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I felt in a sexy mood, don't get made if you hate it like I said before current mood=sex!

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"Where have you been!?"

"Chill Emerson," Viola muttered quietly.

Carson wrapped an arm around Viola,
"Hey Vi, how'd it go," asking seriously.

"Terrible," She stifled her cry, "he bought me the dress."

Carson reached into Viola's box; pulling the beautiful creation into view of everyone. There was a whistle from Spencer.

"Nice dress Vi."

"Spence, shut up!" Carson and Viola collected together.

"Man I hate when you shorten my name," he whined.

"Well maybe if you weren't such a thick twat Spence."

"Elliot don't you start."

"You gonna call me an English muffin again?" he hissed thickening his Leeds accent.

"Suppose I might," Spence replied mimicking Elliot.

"Spencer," Emerson began, "Shut up," He turned, "Elliot, shut up."


"Yes that is a terrible attempt at your accent I know, but I can't stand bickering."

There were some snorts.

"Don't start me on you," Emerson pointed.

"Man why do you have to go all 'I'm your father' on us."

"Carson, you don't have one."

"OH!" Spencer teased; he was shot a look from the band.

"Fuck you."

"Fuck me? Really Carson."

"No Emerson just fuck yo-."


The band now directed there attention to a flustered Viola; holding her dress tightly. Completely stunned.


"Vi," Carson started.

"Don't Vi me," She cried.

"Viola," he tried again.

She fell to her knees controllably sobbing into her chest; covering her eyes,
"I have a date and all you guys can do is fight."

"Sorry Viola," Elliot muttered taking her into a hug, "I hate to ask, but a date with whom?"


"Nice," Spencer commented.

"Is that the dress you're wearing?"

"Yeah, nice isn't it Emerson."

"I must admit it is."

"Carson?" Viola called.

The band mates looked around, he was nowhere to be found.

"Dammit," Viola muttered.

"What? What is it?"

Viola shook her head, standing up she placed the dress carefully upon her bunk. She waved goodbye to PBD and left to the outside. It didn't take her long, she found a sullen warded Carson up against a random bus.

"Carse," she started, "I'm sorry for blowing up at you."

"Don't be," he smiled lightly, "we were in the wrong, us have a date we should be pumping you up," He paused and licked his lips, "not bringing you down."

Viola moved into a hug,
"I'm still sorry."

"Don't be."


"Okay," Carson festered, "we've got makeup, hair and gorgeous dress! I think we're good."

"Oh god," Viola maimed holding her stomach, "don't remind me about the dress."

"Relax Vi," Carson soothed rubbed her sleeves arms, "you decided on to get a dress because of Bob, not Pete."

"Your right Carse."

"Though he has got a damn good taste in dresses."

"Oh god."

"Vi don't sit down!"

Viola clamped tightly to a railing, clutching her stomach tightly,
"Carson I can't do this!"


"I can't do this."

"What? No you are, I didn't hand wash your hair so I could have it go to waste on Muppets and crew's eyes back there."

"Hey!" there was an array of protest.

Viola nodded and continued to head for My Chem's bus.

"Thank you guys, for coming with me."

"It's the least we could do;" Carson remarked, "only a few more steps and the bus should come into view!"

"Carson I'm not blind."

"Oh, well then why do you have your hands on your face?"

"I...I don't know." Viola muttered dropping her hands.

A small little whiff of baking tomatoes and sizzling cheese came wafting into the air. Viola took a large breath; she released her stomach and followed her nose right into Bob.

"Oh, I'm sorry didn't see you there," She smiled.

"Hey, thank you for coming," he replied timidly.

The two awkwardly kissed briefly, before Viola shooed away her band.

"They'd stay and eat everything," She laughed.

"Ha, well good thing they left I've made only enough for two," Bob spread his fingers.

Viola took his hand brushing the fingers against her face; he placed his other hand upon her cheek. They leaned in kissing deeply. Breaking apart they stared into each other's eyes.

"I like your dress," he whispered.

Viola winced,

"I don't."

"Why," he asked looking over it, "you look beautiful in it."

"I didn't buy it though."


"Well it's just I wanted to buy a dress for you to see."

Bob touched her chin as she tried not to cry,
"You could wear anything...I wouldn't care."

Viola smiled; slowly she reached up touching his hair they leaned in again.

"I don't see why people don't scream your name," Viola paused, "Bob..."

He lusted forward kissing Viola firmly; running his hands towards her hips. Bob squeezed tightly on her calves.

"B-Bob," Viola shivered.

He stopped.

"Did I hurt you?" he whispered.

"I want to you take me somewhere else after dinner."

He removed his hands taking Viola's.

"Where do you want to go?"

"All the way," She replied.

A/N: I'm really sorry if she sounds like a complete and utter whore it's just that Viola wants to have Bob and Bob wants to have Viola and she's 20 so it's cool right? Look, when two people love each other very much...I...I don't know what else to say it's part of my plot, guess you'll have to find out later why Viola's so jumpy to get "laid".
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