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Trade Baby Blues For Wide Eyed Browns

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Is not fighting the same as giving up?

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three days later

Sarah sits at the kitchen table eating a bowl of Mini Wheats.

"Sarah, honey. Wheres Jazie? It's 6:30. She's gonna be late for school again." Sarah's mom asks from the sink where she's washing dishes.

"She's upstairs getting dressed ma." Sarah says with her mouth full of soggy cereal.

"Oh, ok than." Her mom nods happily.

my mom is such a Stepford Wife... Sarah thinks to herself, smirking a little.

Jazie walks down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Hey babes! whats for breakfast?" She asks cheerfully.

"Whatever you make." Sarah says, still working on her bowl of cereal.

Jazie just laughs and goes over to the fridge, pulling out some juice and getting an apple.

"Hi darling. Have a good nights sleep?" Sarahs mom asks Jazie.

"Mornin momsy. And yah, I did." She smiles happliy at her.

Sarah just smiles at the two. It's so cute how she calls her that. Jazie needs a real mom. My moms totally annoying but she'd never lay a hand on jaze. She really needs a family right now.

Sarah looks at what she's eating. "Mmmmm. You must be starving." She says sarcastically.

Jazie just sticks her toungue out at her and takes a big dramatic bite out of the apple. "mmmmmmm. Delicious." She says with mushed up apple falling out of her mouth as she talks.

"Iww! you sicko. Manners! And very mature Jaze, really." Sarah makes a look of disgust.

Jazie just smiles triumphantly. "You know you love me."

"So?" Sarah trys to hide her smile.

"So just admit it.

"What ever. Just eat your apple.." Sarah smiles and gets up to put her bowl and spoon in the sink.

"I'm gonna go brush my teeth and i'll meet you in the car, ok? Don't take forever." Sarah says as she walks upstairs toward their bathroom.

Jazie sighs. She finishes her apple and cup of juice and puts on her hoodie thats laying on the back of the chair.

"Off to school again." She gets up and puts her cup in the sink.

She goes over to the front door and gets her shoes.

"You're a canary, I'm a coal mine.." she sings silently as she walks out to the car with her backpack and purse in hand.

Sarahs already in the car listening to music. Jazie taps on the window and signals Sarah to roll it down.

"Can I drive today?" Jazie asks with a big smile. "Pleeeeease?"

"How could I say no to that face?" Sarah laughs as she gets out and lets Jazie take the drivers seat. Jazie laughs lightly but than frowns when she remembers that day she met Patrick in Borders.

"before I go, could I uh...could I get your number or something?"

Like he even needed it. When you get someones number, you actually CALL them.
Jazie thought angrily.

"You ok Jaze?" Sarah asked, looking at her friend curiously.

"Yah, why?" Jazie tried to shake off all thoughts of Patrick.

/This is NOT a good way to start off my day. I need to stop thinking of him/(hehe, that first part rhymed)

"Oh, i dont know. Maybe the scowl on your face. But i could just be over analyzing. I tend to do that." Sarah says. She starts humming along to the music.

Jazie just ignores her as she pulls out of the drive way.

As they make their way down the road, she looks at the same house she looks at every day before school. The same house that holds her biggest fears.

She usually just glances at it for a second, but today something cought her eye. She slowed down so she could get a better look at it.

"What are you looking at Ja..oh." Sarah sees the house and assumes thats what she's looking at weirdly. She does it ever day.

"Do you not see that Sarah?" She points out the window.

"Yah, thats your house." Jazie glares at her.

"It's not my house anymore. And no, thats not what I'm talking about. THAT! Don't you see it?"

Just than, Sarah sees it. Her eyes grow the size of dinner plates.


"Oh my gosh! Wait.....what does this mean than Jaze?" She looks at her friend sympathetically/sadly.

I hate that look. I get that look from to many people.

Jaze speeds up the car to the legal speed limit and continues on their way to school.

She just looks straight ahead.

"Jazie. Jazie!"

"What!" She yells at Sarah.

"you need to talk to me. If what we saw back there is really true, than somethings up."

"No shit." Jazie just keeps her eyes on the road ahead.

"Jazie, don't get all pissy with me, ok? I'm just trying to help you."

"Yah, I know," Jazie sighs sadly.

"I dont know what it means Sarah. And at this point, I dont really care."

Lies Jazie, more lies. You do care. Don't deny it. What does this mean? Are they gone for good? Do they even care that I left? Am I free?

Jazie trys to organize her jumbled thoughts as they pull into the school parking lot.

"We'll talk about this later Jazie. We're late." Sarah says as they get out of the car.

They rush through the parking lot to get to their lockers and into class.

two days before Spring Break (about a month later)

"Jazie!!! I got something in the mail again about the spring break thing." Sarah yells through the house.

Jazie runs down the stairs from their room.

"Whats it say?"Jazie looks at the envelope curiously.

"I don't know. I havent opened it yet."

"Well do it already!"

"Alright, alright. Sheesh." Sarah shakes her head as she opens the envelope and pulls out 2 round trip plane tickets, a letter with information about flights and what hotel their staying at, the reservations for the hotel, backstage passes to the fob show their gonna see, and a few other things pertaining to the trip.

"Wow. this is really happening, huh?" Jazie says, looking up at her friend.

"Yah." She smiles back at Jazie.

"Don't be scared. It'll be fun. Don't worry about it."

"I'm not scared. I'm actually pretty excited about the trip. We're gonna be staying at a resort in cancun! We really need to go shopping so we can pack tomorrow. We have to leave..." Jazie looks down at the tickets, "tomorrow! Shit! We leave tomorrow. Ok, we really need to start packing!" Jazie says.

"Oh shit! yah. Lets go to the mall and get some clothes and stuff." Sarah writes a note for her mom and they get their purse and head for the door.

They get back from the mall with a few new outfits and bathing suites. They come through the door and see Sarahs mom standing there.

"Where have you two been?" Her arms are crossed and one of her feet are tapping (totally cliche)

"Shopping mom. I left you a note."

"Whats this?" She asks holding up the envelope about the Spring Break trip.

"Ah, mom. Don't freak. Jazie won a contest for.."

"I know what its about Sarah, I looked through the mail. And when did you plan on telling me you'd be paroosing around Cancun for a week with some band?" Sarahs mom asks, her anger rising in her voice.

"Mom, please. We were gonna ask you. I was just afraid you'd say no."

"Don't you need parental concent for this type of thing Sarah?! Did you think you could just go over there without anyone knowing your both 16?"

Jazie sighs, smelling defeat. Sarahs eyes are tearing up.

"Mom, please let us go. This is a chance of a lifetime! We didnt have anything planned for spring break anyway and we're both mature enough to take care of ourselves. We just bought a bunch of clothes and we cant just not use the tickets! Thats a waste!"

"You should have thought about that before you entered the contest Sarah! And I am not Jazies legal guardian so I cant tell her she can't go. But I can tell you no. Jazie, do you have your parents permission?" Sarahs mom turns toward Jazie.

She just stands there for a second, trying to think up an excuse.

"Well,'s kinda complicated..." jazie studders out.

"Well, I have plenty of time. Please, explain." Sarahs mom says awaiting Jazies response.

Jazie feels a knot rising in her throat. She looks at Sarah (who's already in tears) to try and get a little assurance. She starts to feel her eyes well up with tears. She's feeling suffocated.

The rooms getting smaller and smaller and the lights are dimming slowly. Shes feeling warmer and trys to fan out her shirt as she looks from Sarah to her mom, and back at Sarah again.

"Well Jazie?..."

"Um, mom. I dont think she wants to talk about it." Sarah cuts into the awkward silence that was building in the absence of Jazies response to her moms question. She sensed something was wrong with Jazie and just wanted to make it stop.

"I didnt ask you Sarah. Why can't you tell me Jazie?" Her features soften, but just barely.

"I, um..." She trys to swallow down the lump in her throat but it just feels like its getting bigger and bigger.

Her eyes flutter and she hits the floor.

"Oh my god! Mom, look what you did to her!" Sarah screams as she falls next to her friend.

She picks up her head which seems to be cut from hitting the entrance pannal of the doorway. She wipes away the blood from her face with the sleeve of her shirt and grabs the envelope from her moms hand and starts fanning her friends face.

"I...I..I didnt mean to scare her. I'm sorry."

"Mom, just shut up and get a cup of water for her, please." Sarah begs.

Her mom sighs and walks into the kitchen and comes back with a wet wash cloth and a cupp of water.

A few minutes later Jazies eyes flicker open and she looks around the room.

"Ouch." She reaches up to touch the cut on her forehead.

"What happened? Ow, massive head ache."

Sarah just glares at her mom.

"You had a panic attack i think." Sarah says as she helps her friend off the floor.

"Here, come sit on the couch." Sarahs mom directs her into the living room and onto the large sofa.

"Thanks." She looks at Sarahs mom. "I'm sorry. I just don't wanna talk about my parents. Could we just not talk about them right now?" She asks with pleading eyes.

"Yah honey. We don't have to talk about it right now." She says hugging her and stroking her head.

Jazie soon falls asleep and Sarahs mom gets up carefully and quietly, so not to wake Jazie up, and walks into the kitchen. She sees Sarah sitting at the kitchen table crying silently with her head in her hands.

"Sar, whats going on with Jaze and her parents?" She looks worriedly at her daughter.

Sarah wipes the tears away and looks at her mom with a serious face.

"I don't think I'm the person to tell you. It's not really my story to share. It just isn't good. I'll tell yah that."
She pauses for a second and looks down at her hands placed on the table top in front of her.

"I...I think this trip would be really good for her. I know you don't know the whole story yet, but if you did, i think you'd understand how much this trip means to her. She needs me there with her and she needs someone to be her parent and give concent." She looks up at her mom sadly.

Sarahs mom sighs and looks back into the living room at the sleeping kid with a cut on her face.

"We can talk about it." Sarahs mom says.

"Mom, we don't really have time to get into a full on discusion. If we're going, we leave tomorrow. And we need to pack and everything." Sarah's holding her breath for what her mom might say next. She could totally be ok with it or just totally turn on her and say flat out no.

"............fine. You better go start packing." Her mom smiles at her daughter as she screams and jumps up and down. She runs over to her mom and pulls her into a big hug. "I love you I love you I love you!!!!!!" She screams.

She runs over to the couch Jazie was sleeping on and she kneels down next to her.

"Jazie...Jazie" She shakes her shoulder to wake her up.

"Whah..what?" SHe looks up at her all drowsy-like.

"We can go!" She squeels.
Jazies eyes widen. "What!?"

"We can go! Lets go start packing!!" Sarah says jumping up and down again.

Jazie gets off the couch and runs upstairs with Sarah.

Sarahs mom can hear them screaming upstairs and she smiles.

I better not regret this...

the day of the trip

"You got everything Jaze? Double checked? FOR SURE?" Sarah asks as she looks through her carry on again for the 8th time this morning.

"YES Sarah. I got everything. I got the tickets, the back stage passes, and the tickets to the show. You have the reservations and all the paper work to verify we won the contest annnd that we have parental concent." She smiles at her mom in the kitchen.

"Yes! Everythings here. All the clothes, the tickets, the people." Sarah hugs Jazie and smiles.

"This is gonna be amazing." Jazie says.

"I'm so excited! Lets hit the road!!!" Sarah yells.

They all get into the car and Sarahs mom drives them up to the airport.

They get to their gate and Sarahs mom sighs as she takes them both into a big hug.

"Call me when you guys get there and don't talk to strangers!" Jazie and Sarah both giggle and hug her one last time before they turn and walk through their gate.

Jazie turns and waves.

"Your mom is amazing Sarah. You're really lucky."

"Yah, I think I am too." She smiles at her friend as they get onto the plane and take their seats.

"Ok, so are we getting to the hotel from the airport?" Jazie questions.

" says here that its all arranged and they'll have someone their to pick us up. They'll have a sign with our names on it so just look out for that."

Jazie shrugs.

"Hm..ok. Sounds good to me." Jazie sits back and sticks in her iPod headphones.

"This'll be a lonnnng ass flight. I'm gettin some sleep." Jazie says as she covers her face with her hoodie.

Sarah laughs. "Alright."

She sighs and looks out the window as the plane takes off.

This needs to be everything Jazie hopes it'll be. She can't have anymore dissapointments in her life. I don't know what she'll do. I'll make sure she has a good time though. And I'll make sure I have a good time too. Maybe I can get a little closer to one of the guys while I'm there. Petes a really great guy.... We'll see. She giggles to herself and pulls out her iPod and turns it on shuffle.

"Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman. Maybe he won't find out what I know. You were the last good thing about this part of town."

Ok, maybe this isnt a feast. it's more of a....Lean Cuisine. But whatever. I'm doin my best :] i have alot of ideas and i think i'm gonna work on the next chapter tomorrow. The more reviews i get, the sooner i'll post the next one. I have it already but i need to be sure you even wanna see it. you wanna see the boyz back in the story dont you??? C:

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