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I'm In The Business Of Misery

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doors are closing, meaning new ones have to open. And those open doors are letting something trickle in. Its just a little thing I like to call "fate".

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after the boys leave - Andy & Joes suite

Right when the guys get through the door, Joe walks straight into the bathroom and shuts the door hard.

"whats his fucking problem?" Andy mumbles to himself from his room.

Andy quickly changes and walks over in the living room area, planting imself on the couch. He hears the shower start in the bathroom and than hears the door open. Joe walks straight to his room and straight back, not saying a word. the ocational grumble/snort escaped his lips. But nothing was conprehendable.

Andy's about to say something but soon hears the bathroom door shut again. And this time, Andy hears the sound of the lock clicking.

Andy laughs. "Like i'd even muster up the courage to walk into that room filled with naked Joe. Andy shudders at the thought.He twiddled his thumbs together for oh...about 3 seconds before he finds the remote to the tv and flips through the channels.

About 10 minutes later Joe emerges from the bathroom fully clothed and not as pissed.

"Dude, what are you so pissed about?" Andy asks; his eyes still glued to the toob.

"I'm not pissed. Just tired, I guess." Joe shruggs. He was never a good liar.

"Riiight." Andy doesnt believe it but doesnt push any further on the subject. He knows better than to start shit with Joe.

The sad thing, though, is that Andy's exactly who Joes so angry at. He just doesnt realize it yet.

Joe mumbles something about checking on the girls and takes the room key off of the coffee table next to Andy. Andy just nods.

Joe walks loudly out of the suite and down the hall toward Jazies room.

Andy sighs. "I should probobly go see whats goin on with the ladies as well."

Is it bad that i don't know how much i really like Sarah? She's amazing. Beautiful, smart, funny. I just get a feeling like I'd be holding her back, yah know? From better things. Or persons. I know Joe has a thing for her. I should probably try to drop her gently. If that isnt an oxymoron, i don't know what is. We can be friends, i mean, i don't hate her. I actually have strong feelings for her. And it be sad to see her with him. but i feel the connection between them is so much stronger. I can't get in the way of fate...

Andy sighs and gets up off the couch. He gets his cell phone and walks out of the room. He shuts the door behind him and strides somberly toward the girls room. He knocks on the door.

Sarah opens the door with a big smile. Andy smiles back and pulls her into a hug.

"Whats goin on Vegan boy?" She asks.

"Yah, nothin Can we talk?"

Meanwhile in Pete & Patricks suite...

Patrick paces back and forth nervously while Pete is humming happily in the bathroom; straightening his hair.

What a fucking girl. Don't tell him I said that..
Patrick just rolls his eyes when he hears a yelp coming from the bathroom.

"What is it Peter?" Patrick sighs loudly.

"I fuckin burnt my hand. Damned straightner." Patrick just laughs quitely to himself.

"It's not fuckin funny dude. You wanna keep that adorable little face straighter-free, you'll shut the hell up." Pete says as he wraps the straighter up and puts it away.

Patrick laughs louder now.

"Was that a threat you just made, Peter?" Patrick said between laughs

"What would you do if it were?" Pete asks with a smirk on his face, walking up to Patrick in the living room.

"find another bass player." He said, still laughing, but trying to calm himself down. Subconciously, he liked when pete got hurt (Minor injuries, of course). He wanted to hurt Pete for trying to take Jazie away from him. If this was all he could get, he'll take it.

Pete just laughed now, patting Patricks shoulder and walking past him.

"This band would be nothing without me, and you know that Pattycakes. The minute you lost me, you'd lose more than half our fanbase." Pete said while going through the fridge for a drink.

Patricks laugh subsided and he glared at the back of Petes head.

"Dude, i was just kidding. Why do you get so serious about shit lately?"

"You really wanna know?" Pet asked, turning around with his arms crossed over his chest.

Patrick just glared. "Yes, dumb shit."

"I'm pissed because you've been a little bitch to me ever since Jazie came around. And I'm pissed that you lied to her. And i'm pissed that you still havent told her the truth! And I'm pissed that you expect her to run into your arms again like nothing happened. She has me. I won't abandon her. And i won't LIE to her." Pete yelled into his face, poking his chest.

Patrick shoved his hand away. Just as he was about to yell right back in petes face with some whitty rebuttle, his phone went off in his pocket.

Pete cocked an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to say something.

Patrick looked down at his cell phone. "Shit." he muttered under his breath.

Pete just laughed.

"I'm sure i know who that is. Classy Patrick, very classy. Perfect timing actually, don't you think?" Pete patted the top of his trucker hat before walking out of the suite, laughing at him. You know where he was going...

Patrick just turned off the phone and walked out of the room.

I REALLY need to talk with jazie before Pete gets any ideas. He could make my life a living hell...

He walked toward the door of the suite and started down the hall toward Jazie & Sarahs room.

By the time he got there, the rest of the guys had already made themselves comfortable. Pete looked a little more confortable with jazie sitting on his lap, laughing at anything Pete thought would put a smile on her face.

Can you say despirate? I just need her to know how I feel. I don't care what bullshit pete's been feeding her. I really do want to fix this whole thing. I've really missed her smile. Patrick just thought to himself as he walked over to the couch.

Jazie stood up and smiled as she took him into a big bear hug.

Patrick was surprised by this, but didnt resist.Pete just sat on the couch, wide eyed, hoping that Jazie wasnt getting sucked back into whatever feelings she had for him before they left.

I just got her to connect with me. I can't have Patrick's short ass waddling in here and taking her away again. Game on hobbit.

Patrick smiled and gently released her. "What was that for?" Patrick asked, trying to hide his blushed cheeks under the bill of his "I Love Bingo" hat.

She just shrugged. "I'm in a hugging mood."

I've decided to be the bigger person and get over what he did. I guess it wasnt that big a deal. I'm sure he was busy as hell on the tour and even Joe could only fit in a couple of calls with me the whole time he was gone. So maybe i was just being overly sensitive. I really missed him. Maybe we could start over, if he wanted....

Pete smirked and pulled her back onto his lap. She squeeled.

"Than hug me jaze. You know i'm amaaazing with hugs." He smiled up at Patrick.

Patrick sighed and shuffled his feet on the carpet. Jazie looked up at Patrick sadly, and scooted off of Petes lap. Pete frowned when she moved. He glared up at Patrick, who just kept his gaze steadilly on the floor. If this was a staring contest, the carpet would probably win.

"Hey! I'm the amazing hug-giver here. No one can take my crown! you can pry it out of my dead lifeless fingers." Andy huffed on the couch, manouvering his imaginary hug-king crown on his head.

Jazie giggled at the jesus resembling vegan sitting next to her and nudged him playfully, a little to hard it seemed because he flew off the couch and on to the floor.

She gasped and tried to hide her smile.

"Oh my gosh! Andy, im..SO sorry." She giggled out the words.

He just chuckled. "Why am I always the one on the floor?"

Andy looked up at Pete quickly. "Don't say a word Peter!" Pete opened his mouth to say something whitty and sarcastic, but stopped himself when he met Andy's death stare. He just laughed and threw a pillow at his head.

Andy dodged it, of course. He has cat-like reflexes. Duh, like you didn't know that.

Andy's eyes met Sarahs, sitting on the love seat across the room. She smiled sadly at him. He returned the jesture.

About an hour ago.

"Whats goin on Vegan boy?" She asks. "Yah, nothin Can we talk?"

He walked in and stood in the entrance. Sarah smiled nervously and took his hand, pulling it (And the rest of him) into the living room area.

"Whats up?" She askes sweetly.

Gah, this is gonna be harder than i thought.

He took in a deep breath and let it out.

Oh god, this can't be good. He's Lamaze breathing.

"Do you like Joe?" It was a simply simple question, but one that caught her completely off guard. Her mouth hung open, but only breifly. She regained her composure and sat up a little straighter, trying not to give anything away. She didn't even realize until now that she had something to hide.

"What?" She asked, looking at him like he was crazy. Sh tried to hide the answer, but terribly so.

"You heard me." He sighed, rubbing her arm gently.

She sighed. When she didn't answer again right away, he knew it was true. He knew it all along, but he just needed to hear it from her. And that silence was like her screaming it into his ears with a megaphone.

"I like you too though, Andy." She wimpered.

He nodded. "I know. But i don't want to be competing with my best friend. I think we both know how this should be going, if it were ever going anywhere at all." His last words hurt her. She felt a pain in her heart.

He thought it wasnt going anywhere between us? I know we havent known each other THAT long. But come on, i know there was SOMETHING between us. But i do have strong feelings for Joe. he's right. Damn. Am I that transparent? She laughed bitterly at that thought.

Andy sighed. "I'm sorry. Do you see where I'm coming from though?" He asked, still rubbing her arm slowly.

She nodded solomely. "Yah, you think it would be best if we didn't take this any further." He just nodded sadly.

She looked at him sternly. "You know what, I think you're right. Maybe I'm better off with Joe." She shrugged his hand off of her arm. He just sat there with his mouth ajar as she stood and walked to her room, shutting it quietly behind her. Even though it seemed like anyone else would in is situation, he couldnt bring himself to leave. So he just stayed where he was, on the couch, with his haed in his hands.

Jazie stumbled into the livingroom from her spot in her room. As she saw her hug-buddy sulking on the couch, she quietly walked over and sat next to him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder for comfort; what she was comforting him for, she was not sure yet.

"Whats wrong babe?" She said quietly, almost in a whipser.

"Um... i guess you could say Sarah and i broke it off. Whatever "It" was." He shrugged.

Jazie sighed. "Did you really like her?" He looked at her with sad eyes. "Yah, but i'm starting to think it was more friendly than anything else. Maybe i just gave off the wrong impression or something." He said, pretty much to himself, as he scratched his head.

"No." When jazie said that, Andy's head shot up in slight surprise by her ubrupt choice of words, or...word.

"No?" He was confused.

"No, i think you liked her in the begining, and you felt guilty cause of joe. So you're giving up on Sarah because you want Joe and Sarah to be together, because it would make him, and her in the long run, happier." Andy opened his mouth to speak but Jazie lifted a finger to his lips. "AND, while this is very noble of you, andrew, I have to say that it is also kind of silly. If you really like her, you shouldn't pretend you don't."

"No, Jazie. I really think that there was never anything serious coming out of our frenship I think we should just keep it at that, just a friendship. I do agree with you though in one sense. I did really like her in the begining. But i guess it just wasnt ment to be. Yah know?" He shrugged, trying to shrug away his feelings for Sarah int he process, maybe making this whole transition easier if he was lucky(which he usually wasnt. But it was worth a try).

"Alright. If thats really whats goin on, i can't object with you trying to hook her and Joe up." She giggled and bumped her hip against him. He chuckled and did the same.

Back to the present

"Jaze, you think i could talk to you for a second?" Patrick finally got her alone.

Sarah and Joe were playing a hard core round of video games in the tv room while Andy and Pete conversed in the kitchen, over god knows what.

Jazie walked into her room for a second to change her shirt. Joe spilled soda all over it when he got a little too animated when he won another round of Mario Cart.Patrick seemed to have followed her.

She turned around, shirtless to sse Patrick standing in the doorway.

Patrick flushed and turned around (not leaving though)and sputtered out probably around a million I'm Sorry's in 5 seconds. Jazie just chuckled. She didn't freak out, like you'd suspect. She blushed slightly as she walked over to her suitcase and pulled out another t-shirt.

"Sure Patrick. About what?" She said with fake happiness drowning every word.

I get the feeling that she really DOESNT want to talk with me...Maybe its the extreme sarcasm..hmm..Maybe.

He was still turned around and Jazie sighed. "Patrick, you can turn around. My god." He smirked. "Sorry." "Its fine. What do you need to talk to me about?"

He sat down on the bed, patting the space next to him, signalling her to sit there.

She smiled meekly and took the spot he was offering. And in all honesty, Jazie doesnt really do "meek". Its just not her thing. But somehting about Patrick brings it out in her.

"Ok, well. I wanted to talk about us." He kept his gaze fixed in his fingers placed on his lap.

"Theres an "us" now?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Thats what i kinda wanted to talk about. I WANT there to be an us. When I talked to you, i was happy. And after what happened with my last girlfriend, i was kind of closed off. I didn't want to get close to anyone. But with you, it's been different. I don't know, i just wanted to say sorry abotu what i did, and hope we can move past it. Maybe start over?" He said, taking Jazies hand and rubbing her palm with his thumb.

"Um..I gotta ask you something first, before this conversation goes any further. Why didn't you call me at all while you were gone? Almost 5 months Patrick! 5 months."

He sighed. he knew he had to talk to her about this. Thats what the whole point of this conversation was about. He looked over into her eyes. They were the most beautiful shade of green he had ever seen. It kind of reminded him of the ocean here, right outside of the hotel. the perfect mix of blues and yellows, all combined to make a blend so spellbinding, he almost got lost in them, right there. Like he was drowning in them. He liked that feeling. It was like an addiction for him. Everytime the feeling wore off, he had to look into her eyes one last time. He always said that. It was always "just one last time."

Her clearing her throat knocked him out of the transe she put him under.
"You have anything to say Patrick?" He forgot for a second why they were even talking. What she said sobered him up quickly (so to speak).

"I..I guess theres really no good excuse. I just thought you were to good for me. I thought you were just using me to get to pete, ro just not interested in general. i'm sorry. Sometimes my insecurities take control."

Everything I said is the truth. I just didn;t tell her everything. How can you sleep at night Patrick? you're a piece of shit, you know that?

Jazie just stared at him.

How could he even think that!? I did start to feel closer to Pete lately, but i guess subconciously i was doing it to get Patrick off of my mind.

"Patrick, I gave you my number. I tried calling you. I feel so stupid! If you didn't like me, you could have just said it. You know, i even kissed you! That was my first actual kiss patrick. I wasted that on you. Lsiten to me! i sound like a fucking twelve year old. i was 16 when i had my first kiss. Go ahead! make fun of my patrick. Whatcha got? I can handle it." Jazie said, bringing her hands up in a ready stance.

Patrick just watched her.

"THAT was your first kiss?" She glared at him.

"NO! I didn't mean it in a bad way. Its just..damn. I wish my first kiss was that good. If i remember correctly, when you kissed me, that was like the hottest thing ever. You had me backed up against a damned wall Jazie." He chuckled. Jazie blushed.

"I'm sorry I never called. I just got too afraid that I would turn you away. I guess i did that anyway."

"I guess it's ok. I just felt rejected. i thought there was something wrong with me." Jazie watched her feet as she said that last part. She knew there was something wrong with her. there always was when her dad was around. he was sure to remind her of that. She will never be beautiful, or smart, or funny, or wealthy, or attractive in any scense of the word. She knew that.

"Jazie, you're SO beautiful. I just wish you could see it yourself." he said sadly, bringing his hands up to cup her face. She felt the room get smaller and smaller. It was just her and him. She could feel the heat radiating off of his body as he scooted tward her, wraping an arm around her waist. Her eyes closed and she just let her body take control, no matter how hard her mind was trying to pull her away.

Her lips gently grazed his.

His lips are so soft.

He combed his fingers through her blonde hair. She felt herself leaning closer to Patrick, giving in to his agressive kisses. Her tounge gained entrace into his mouth and she explored every inch of it. She smirked against his mouth when she heard a moan escape his lips. She opened her eyes for a second, to connect with his. But what she saw, she was not expecting, or at this moment, wanting.

In the doorway stood pete, with a crushed heart and dark hurt eyes drilling into hers.

Jazies eyes widened and Patrick sensed something was not right. He pulled away and turned in the direction Jazie was staring at with a bit of grief, but no regret. He looked over to see Pete standing there, staring.

Oh god.

Pete just shook his head and turned to leave. Patrick thought Jazie was going to jump up and run after him. But what happened was very different.

She sat there, fiddling with his hands with a smirk painted on her face. She was trying to cover up the hurt she felt. She felt like she cheated on Pete, even though they werent going out or even established as more than friends. It just felt like she betrayed him somehow. But another part of her didn't even care. She was happy that all of her issues were resolved with Patrick. And maybe, if things went right, they could have a fresh start and see where things take them.

"So does this mean theres an "us"? Jazie sighed, looking up into his eyes.

Patricks breath caught in his throat.

She kills me with every look. Damn her gorgeous eyes.

"Yah, i guess so." He smiled.

Ok, so absolutely NO spellcheck. Don't judge me. I'm tired. So i was kind of stumped on this chapter. Tell me what you think. I don't really know how it turned out. Enough angst/drama/romance for yall? lemeknow. If it didn't fulfill your "needs", i'll work harder next time. R&R S'il tu plait&&Merci.

sidenote ok, so i've had about 2 reviews for the last 7 chapters. thats kinda sad, on my part I'm sure. if my writings not up to par, just lemme know:) i want to get better. I don't feel like people are actually reading, so it's hard to write. Just give me your imput on the chapter, good or bad. I'll be happier for it. promise
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