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Lets Play This Game Called When You Catch Fire

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hmmm, the plot thickens...or is it thinning? Plot Club for Men anyone?

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Have you ever had those dreams where you're about to fall off a cliff and your whole body feels like its rolling off the bed but when you wake up, you barely moved an inch?

Jazie jerked herself awake from the dream she was having; sweating and breathing heavily.

It was just another horrible dream in a series of re-occuring nightmares starring her parents. It was nothing new. Violence, loud voices, alcohol, and in the end, her gruesome death.

Is it a bad sign if you die in your dreams?

Jazie sighs heavily.

She looked around to try and remember where she was.

She sighs again (a very redundant thing in her life, it seems). She's sitting next to Sarah on the plane still. Sarah's sleeping quietly on her shoulder.

She looks around the plane at all the people either sleeping or reading or talking quietly. She looks out the window.

Jazie gasps quietly than.

Clear blue skys cascade above and beautiful ocean waters wave up at her from below. She looks at her surroundings as they near the airport.

She shakes her friend awake roughly.

"Sarah! Wake the hell up!" Jazie says impationtly.

"What the heck Jaze? Sleeeeppy. Shhhhh." Sarah says tiredly as she trys to place a finger to Jazies mouth to quiet her, but misses it and ends up shoving it in her ear.

"What the hell." Jazie slaps her hand away. She just shrugs off her friends extreme drowsyness.

"Whatever. We're almost there. Wake up." She says poking Sarahs shoulder like a two year old.

"Fine fine fine. Shut up. I'm awake." Sarah sits up in her seat and trys to fix her hair in a mirror. She smiles at Jazie.

"Are you ready for this?" She asks as the plane makes its decent toward the airport landing.

Jazie smiles nerovously. Failing to cover up her butterflies, she shrugs.

"You know that seeing the fob gang is only a small part of this trip. We're staying at a resort dude. I'm gonna be a little destracted by that, personally. I don't want to have to deal with them till we see em."

Sarah shakes her head at her friends resistance to the whole situation.

"Ok. I'm just sayin maybe you should at least have a little plan liikkee what to say to Patrick when you see him again."

"You make it sound like I only wanna see Patrick." Jazie says, faking surprise at Sarahs comment.

Sarah just looks at her with that 'you gotta be fucking kidding me' look.

"Ohhhh yah. why would I? Maybe its everytime you hear a fob song, you get all mopy. And sometimes you re-read his texts. Yah, i see when you do that. Your not very sneaky darling. And the fact that you say his name in your sleep," Jazie's eyes widen. She shakes her head in disbelief.

"Yes, jazie. You say his name in your sleep. I think its kinda cute sometimes." Sarah laughs. Jazie doesnt look amused. So she continues.

"But I'm not judging you Jaziebabe. I'm sure Patricks a real great guy. And I'm sure you have a legit reason for liking him as much as you do. But i just dont want to see you hurt by this douche. Ok? Take it slow."

Jazie looks at her for a second, just letting everything she said soak in. She can be really stuborn at times, but right now she was just to tired. She just nodded her head softly.

"Yah. I get it. I probably shouldnt have taken everything so seriously. But I'm movin on. We're all just friends."

She stops but smiles when she remembers something.

"Wait, i remember a little bit of flirting between you and Joe. You like him?"

Sarah shrugged. "Not really. I kinda have a thing for Pete though. We seemed to hit it off, i think. What about you? Did you see a connection? Or was i over analyzing things?" Sarah asks nervously. Jazie laughs lighty.

"Nah, petes a great guy. Kinda pushy, but i'm sure when i hung with him, he was just in a mood. So don't base it on what I've seen of him. Hang out with him more on the trip and get to know each other. Than just see how things go."

I should be happy for her, right? Why do i have this weird feeling in my stomache? I remember the looks Pete was giving her in the parking lot. the way he touched her, when he whispered in her ear. But I was happy with Patrick. I like patrick. I liked Patrick...Do I still like him after he forgot about me?

The plane had come to a complete stop and they had been sitting there for a while.

Jazie shook off her thoughts as the Pilot came over the intercom.

She kind of drowned him out until she saw people starting to get up and grabbing their bags.

Jazie stood up with her friend and they got all their carry on.

They started off of the plane and were delayed by a rather large woman dropping her purse and many small items all over the terminal. Jazie and Sarah ran up and knelt down and started picking things up for her.

"Wow, I'm so sorry about that. It must be the nerves. I hate planes." The woman said apologetically.

Jazie shook her head and Sarah just smiled up at her.

"Oh no no no. It's really no problem. I know what you mean. I hate flying." Jazie lied. She's never flied before this and she actually found it pretty relaxing.

Sarah gaeve her the last of her belongings and they introduced themselves.

After shaking hands and exchanging goodbyes, they finished thier journey out of the terminal. They stood there, looking for a sign with their names on it.

Sarah looked around and didn't see anything. Jazie either. They just looked at each other and rolled their eyes. They sat down in the highly uncomfortable airport chairs and decided to make themselves as comfortable as humanly possible.

"I knew this was to good to be true." Jazie sighs dramatically.

"Shut up." Sarah jabs her with her elbow.

"Ow! Bitch." jazie glares at her

Sarah just sticks her tongue out at her.

"Very mature Sarah."

Sarah looked away from her friend when something cought her eye in the distance.

It was a guy with curly hair and a vest waving aroudn a sign toward another terminal. Sarah giggled lightly at him jumping around and humming something.

"What a tweaker." Sarah pointed toward the guy.

Jazie laughed but watched as the guy sighed and walked over to a chair a few rows off from them. She read the sign. It was simple in black and white. Two names lay on it.

Sarah F. & Jazie M.

Jazie giggled as she pointed toward the sign. Sarah nodded and she got up, picked up her crap and than pulling Jazie along behind her, carrying hers as well.

As they approached the man, he became more recognizable.

Sarah and Jazie were standing in front of him now.

He didn't see this cause he was texting someone on a sidekick.

"Ahemmm." Sarah coughed roughly.

He looked up in surprise.

"Hey, are you uh," Jazie started, pointing toward the sign. "Lookin for Jazie and Sarah?"

He nodded happily. "Would you guys be them?"

"The two and only." Sarah piped in.

"Well, hey." He extended his hand to shake Jazies.

"I'm Jazie. And this," Jazie pointed to Sarah next to her. "Is Sarah."

"I'm Dirty."


"Alright. Lets get this fuckin show on the road ladies. We can go get your luggage and than we're headin for the Hotel, if thats alright with you."

"Yah." Jazie said.

"Sure." Sarah nodded.

"Wait, you guys need a bathroom break or anything? The hotels like half an hour away."

"Yah. Sounds good."Jaize said. Sarah nodded vigorously beside her.

He chuckled and walked witht them toward a bathroom.

Dirty waited as they freshened up their hair and make-up inside the ladies room. They "relieved themselves" and when they were done, went back to the mirror(naturally). They stood next to each other, smiled and posed in the mirror. They giggled at each other as they walked out.

Dirty just looked at them like they were assembling a bomb in there.

"Alllriighty than. No questions. I don't wanna know. Lets just go get your luggage."

They got all their stuff and put it in the rental car.

They made it to the resort in about 45 minutes. (Traffic. Blah.)

Jazie and Sarah just gawked at the beautiful scenery. Dirty smirked at them through the rearview mirror.

"Psh. Tourists." He mutters jokingly as they stop the car outside of the front office building. The valet comes and takes the car to park it and a bellhop comes and takes the luggage up to their rooms.

Jazie and Sarah just smile at each other.

"This is crazy." Sarah says looking around at the building.

"And hot. Damn." Jazie says, fanning out her shirt.

"Yah. Shit." Sarah says like it she just realized it was 100 degrees out.

Dirty comes up with them to the front desk and they give them all the official paperwork. They get the keys to their room and Dirty takes them up.

"Ok guys. So the concerts in 2 days. The dudes from fob are already here but they're a few rooms down. You want me to let them know you've arrived?" Dirty asks as the girls get comfy in their hotel room on the couch.

Jazie and Sarah exchange glances.

"Nah. We wanna just hang for now. Thanks though." Sarah says nonchalantely.

Dirty gives them a confused look.

"You guys do know this whole contest was to win a trip to hang with Fall out Boy, right?"

Jazie and Sarah just look at each other and start laughing.

He just shakes his head.

"I'm gonna go check on the dudes. If you need us, we're all spread up between suites 304,307 and 308. We kinda just move around between them." He waves as the girls yell goodbye and shuts the door behind them.

Jazie and Sarah sigh.

"Do you think Dirty knows we know Fall Out Boy?"

"Nah. He's totally oblivious."Sarah replied.

"The guys are gonna be totally surprised to see us. How long has it been since you last talked to them?" Sarah said.

"Uh...about 4 and a half months. Maybe more." Jazie said sadly.

"Wow, damn. It'll be a total surprise. I'm sure they're expecting a couple 12 year old teny boppers and their mom."Sarah said laughing.

Jazie couldnt stop the smile that appeared on her face.

Sarah got up off the couch and walked over to the window.

"Wanna go hit the pool?" Sarah asks, standing on the balcony. She points over to the big pool area with a huge waterfall and exotic trees spread over the entire resort. A few people were out but not many. It was perfect for relaxation.

Jazie walks over next to her and nods.

"Yah, sounds fun. This place is totally beautiful."

"Ch, yah."

They change into their new bakinis. Sarah's wearing a milti-colored stripped one. Jazie wears a black one with different neon colors that look spray painted all over it. They put on some sun screen (alot for Jazie. She's a bit on the white side. burns easily and all that), and they both slip on some shorts. Jazie pulls on a t-shirt over her top.

"Jazie, what are you doing? Its like a zillion degrees out. I'd go out there naked at this point but it might 'disturbe the guests'." Sarah said in a overly dramatic manager voice. She looks at her friend for an answer while collecting their phones, towels, the keys to the room, and more sun screen in a beach bag.

"I just don't feel like swimming just yet. I think I might tan first. I don't need to be completely naked to walk through the hotel." Jazie says.

Lame excuse and you know it. That was weak sauce jaze. How bout you write em down ahead of time. Sheesh. What the hell was that. "I just wanna tan." Who tans with a shirt on? Dumbass.

"Okayy." Sarah looks at her friend cautiously.

"You ready yet?? lezgo than." Jazie yells without waiting for a response.

Sarah shakes her head and they grab their stuff and head for the door of the room.

Sarah began skipping down the hall and Jazie joined in on the fun. They skipped and frollocked down the long hall and around the corner toward the elevator, laughing the whole way. As they round the corner, Jazie runs right into a wall. Big surprise.


"Ow! Shit. Every fuckin time." Jazie curses.

Sarah just kneels over laughing hysterically. She reaches out a hand to help Jazie get up. She refuses it and gets up on her own.

Jazie just laughs sarcastically(rather loudly)in Sarahs direction as she gets up and dusts off the imaginary dirt from her clothes.

She finishes that and grabs her bag off of the floor.

Not until than though did she even notice the wall in front of her wasnt really a wall at all. It was a person. A person surrounded by 3 more persons. All of them, Jaie and Sarah recognized.

Jazie screams. Sarah gasps.


Ok, so this wasnt so long. But i just had to end the chapter there. Suspence and all that jazz. C: you can thank me later. R&R would boost my self esteem. And thats always good, right? please&&&thankyou. I'll post the next chapter lickity split if I get enough reviews. think about it...
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