me bitch' before leaving with a happy grinned Pete.


Pete and Viola entered a densely populated mall; he took a hold of her hand as they made there way to an escalator. Viola pulled away and faked looking through her purse.

"Um...," she stated dumbly, "I need a dress."

"I know which store; I've been in it before-."

"Great," Viola cringed cutting Pete off.

"So...," He ladled awkwardly, "any preferred color?"

"Red, maybe."

"Red would look good on you."

"Yeah I'm sure," she laughed uneasily.

They excited the escalator and went to the right, where Pete led her. Moving fast through the halls Viola let Pete take her hand. She could feel herself sweating.

"Here we are," he cried.

Viola glance around the shop, it was amazing. Beautifully hand made dresses hung from tall manikins. Viola smiled brightly.

"They're all so beautiful."

"Not as much as you."

"Oh stop it," She giggled rolling her eyes, "Pu-lease I've heard that so many times."

"Well, maybe it's true."

"Oh Pete, my sides."

"Come on now, can you blame a guy for trying?"

"No, suppose not."

"Here," Pete said pulling on a dress, "I wanna see you wear this one."

"Okay...I guess I'll put it on."

Moving into a change room, Viola coarsely pulled the curtain closed; fixing the sides to make sure no cracks showed through. She stepped into the gown and carefully zipped the back as far as she could.

"Pete," she called, "Can you zip me up."

"Sure," he replied taking a gentle hold of the zipper, "there."

Viola stepped out into a mirror, taking a glance she smiled. The dress, -red- fit her snug till about her hips then lightly panned out to her knees. Her hair hung loose at her sides, but with a bit of gel she saw potential.

"Gosh," Pete said, "You look stunning in that dress."

Viola smiled brightly.

"I must admit," She agreed, "I do look very nice."

"We have to buy this dress so I can take you on a date!"


"Yeah, I want to but you that dress."

Viola grabbed Pete's hand as he reached for his wallet,
"No I couldn't possibly let you do that," she tried to joke it off.

"I want to," He stated moving a head to the cashier.

"No you gotta let me buy my own dress."

"Viola let me buy you a gift."


"Viola, no! Now go change so I can have it packed up for you."

Her heart sunk, slowly Viola trudge back to the dressing room.

"I don't envy you," The cashier said rubbing his arm, "I wish my
wife would yell that at me."

"I'm a lucky guy."

Viola sat in the change room staring at her dress, wanting to cry. She wanted out.



"The dress?"

Viola handed it to Pete, he whisked it away. Before long they left the store; Viola carried the bag. She insisted. After many thank yous Viola ceased to talk; she wanted to leave the mall. They past 'The GAP' where two girls shopping noticed Pete Wentz; almost immediately they were bombarded with fans. Viola quietly back away from the screaming girls and left the mall.
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