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Conspiracy Against Me

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and the story continues to trudge along.

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Ok, so please excuse the spelling errors. i dind't really have time to proofread. It's a little late. So i'm a bit woosy. Don't worry though. The chapters will soon become less depressing, in some ways. some problems will be resolved and new ones will turn up. Story of my life. enjoy.

Sarah woke up on the floor of the hotel. She lifted her arm to rub her eyes but found it was stuck under a body. She looked down and saw Andy sprawled out on top of her. She giggled when he snorted in his sleep.

Quietly, she wriggled out from under him and placed a blanket on top of him.

She looked around the room as she stretched her arms over her head.

"Damn. It's only 5:00." She looked form the clock to the love seat in the corner of the room.

Joe was huddled up on it with his arms over his head. He wasnt there during the movie. She assumed he had moved during the night, very far away from everyone else in fact.

She sighed.

Whats with that grumpy old man?

She looked around again, looking for Jazie.

"hmm. Where'd my lover go?" She asked herself as she scratched her head. She looked around more and realized that Pete was missing too.

Her eyes widdened.

"Oh i hope she didn't.....iw." She looked around the rooms until she came across what she was looking for.

She slowly creaked the door opened and peeked into the room.

It was dark, but the morning light was slipping through the blinds, so she could make some stuff out in the room.

In the bed, she saw Jazie cuddled up next to pete; his arms rapped around her.

She gasped, but put a hand over her mouth when she realized Pete wasnt even sleeping. He was humming something to himself and stroking Jazie's hair with his hand. He was watching her sleep.

A wave of jealousy washed over Sarah just than. She thought she liked Andy, but seeing Jazie in bed with pete, she got pissed.

I thought she liked Patrick! I thought I liked Pete. But I like Andy. Damn it. Why are these boys confusing me so much! Who do i "persue"? Andy or pete? Damn this.

Sarah slowly shut the door and huffed off into the kitchen.

She grabbed herself a glass and got some water from the tap.

As she sat down at the table in the kitchen, Sarah saw a figure coming toward the kitchen from the living room area.

Patrick sat down next to her and put his head in his hands.

"Whats wrong with you?" She asked, showing no emotion as she sipped her water.

"I don't really know." He looked up to see the look on Sarahs face. It was a mix of anger and sadness.

"You?" She looked at him and paused before answering.

"I don't really know either."

"Seems like we both need to figure some shit out." Patrick said before standing up and walking toward the fridge, pulling out an apple.

"Mhhm." Sarah just hummed, looking off into space.

"Wheres Pete? Do you know? He's not in the living room." Patrick scratched his head under his hat, than shinned the appled against his t-shirt.

Sarah smirked and pointed toward the room she was laying in.

He just nodded.

She expected a different reaction, so she was a bit surprised by his calm manner.

"You don't seemed to surprised." She said.

"Nah. I think i heard em get up last night." He said before taking a bite out the apple.

"So it doesnt bother you." She asked curiously.

"What?" He looked at her now, getting annoyed with the inquiry.

"I don't know. Jazie and Pete, together." She shrugged.

"Who says their together? And who says I'd even care?" He asked, leaning into the table.

"No one. I guess I just assumed that since they were in the same room together, you know...Wait, why WOULDNT you care Patrick? Didn't you like her? Why didn't you ever call her when you were gone? Do you realize what you did to her? She really liked you."

She pretty much just got right down to what she wanted to say from the first day she saw him in the hotel.

"So this is what this is about. I do like her. It's really complicated Sarah. And it's really none of your business." He sat back in his seat with his arms crossed over his chest.

She was getting angry now.

"The hell it isnt my business. Its all my business cause Jazie is my business. Uncomplicate it Patrick. I got ALL week for you to tell me. Plenty of time. Just admit it, you just wanted to fuck with her! you wanted to play with her head! Well, it sure as hell worked. You messed her up. You finally gave her something to be happy about and than you left, not saying a word to her after that. You piss me off Patrick." She stud up and slammed her chair against the table. She walked off in a rage, thinking about everything Patrick said.

Nothing he said justifies what he did to her. He's such a dick!

She walked into the bathroom and splashed water on her face.

I need to not let guys get between me and Jaze. Its just stupid. She can have Pete. A stupid boy isnt worth losing your only friend. I need to grow up.

She locked the door and took her clothes off, jumping into the shower.

Patrick stayed in the kitchen, thinking about what Sarah said.

Jazie liked me? She liked me? I just thought she was messing with ME. The cute girl never likes me. She's always goin for Pete. Well, last night proves it i guess. I don't think they hooked up though. I don't think people just fuck after talking about being abused and raped. Poor Jazie...damn. Wait, does that prove she likes him? Because she could tell him all that stuff?Well, i know she wouldnt tell me any of that cause of what i did to her. But she doesnt know the whole story. Maybe I should tell her. Today. I'll get her alone and I'll tell her why I didn't call. I hope she doesnt hate me.

Patrick was satisfied with that plan. but he was very worried abotu what she'd say to him. What she'd think of him. He stayed in the kitchen for a while, just thinking about stuff.

Jazie woke up in Petes arms. She smiled, breathing in deeply, taking in his smell.

Pete smells so fuckin good.

Pete smiled as Jazie hugged him tighter.

"Jazie, you awake?"

"Yah. My head hurts though." She rubbed her forhead.

"Yah, i'm sure it's cause of all the crying. You feel a little better now though, getting it off your chest?" He asked, bringing her up to eye level with him on the bed. He was sitting against the headboard.

She smiled. "Yah, i feel much better. I'm glad I can talk to someone about all this. I don't think Saah would understand." She sighed,fiddling with the blanket.

"We should get up. Lets go get some grub." he said as he pulled her out of bed and flung her over his shoulder.

Jazie screamed as he threw her up in the air.

He just laughed and tickled her sides.

Patrick was sitting in the kitchen when he heard someone screaming. He got up and ran over to Jazies room.

"Pete! Let me down!" She squeeled. Patrick heard them muffleed through the door. he sighed and turned around, walking back toward the living room.

Jazie screamed again kicking her legs around.

"Let me down peter! Or I'll brake your straightener!"

He gasped and stopped.

She stayed serious.

"Yes Pete. I will do it. Don't doubt me."

He sat her down before opening the door. He turned around.

"Don't even joke about that jazie....don't." He said before turning around and walking out of the room.

She chased after him and jumped onto his back.

She started laughing hysterically.

"You're kidding, right?" She asked.

He laughed too, giving her a piggy back ride until they got into the living room.

Sarah walked down the hall from the bathroom, rapped in a towel to see Pete fling Jazie on the couch.

Jazie giggled and pulled Pete on top of her.

"I won't touch your straightner. Unless you do something bad. Than I'll have to punish you." She whispered suductively in his ear.

He shivered involuntarilly as he felt her hot breath on his neck. He laughed nervously as a blush creeped onto his cheeks.

"I wouldnt want that, would I?" He asked with a devlilish grin.

"Nu-uh." She smiled up at him.

Sarah made a gagging motion from the hallway before coughing rather loudly in their direction.

Pete looked up after hearing a sudden noise coming from the hallway and fell off the couch.

Jazie sat up and straightened her shirt. She smiled at Sarah and laughed, than got up and walked over to her.

"Hey babe. What were you ah...doin over there?" Sarah asked, smiling slightly.

"I was just messin around. You know." She shrugged, looking back at Pete attempting to stabalize himself on the couch again. She giggled when he winked at her.

"Riiight. Yah, I sure do." She nodded knowingly/sarcastically, but watched Jazie curiously.

"What?" She asked, annoyed by Sarah staring at her like that.

"Why is your make-up all smudged liek that?" She asked, pointing to her eyes.

"like what?" She questioned.

Sarah just pointed toward the bathroom and jazie walked over to it, Sarah following close behind. She looked in the mirror. Her eyeliner was making streeks down her face and her mascara was everywhere. She sighed.

"Oh, it's a..its nothing. I guess i didnt wash it off before swimming yesterday." She assured her while attempting to rub it off.

"You didnt wear makeup when we went swimming. You put some on afterward though." She said, waiting for Jazie to explain herself.

Her eyes widdened.

"Were you crying Jazie Marie?"

Jazie opened her mouth to say something in her defense but was cut off my Sarahs hand flying up, telling her to stop.

Sarah turned and shut the door behind them.

"Why were you crying Jazie?" She sat next to her on the side of the tub.

"I told Pete about my dad and stuff last night. It's no big deal. I'll wash it off." She started to stand and walk over to the sink but Sarah grabbed her tshirt and pulled her back down.

"Ow." Jazie rubbed her butt after hitting the side of the tub.

"It's not about the makeup stupid. Why did you tell him? Do you have feelings for him Jaze?"

She looked at Sarah, not really sure what to say.

"I don't know. I like being able to talk to him. He was so closed up when i first met him. I feel like he's opening up a little. I still like Patrick though, no matter how hard I try not to. I guess it's just everything about him. I can't get away from it. But he won't even tell me why he ignored my calls. I just don't know what to do with these boys." She laughed, trying to make it less serious than it obviously was for her.
Sarah sighed and put an arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to her.

"I think it'll all work you. Yah know? If it's ment to be...well. you know the rest." Sarah said before standing up and walking her friend to the sink.

She got water on a towel and gently washed away the make-up.

"There. All better. You look good as new." She smiled at her friend.

"Why are you so good to me Sarah?" Jazie sighed, smiling back at her.

"It's in my contract. You know how that goes."

Jazie laughed.

"Yah, sure do. ou know you never had to sign it." She giggled and pulled Sarah out of the bathroom with her and toward the kitchen.

"Yes I did." She said seriously. Jazie looked at her and hugged her tight.

"Your amazing."

"Yah. Yes sir. I just can't hear that enough. It never gets old." Sarah praised herself.

Jazie playfully punched her shoulder by the couch.

Sarah dramatically fell to the floor, pretending to be dead.

Jazie cracked up and fell on the couch.

Andy woke up after hearing all the ruckus(my favorite word EVER! Just say it...RUCKUS.)

He sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Mowin" He said mid-yawn.

"morning sleepyhead." Pete patted his head.

Andy slapped his hand away and got off the floor, sitting next to Jazie on the couch.

She nudged him playfully and he nudged her back, causing her to start up again in a fit of giggles.

He looked at her weirdly.

"She laughs alot in the morning. You never get used to it." Sarah said casually.

Pete smirked.

Thats fuckin adorable.

Jazie calmed down. "I do not!" She pointed to Sarah.

Pete crawled behind her and put a finger to his lips, signalling Sarah not to tell Jazie what he was about to do.

Jazie saw Sarah looking behind her.

"Whah.." She looked behind her just in time to see Pete in attack mode. He started tickling her sides feverishly.

Patrick walked into the living room area to see Pete on top of Jazie. He frowned but found himself smile when he heard her laughing.

I love her laugh. She's so fucking cute. I love the way she makes me feel. Damn.

Jazie squeeled and tried to slap Pete's hands away. He was to strong for her to push away. She was having fun before, but now it was just reminding her of dad. She tried shoving him away but he didn't see that she was getting scared.

"Stop! Stop! Get off me!! O'm sorry daddy! I'm sorry! Stop it. Please!" She screamed, putting her hands over her head, crying hysterically,

Pete got off her immediatly.

"Jazie! jazie, it's just me. Its Pete." He grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. She cried into his chest.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." she kept saying over and over again as he rocked her back and forth. Pete looked at Sarah. She wiped a tear from her eye and stroked Jazies hair.

"It's ok baby. Your with friends. He's not gonna hurt you anymore." Sarah wispered into her ears before getting up and walking over toward the kitchen. As she did, she looked at patrick.

He was watching Jazie with sadness that nearly resembled Jazies. She stopped and stood next to him.

"She really needs people in her life that wont abandon her. She needs an explination Patrick." She patted his should and walked into the kitchen. She got a glass of watr and brought it over to Jazie. She took a sip and smiled at Sarah.

"Sorry about freaking out. I don't know what got into me. I just got really scared."

She didnt want to say that Pete reminded her of her dad sometimes. She didn't even want to admit it to herself.

Petes nothing like Dad. Shut the hell up Jazie.

"You ok Jaze?" Pete asked.

She nodded. "Yah. I'm fine. Sorry about hitting you." She looked down at the floor.

"Its ok Jaze. don't worry about it. Besides, you hit like a girl."

She gasped.

"I do not!"

"Ok, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night babe."

She giggled and poked his stomache.

"Don't poke my fat." Pete grabbed his stomahce and looked at her self conciously.

Jazie just rolled her eyes and got off the couch.

"I gotta go get ready for the day. You guys too. And wake Joe the hell up. How could he sleep though all that?" She pointed to joe in the corner before dissapearing into the hallway.

Pete laughed and Andy sneaked up to him.

"Wake up Joesy-poo." andy sang into joes ear. He didn't budge. Andy shrugged. Pete laughed and walked over next to him. He leaned down and slapped Joe clear across the face. Sarah gased from the couch.

"Son of a bitch!" Joe cursed, grabbing his cheek.

"Oh my god Pete." Sarah threw a pillow at his face. He just laughed.

"What the fuck is wrong with you people!?" Joe mummbled, getting up off the chair and walking into the kitchen and sitting next to Patrick. They could hear him mumble something to Patrick about Pete being a bitch, but he just continued to laugh and shrugged it off.

"Jazie's right guys. We should go get dressed and showered and shit." Patrick said from the kitchen.

"But i just woke up." Joe mumbled.

"Don't care. Lets go ladies." Pete yelled before exiting the hotel room with Andy following close behind.

Joe walked after him and Patrick walked over to Sarah.

She looked up at him from the couch.

"Yes?" She crossed her arms.

"I'll talk to her today, alright? I'll straighten everything out with her. Today. I just need to get her alone." He sighed, rubbing his neck.

"I think i can arrange that." Sarah smiled evily. Patrick smirked and turned to catch up with the other guys; he didn't have a key to any of the rooms and knowing the guys, they would never let him in. "Bye patrick." She called after him. He waved behind him and left the room.

After Sarah heard the click of the hotel door, she sighed.

Jazie is in deep shit.

She grabbed the remote tot he tv and flipped through the channels.

"Love triangle, here we come." She laughed to herself.

R&R or I'll stop the story right now. Just kidding :) but you can still r or r if you're feeling up to it. It makes me happy. thanksnstuff. p.s. if you havent heard Conspiracy (i named the chapter after it, duh.) by paramore, you really should. It's fuckin amazing. Hayley's voice will blow you AWAY. no doubt. Like that episode of Winnie the Pooh when there was a blustery day. Yah, just like that.
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