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I Think We Have An Emergency

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is she getting close to the right person? or she making another mistake that'll just add to the already long list of previous ones she's made? read and find out silly!

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I made a few minor changes to the last chapter. I didn't think it made any real sense with where i want the story to be heading. It isnt much different. Or it may change the whole thing. Who knows. Go back and read it, if you choose. It will probably change where people stand with each other for you...maybe.

After a few hours at the pool, they started back into the hotel and toward the elevators.

Jazie and Sarah ran ahead, giggling and talking about random things and the guys stayed a little behind them, talking as well.

"Dude, isn't this the weirdest thing? Jazie and Sarah popping up out of nowhere like that I mean?" Joe asked, trying to dry off his hair as he walked.

Andy nodded in a daze as he watched Sarah from a distance. He smiled to himself when Jazie said something funny and Sarah started cracking up and whipping her hair around, than striking a pose. Jazie shoved her playfully and she came back and bumped hips with Jazie.

" got it bad." Pete said, watching Andy watch Sarah.

"Huh? What?" He whipped his head around, being knocked out of his transe.

The guys just cracked up when Andy just looked at each of them with an extremely confused look on his face.

"What? What guys?"

"Nothing. Nothin dude." Patrick just laughed, shaking his head as they neared the elevator across the loby.

"You know, they picked the perfect time to show up, didnt they Pattycakes?" Pete asked toward Patrick, a little sarcastically.

Patrick glared at him. "Shut the hell up Pete." he mumbled before heading into the elevator with the girls.

"Just don't start Pete." Joe said before brushing past him into the elevator with the rest of them.

As Andy past him, he give him a look of sympathy. Pete just watched Patrick try to get closer to Jazie, but not very noticably(to her anyway). Pete sighed.

So much drama.. Andy thought to himself as he took a spot next to Sarah in the crowded little box.

She smiled at him and giggled when he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

The ride up to their floor was probably the most awkward thing Joe had ever experienced in his life.

With the tension between Patrick, Pete, and Jazie(of course she doesnt see this) it was almost unbearable. And than him liking Sarah when she's all over Andy didn't make anything easier for Joe.

He sighed in relief as the door to the elevator opened. Him and Pete rushed out of the elevator and kind of bumped into each other. They stopped and looked at each other, kind of caught off guard by it because they were so wrapped up in their own thoughts.

They just shrugged it off and started heading for their rooms.

"Pete, Joe. Where yah going? We thought you guys might wanna head back to our room for a bit." Sarah said letting go of andy and stepping out of the elevator with Jazie.

Pete looked at Joe, than at Patrick.

Patrick looked like he was zoned out. He was deep in thought, about a number of things.

Jazie seemed to try and ignore Patrick in the elevator. It was like she forgot something and just switched gears outside by the pool. ONe minute, she was all gidy and laughing at everything he said and than she got all irritated and wouldnt look at him. It just left Pete highly confused and curious.

What the hell is going on between them...

"Yah, sounds good to me." Pete said. Joe mummbled something incoherent and Pete just patted his back and walked with him toward the girls room.

"It'll be ok." He said smiling at him.

"If she's ment for you, she'll be with you in the end." He said.

Joe got the feeling that he wasnt talking to him anymore, but took his advice anyway.

Maybe he's right. If Sarah likes me, she'll tell me. If not, it just wasnt ment to be.

Everyone got in the room and settled in random places around the main room.

"Ok, i have an amazing idea. How about we play a drinking game!" Sarah said as she came out of her room from changing.

"Um, arent you guys 16?" Patrick asked.

"No. We're both 17. She had her birthday right after you guys left and I had my birthday 3 months ago. But you wouldnt know that because you would have to of talked to me to figure that out." she said bitterly.

Patrick opened his mouth to say something in his defense, but nothing he could say would change her mind of how much she hated him right now. So he didn't bother. If anything, what he could tell her would just make her hate him worse.

So he just shut his mouth and looked down at his hands.

She smirked in triumph.

That bastard cant even defend himself. Figures.

She changed the subject quickly because the glances the guys were giving her were making her highly uncomfortable.

"How about "I Never"? Its a total cliche drinking game but i feel it's suiting." Jazie stated.

Pete looked at the other guys and than shrugged.

"Why not. Bring on the liqueur." Pete said rather loudly, pointing his finger in the air.

Jazie smiled, but stopped. She cleared her throat and fidgeted with the top of her shorts until Sarah reluctantly got up and got the goods.

After everything was set up, everyone sat in a semi-circle around the room.

"Ok, I'll start." Sarah said. Figures.

"I've never...been on vacation." She stated.

All the guys drank and Jazie sat there and did nothing.

Next it went to Andy.

"Alright, I've never made out with a guy." Andy smirked toward pete.

Pete just chuckled and chugged. Patrick took a drink too.

Sarah took a drink and Joe didnt. Jazie chugged down her beer. Pete looked at her; her eyes were filled with hurt. She took a breath and drank from her beer again.

Than her eyes grew as it sunk in.

"Wait! You two have kissed guys! Who! Wait....did you two kiss each other!?" She squeeled, almost falling off the couch.

Both of their cheeks flushed red.

"It was a dare! And everyone knows i cant turn down a dare." Pete stated matter-of-factly.

"wow, thats so fuckin hot." Jazie sighs. Sarah nods beside her.

"Totally hot." Pete just laughs and Patrick looks embaressed.

"Ok, ok. My turn. I neverrr.....had sex with a blow up doll." Joe said.

He waited for someone to drink, holding his breath.

Everyone looked around.

Nothing happened.

"OH THANK GOD!! I was afraid I was stuck with a bunch of freaks." Joe stated loudly, releasing the air he was holding in.

Everyone started cracking up.

"Ok....I never promised to call someone and didnt." Pete said, trying to hold back his smug grin.

He looked straight at Patrick as he looked up and glared daggers at Pete.

Jazie sat there, sucking in a quick breath. her whole body stiffened. She leaned in and cupped her face in her hands, curious to see if you'd drink or not.

She waited and waited. Nothing.

Patrick just sat there, with his tail between his legs.

Jazie made a dissaproving noise in his direction before started talking.

"Ok..." Pete was sneaking a drink while she thought of what to say.

"I've never had sex." She stated, not embaressed and unafraid of judgment.

Pete spit his drink everywhere and patrick started choking on air. Andy and Joe just looked over at the two guys making fools of themselves and Sarah looked at Jazie as she watched the guys curiously.

"Problems gentlemen?"

Pete stopped and wiped his face.

"Sorry, no. I uh...i guess i just didnt think you were a virgin."

She looked at him and he couldnt really place her expression. It was either surprise or dissapointment.

"Why did you think that? I'm sixteen. Just cause guys have sex at age 5 doesnt mean girls have to." She was getting defensive.

Well who could blame her? She had a few close calls in her life with that kinda thing and and it was a touchy subject for her.

"Thats not what i ment Jazie...Sorry. just forget it." He looked down at the ground he was sitting on.

"Its fine. Sorry for gettin pissed. I just don't like talkin about it." She confessed.

"Drink people!" Sarah said, trying to lighten the mood.

Pete, Andy, Joe and Patrick drank. Sarah just sat there smiling at Jazie. She didnt drink anything either.

She looked over at Andy, trying to read the expression on his face. He smiled at her and she went weak in the knees. This wasnt a big problem, cause she was sitting down. But it was the fact that he could do that to her that was a new thing. Usually it takes alot for guys to affect Sarah.

Andy just is. He just makes me all giddy just thinking about him. Thats gotta mean something, right?

"Patrick, your turn honey!" Jazie said faking excitemet.
He looked up and smiled weakly.

"I, uh....I never saw the Notebook." He said, just trying to get his turn over with.

Jazies serious face turned to amused.She smirked, though her efforts failed to stop it. She started laughing hysterically.

He looked up in surprise. Than he just decided to laugh to. Everyone joined in.

"What the hell Patrick? The Notebook? thats the best you could come up with?" Sarah asked, trying to stop her laughter.

He shrugged. "Yah i guess." He smiled.

"Alright kids. Andys turn again!" Andy spoke up over the laughter.

Everyone went serious. He laughed. "Ok. So prepair yourselves. I.....Andrew John Hurley....have never.....wet the bed." He smiled big in triumph.

Jazie just laughed out loud. "Yah right! oops." She covered her mouth to try and muffle the giggles spilling from her mouth.

Sarah smirked and tried not to join Jazie in her little giggle fit.

Andy just looked around.

"You don't believe me?!" He looked around at everyone laughing, disbelief.

"Dude, just don't even try to defend yourself. No ones gonna believe it." Pete said through his laughter.

Andy pouted on the couch and Sarah hugged him to comfort the poor sad vegan.

He immediately smiled and embraced the hug. Jazie smiled.

Thats so adorable..

After about an hour of playing that game, people got kind of sick of it and resorted to watching movies.

Sarah and Andy were cuddled up together on the floor, leaning against the couch.

Joe was sulking on a love seat.

Jazie sat in the middle of the couch with patrick on one side with pete on the other (as uncomfortable as that was for Patrick).

They decided to rent the Notebook because Patrick hadnt seen it. About halfway through it, Sarah and Joe were fast asleep, Andy close behind. Patrick was passed out on the arm rest on his side of the couch. Jazie stayed up and talked with Pete.

"So, um...why were you so mad at me the day you left?" She asked, with hurt in her eyes, threatening to surface in the form of tears.

He sighed. "I don't know Jaze. I guess I just wanted to know what was hurting you so bad, and you wouldnt tell me. I just wanted in. I wanted to help you." He looked down into her eyes.
She took a breath.

She whispered now. "Pete, i've never really told anyone this, other than Sarah. And she doesnt even really know the whole story."

"You know you can tell me anything, right? I'm here for you." Pete held her against him as he stroked her hair. She layed her head on his chest and listened to his heart beat against her.

"I, kinda complicated.."

"Take your time baby. It's ok. You don't have to talk about it." He whispered to her softly.

She couldnt control it anymore.

Tears sprang from her eyes and she burried her head in his chest. He pulled her closer.

No ones ever called me baby before. Accept for dad. And when he said it, it scared me. But when Pete says it, i feel like i can just hold onto him forever, and it feels like thats where he wants to be too, right next to me. I feel appreciated, and maybe even loved. But Patrick gave me that feeling too.....

Her tears stained his t-shirt but he ignored it. He lifted her head and kissed the tears away from her cheeks. Her face gave off the slightest hint of a smile.

She just hugged him tight and breathed him in. She never wanted to let go. He was so sturdy, so solid, so permenant. She needed that in her life. She knew from experience that nothing was permenant; her family, her house, her safety, her friends (with the acception of Sarah), boyfriends, good grades, happiness, being sober, anything. She knew it could all eb taken away in the blink of an eye. But being held by Pete just than, she felt like that could change.

She wanted to stay that way, but knew she had to tell Pete. She had tell him about her life. She couldnt just leave him out. So she sat up and looked deep into his eyes, preparing to let him into her fucked up universe. She had second thoughts though.

What if its to much. What if he doesnt know what he's getting himself into. He has no clue how bad someone can have it. I just don't want to scare him off with my problems.

"You don't have to talk to me about it Jaze. Its ok." He said, caressing her hand as her fingers intertwined with his.

"I know. But i know i should talk to someone. I can trust you. Right?" She looks at him questioningly.

"Of course!" He smiles.

"Alright. So that one house that i freaked out about, you know that one by Sarahs house?"

"Yah." He nodded and kept rubbing her hand softly.

"Well, I uh... I used to live there. With my mom and dad. But I ran away. Not far, actually. And I'm sure they knew where i went. But they didn't care. They never went after me." Her breath hitched in her throat and tears welled up again.

"They never cared." She choked out before she started to cry harder. Pete looked the saddest he ever had in his entire life. Even during his own depression issues, he had never felt this upset.

I want to make her feel better. I just don't know how. It hurts me to see her hurt this much.

She tried to pull herslef together to finish.

She wiped her tears away and sucked in another deep breath, than releasing it. She closed her eyes for a minute, trying to make her head feel better, not pounding constantly with all of the memories of her family and mistreatment. It never worked.

She opened them again.

"So, uh. Damn it." She wiped a tear away again. Pete took her hand and helped her wipe another tear away, than kissed the tears off of her finger tips.

Why is he being so fucking sweet? This is making it harder for me.

She swallowed.

"My mom drank. Alot. And she had a temper. My dad too. But i got in the way alot and cause trouble around the house. So they, um. they hit me sometimes." Jazie looked down at her lap, ashamed. Petes eyes widened.

That was were those bruises i saw came from! oh my god! Why didn't I know?!

"Oh my god jazie. I'm so sorry!" He engulfed her in a big hug as she struggled to keep her eyes dry.

She pulled away, determined to get it all out.

"My dad, he. He used to beat me. Bad. I never knew what I did to piss him off so much. But he made sure to let me know i didnt do a chore or something. Once, along time ago...he.." She looked down at her and Petes hands connected on her lap. She traced her index finger along his 2*r tattoo and tried to stay composed.

He's going to hate me. He's going to think I'm a dirty whore. He'll never see me the same again.

"He tried to rape me. I got way with a broken rib but he got a glass botle to the head. So he was out long enough for me to get away, for a while." She held her breath as she looked up at Pete.

Pete wiped a couple tears that escaped from his cheeks.

"Oh my god Jazie. Im so fuckin sorry! I wish i could of helped you." He cried and held Jazie. She started crying silently into his chest again.

"Pete, by the time i met you guys, i ran away already and they'd moved out. I don't know where. But in a year i'll be 18 and it wont even matter. I'm just always scared they'll come back for me." She sobbed into his shirt.

He held her head and caressed it as he tried to calm down himself.

Pete, get it together. You need to be strong for Jazie. be a fucking man. She needs you right now.

"He's not gonna get you jazie. Your safe. he won'y fucking get you. i promise. You're with us and no one can hurt you. I swear." He whipsered in to her ear.

She sighed and started to doze off. All that crying wore her out. Her eye lids got heavier and heavier. She couldnt stop them. At this point, she didnt want to. She let sleep take over.

"Jazie, I...I lo.."Pete stopped himself.

Do you really Pete? Or is all this emotion getting to your head. Who are you kidding Pete. Thats all your head is, a big ball of fucking emotions.

Pete picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. He placed her under the blankets and softly kissed her on the lips. She flinched, but than relaxed. A sad expression was placed on her soft sleeping face. It seemed to Pete that it would stay permenantly, after all the things she'd told him that night. He fought the overpowering urge to just shake her awake and try to make her smile, just so he was sure that that look wasnt stuck there forever. He wanted to be the one to make her better again; to smile, laugh even. He just sighed and got off the bed. As Pete turned to leave, Jazie woke up.

"Pete, please stay with me. I don't want to be alone tonight."

"Ok. ok hun. I'll stay with you." He slid in next to her and she cuddled up to his warm body. She sighed and fell back asleep. He stroked her face and kissed the top of her head and tried to sleep himself. But knowing his terrible insomnia, he didn't hold his breath.

What is this girl doing to you, pete?

Back in the living room, Patrick sat up on the couch. He wiped a tear from his eyes and looked toward Jazies room.

I wish I had the balls to tell her I loved her.

Who said he was ever really asleep anyways?

Ok, so this is like the longest chapter I've written to date. If its too wordy, let me know:) But i think i did alright. had plenty of raw emotion and all that. R&R if you would be so kind. pleasssee. and thankayou.
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