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Did I Mean Nothing?

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Drama drama drammaaaaa. Psh, this is nothing so far :) Just wait.

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Jazie and Sarah just stood there, mouth agape with Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe standing before them.

This shouldnt of been as big of a shock as it turned out to be. I mean, we knew we'd see them eventually while we were here. But we just didn't want to be this big of a surprise, yah know?

"Jazie?" Patrick's eyes were the size of dinner plates, a blush creeping onto his cheeks.

Why the hell is he blushing?

Why the hell am I blushing?

"Jazie!! Sarah!!!" Joe finally broke the friggid ice, so to speak, by yelling and grabbing them into a great big hug.

Sarah giggled and embraced the hug. Jazie just smiled and peeked over Joes shoulders to get a look at the man she secretly missed more than she expected to. Pete just stood there emotionless.

What is Jazie doing here?! Oh my gosh, I havent seen her in so long. She's lookin good. Damn. What the hell Pete! Shut the fuck up! You can't be this horny all the time. Just chill.

She gave him a little wave. She detected a hint of a smile on his face, so she smiled at him and started to giggle.

Patrick stood bakc and watched their interaction curiously.

Am I missing something? I thought she liked me? Well, I guess thats what I get for not talking to her for so long.

"You guys! How are you?" Sarah asked, now letting go of Joe.

"Wait, a more important question right now would be what are you guys doing here?" Andy piped in, moving into view from behind all the guys.

Jazie and Sarah smiled at each other. Jazie kind of sighed.

"Well, we kinda won that contest you guys were having. What a coincidence, huh?" Jazie said, laughing sadly/sarcastically.

She hoped no one would detect the sadness that drenched every word. That seemed to be something that happened to her words alot around these boys.

Pete frowned.

"Yah! Totally! this is a crazy coincidence!" Joe said, not feeling the tension between a certian few standing around him. Jazie just laughed at his stupidity.

"Alright. So you guys won the contest? Thats awesome! Now we can hang out all spring break!" Andy said happily, bringing Jazie into one of his famous "melt every bone in your body" hugs. She stiffened at his touch. She was still a little angry for the no contact for 4 and half months thing. She smiled soon after though, giving in to his warm body wrapped around her.
She sighed.

"I miss your hugs Andy."

He just laughed.

"I miss hearing how amazing they are."

Its weird, it's like Andy and I can be all touchy feely, and there is no sexual tension or anything. I think we're strictly friends, which is a good thing.

He smiled after she pulled away.

"So where were you guys headed?" Sarah asked, standing closer to Pete now.

He smiled down at her, remembering the plan he made all that time ago, thinking about bringing it back into full effect.

"Aw, nowhere. We were just headed back to our suites. Where were you guys goin?" Pete asked, getting closer to Sarah.

She giggled. She looked up at him and smiled. Jazie rolled her eyes. Patrick smirked at her reaction.


Sarah looked at Jazie than. "We were just gonna go for a swim. Wanna come?"

"Yah, it'll be fun." Jazie smiled at allt he guys.

What the hell, I might as well get the embaressment of revealing my huge half naked body over with.

Andy and joe smiled. "Yah! Sounds like fun. Lets go get our trunks on guys." Andy pulled Patricks arm and joe pulled Petes back toward there hotel rooms.

Pete looked back at Jazie. She stared at him with an intensity he'd never seen in her before. It kind of scared him. His breath hitched in his throat.

Why is she looking at me like that?

"Hey, uh. Girls, why don't you come back to the room with us." Joe stopped and turned around, waiting for an answer, still holding onto Petes arm like a 5 year old. Pete rolled his eyes. Andy and Patrcik stoped as well after hearing Joe's proposal. Patrick sighed.

Sarah giggled and pulled Jazie along behind the guys.

I didn't like this idea.. and from the looks of it, neither does Patrick...or Pete..What the fuck?

They got to the suites and Joe paused in front of them.

"Yo, I need to go to 304. Andy, you too! All our shits in that room. Pete, your and Patricks shit is in 308. Lets get to gettin!" Joe yelled down the halls, though they were all within 5 feet of each other.

"Shhhhhhh!" Jazie put a finger to her lips.

"Haha, sorry." Joe smirked at Jazie with a devilish grin. "Heyyyy Sarah, how bout you come in here with us." Sarah smiled and ran into the room with Andy, chatting away. Joe smiled back at Jazie before shutting the door behind them.

That son of a bitch.

Jazie put on a fake smile and turned around.

"Heyyyy guys. Guess I'm goin to your room for now."

"Yup, looks like." Patrick said. He took Jazies hand in his.

If thats how that little fuckin hobbit wants to play, its on. Pete thought angrily to himself.

Jazie smiled. His hands feel the same. Warm and soft. I missed him so much...Wait, he ditched you Jazie. Don't give into his stupid charm. Jazies smiled shrunk and her hand gently released his.

Patrick frowned slightly and he looked over at Pete before opening the door to the suite and leading her in.

Pete smirked at the back of Patricks head as he followed them into the room.

Pete just sighed and walked straight over to his bag by the door and pulled out some trunks.

Patrick went to change as well. Jazie was waiting in the living room area. She really had to go to the bathroom and couldnt seem to find one in this HUGE suite.

Pete walked over to one of the rooms and lazilly shut the door behind him. He took his shirt off and flung it on the bed. He pulled down his (unusually tight) jeans and just as he did, he felt like something was not right.

He looked up to see Jazie standing, mouth down to the floor, in the doorway.

Great Pete. This is just great. Perfect day to not wear underwear.

Jazie screamed and slammed the door shut.

"Oh my gosh! I'm soo sorry Pete!" jazie spoke through the door.

He just laughed as he finished changing, didnt bother with a t-shirt and walked over and opened the door. She was standing against the frame with her head in her hands, shaking it back and forth.

He smirked.

"It's ok Jaze. Just chill. My dicks all over the internet, I think my ego wont be bruised any by this." He chuckled.

Jazie just laughed with him, but for different reasons. She looked him up and down, admiring all his tattoos. She looked back up at his eyes and smirkd.

He involunarilly shivered at the way Jazie was watching him. He liked it to much for his own good, he knew it.

"I know."

"You know what?.." Pete asked, kind of nervously.

"That your dicks all over the internet." Jazie said blushing slightly.

"You saw the picks?" Pete asked kind of embaressed.

She just laughed lightly and patted Petes shoulder.

"It's ok Pete. Just chill. Millions of little fan girls, as well as gay guys, all over the world have seen little petty. Why am I any different?" She looked up at him innocently.

Pete just blushed. "I, I don't really know." he said seriously.

She stood there for a little bit, just looking into his eyes.

His eyes are the most beautiful shade of brown I've ever seen. I never really noticed that until now...

Pete's head started slowly moving toward hers, and she couldnt stop herself from moving closer to him as well.

Just as their lips were about to touch, they heard a noise behind them.

"Aheeeemmm. Am I interupting anything?" Patrick asked with his arms crossed over his chest.

Jazie straightened up and coughed nervously. "Uh, we should probably go find the rest of the gang." She said quietly before walking toward the living room to get her stuff.

"So, catching up, were you? Why do you always have to get other guys girls? Can you not be happy for me once? You always have to be the best?" Pete just stood there shocked.

"Are you kidding me Patrick? You're the one that didnt call her! I told you every time she called and you never bothered to call her back. Its your fucking fault if she doesnt like you anymore." Pete said back to him, his anger rising.

"Who says she doesnt like me anymore?" Patrick asked, grinning.

"Lets go gents, I be the others are waiting for us!" Jazie yelled from where she was waiting.
Patrick walked over with her and walked out, not waiting for Pete.

He just stood there, stunned by what just almost happened with jazie and what Patrick had the nerve to say to him.

What is this girl doing to me?

Pete sighed and ruffled his hair. He walked over to the couch and grabbed his sidekick, than headed for the door as well.

This is going to be a loooong day. So much for vacation.

I know this isnt long at all,(and there are probably a butt load of misspellings) but i kind of lost track of time and didnt have much (time) to write another chapter. Sorry, a girl needs her sleep :) long day of school tomorrow. Story of my life. R&R please. It would be much appreciated.
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