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Pretty Boys for Secret Girls

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Complex situations. read on.

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Patrick smiled at Jazie. They were still sitting side by side on the bed a few minutes later.

"You hungry?" "Yah. I am actually. Let's go see what they got at that restaurant downstairs." Jazie got up off the bed and grabbed Patrick's hand, dragging him along behind her.

She led him out of the room and down the hall. When they made it to the living room, everyone's conversation slowly stopped. They were all looking at her and Patrick standing there, holding hands. Jazie looked at everyone, than at Patrick. He just shrugged.

"What the hell are you all looking at?" Jazie snapped.

Pete looked away and Andy started playing his video games again while Joe and Sarah started talking again on the love seat. Sarah was cuddled up on Joe's lap. Andy looked over at the cute couple occasionally, sighing to himself.

I hope I don't regret letting her go.

Patrick cleared his throat. "Hey guys, we're going downstairs to get something to eat. Wanna come?"

Joe and Andy's heads perked up. "YES!" They both yelled. Andy paused his game and Joe picked Sarah up off his lap. She giggled and poked his side. He chuckled and walked with her over to get their coats out of the closet.

Jazie walked over to Andy and put an arm around his shoulder.

"It'll all work out in the end. I promise." She whispered to him before bumping hips with him and walked over to Patrick again.

"What's with him?" Patrick asked, questioning toward Andy. Andy walked slowly behind Joe and Sarah, braking into a smile every time Sarah looks behind her and winks at him.
"Aw, nothing. Just girl troubles." She shrugged.

She looked around the suite and looked over at Patrick. "Where's Pete? We should get him to come with us." She said sweetly.

He sighed loudly. Jazie frowned. "Why are you so pissed at him? He's your friend AND band mate. Come on. Whatever it is, get over it. Go find him and tell him to meet us downstairs." Jazie said, poking Patrick's chest.

He smiled weakly. "Fine. Fine fine. I'll be down soon." Jazie mouthed a "thank you" and gave a small wave before turning and walking out into the hall with the rest of the guys (& Sarah).

Where the hell did he go? He was just in here...

Patrick started looking in rooms. He started with Sarah's, than walked over to Jazies. He didn't find him. He made his way from there over to the extra bedroom and than out on the balcony. He walked into the bathrooms and still couldn't find him.

He let out an aggravated sigh. He looked everywhere in the suite and Pete was not in there. He cursed Pete silently as he left the room and started down toward his and Pete's suite.

He better be in here. I don't want to be walking around all night. And this place is huge. I'm sure I'm going to get lost. Patrick took out his key and unlocked the room. He opened the door and looked around the entrance.

It was dark. It looked unlived. Quiet and motionless. He quietly peeked around the corner.

Pete better not be hiding in a closet again. I swear, last time he did that, I almost pissed my pants.

He heard something moving in Pete's room. He walked up cautiously to the door and knocked.

"Pete, you in there man? It's Patrick. We're all going downstairs for dinner. Come on." He barely finished before the door opened quickly.

Patrick jumped back, a little surprised by how abruptly the door swung open.

Pete stood there, just looking at Patrick with emotionless features. Patrick just stood there, waiting for Pete to say something. He wasn't moving. He was just looking down at him, not saying a word. Patrick sighed and backed up a little. The silence was enough to tell him the Pete was pissed about him kissing Jazie.

"Dude, if you're pissed about the whole kiss thing, I'm sorry. We didn't mean for you to see us like that." Patrick rubbed the top of his hat nervously, waiting for Pete to freak out.

Pete smiled with clenched teeth. "It's alright dude. I know she still likes you." Pete nodded sadly. He felt slightly defeated because he knew it was true. He was just jealous. But he'd never admit that.

"And, I know you still haven't told her the truth, because if you had, she wouldn't have been all over you like that. Lying is never a good way to start out a relationship Patrick. Not that you've had enough of those to really know that."

"I'm going to tell her everything, ok? You're just pissed that she hasn't swooned for you like every other teenage girl you meet. Get over it! You need to stop being selfish and just be happy for your friend for once. God, dude. Just deal with it!" Patrick yelled back at him.

"We don't have to fight over her Patrick. We're band mates and we can't let a girl get in the way of our friendship. I love yah dude." Pete placed his hands on Patrick's shoulder. Patrick noticeably relaxed.

"I'm sorry for yelling at ya man. I just don't want us ruining our friendship over Jaze. She has a lot of issues and I just want to be there for her. I'll fix everything. I just can't tell her right away. I need to tell her gradually. I can't have her hating me right when I'm starting to get closer to her." Patrick said mostly to himself, but Pete didn't notice. He was to busy getting pissed. He tensed up.

"And you'd know about her issues? Because she's told you all about them, right? Oh wait, no. That would be ME she confided in. Shows just who she really trusts, huh Patty cakes? Jazie's going to end up with the right guy and we both know who that's going to be." Pete said matter-of-factly and brushed past him.

Patrick tried to shut his mouth but it was hanging down on the floor after what Pete had said. He tried to muster up enough strength to cover up the shock and slight hurt from his features but failed miserably.

He turned around to yell at him but decided not to yell, but just speak in a normal tone. "You know dude, I see what you're trying to do. You don't have to use her to prove yourself to me. I get it. You're the 'ladies man'. You can get whoever you want. I don't give a shit. Don't you fuck with her emotions just because she's vulnerable! You're not going to get laid, Pete. So I think you should just give up now before you hurt her." Patrick called out but Pete was already on his way out the hotel room door.

Pete pretended he didn't hear him, but he heard everything. Patrick was sort of right. He did want to be more than friends with Jazie. He just thought maybe if he got her to trust him, he could get her mind off of Patrick and on to him. He wanted to prove to Patrick that he was the better man for Jazie.

Patrick rubbed his forehead and leaned against the wall next to the door to Pete's room.

He's kind of right... I'm so fucked. I need to tell Jazie everything. She's gonna be so pissed if she hears it from him. And knowing Pete, he'll probably tell her if I don't soon. Damn it. Patrick cursed himself, kicking the table next to him.

"Fuck!" Patrick grabbed his foot and jumped up and down trying to get his balance. He hobbled down the hall and out of the room, trying to catch up with Pete who had already made his way toward the elevator.

When Patrick finally caught up to him, he was already in the elevator, waiting for it to close. He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Dude, don't be like that. I'm sorry that you like Jazie so much, but it's complicated with us. But it really is her choice, not ours. If you like her, tell her. I think she thinks of your guy's relationship as strictly a friendship though Pete. I don't really care at this point."


" I just don't want to fight. But I guess its fair game. After I stopped talking to her, I'm sure she's moved on. I just don't want it to fuck up the band. Yah know?" Patrick trying to catch his breath, leaning on the wall to try and regain his strength from limping
down the hall as fast as he could to get in the elevator before it closed.

Pete sighed. "Dude, she likes you. Let's just leave it at that. I see the way she looks at you." He paused. "Let's just stop talking about it. Just forget about it. Friends?" Pete asked, offering his hand out to shake Patrick's.

Patrick sighed happily and took Pete's hand and shook it. Pete smirked when Patrick looked away after letting go of his hand.

Maybe now that he thinks I've given up he won't have his guard up. Jazie likes me, I know it. I just have to make her se how much. And I have to give Patrick a big reality check. He doesn't deserve her. I would never lie to her. The fact that I would like to have sex with her is irrelevant. I still like her as a person. She is really beautiful though... Anyway! What he did is just plain fucking trashy. I really like Jazie. I'll get her to see how much. I know she feels the same.

The boys make it down into the restaurant in one piece. No one died or shot anyone, thank god. That would be a hard thing to explain if two rock stars were foudnd dead on vacation, sprawled out in an elevator floor together.....hmm. Can anybody say Rock Lover rumors? Yah, so can I.

So they walk in together, not TOGETHER, but you know...They see that Jazie's the only one sitting at the table.

Patrick walks straight over to her and sits down on her left. She looks up from her menu and smiles, than looks back down at the menu. Pete scoots in on the other side of her (on the left, duh.) She smiles equally, if not brighter at the sight of Pete at her side. He sees this and tries to play cute. He chuckles and blushes. (That last one was not planned.) Patrick just glares at him.
How can she not see how fake he's being?

"So Jaze, where's everybody else?" Patrick tries to start up a conversation because he was really not enjoying the torturous silence that fell between the 3 love birds.

She looks up. "Oh, Joe and Andy went to the bathroom and Sarah went outside for some fresh air. you guys were taking forever."

She smiled, nudging Patrick playfully. He just chuckls and nudges her back, causing her to laugh just the same.

"Yah i know, sorry. I couldnt find Pete." Patrick threw him a look. Well, it was more of a quick glare, but w/ever.

Pete just smirked at him and turned to Sarah. He shrugged. "Yah sorry. I was writing some stuff and I just lost track of time." And the lies just won't stop slipping. You wonder why I wrote that? Becuase I'm the best.

She smiled. "It's alright. if thats what it takes for you to keep cranking out all those amazing lyrics, I could care less." he blushed again. "They arent amazing Jazie. Just words aramnged into sentences. They don't mean anything."

"I wish i could arrange words that perfectly." She giggles when he blushes again.

"You compliment him one more time, and i think his ego will explode all over this resort." Patrick pipes in. Jazie laughs out loud, slapping Patricks arm playfully. "Hey! Thats mean." Pete pouts.

Is he going to be nice about this? Ha-ha. doubt it. He's fuckin with me. Patrick thinks silently to himself as the other missing members of Fall Out Boy and the 'groupie club' arive at the table.

"Hey ladies. Where have you been?" Joe asks, scooting next to Pete. Sarah climbed over Petes lap so she could sit next to Jazie. Andy sat on the outside, next to Patrick.

"Oh, we were just making out upstairs in a utility closet. You know, the usual." Pete shrugged. Patrick nodded knowingly.

Joe just waved it off. Andy laughed quietly. Sarah giggled and poked Jazie in the ribs. She leans in and whispers to her "How fuckin hot would that be if we could get them to make out?"

"Oh i know! Damn, don't even get me started. We're in a public place Sarah." Jazie whispers back while fanning herself off dramatically, panting. Patrick looks at her curiously. "What are you two whispering about? Or should I of even asked?"

"We were just saying how much of a massive turn on it would be to see two guys make out. You two specifically." Sarah pointed out. Jazie just nodded furiously next to her.

Patrick chuckles and Pete shakes his head. "You girls and your man on man action. I just don't get it. I understand wh us though. I mean, we're both pretty atractive young men. Me in particular." He points to himself, puffing out his chest. Sarah rolls her eyes and makes a gagging gesture. Pete just smiles and makes a kissy face at her.

Jazie smirks. "But I'm sure you get girl on girl action just fine?" He smiles. "Yes ma'am, i do." He wiggles his eyebrows at her and looks at Sarah, than back at her.
She laughs out sarcastically.

"Right. No. See, it's the same thing for us, just the opposite. Yah know?" She says, pointing to him and Patrick.

"Yah, we get it. We just don't like it." Patrick said.

Jazie smiled larger. "I like it, ALOT." Sarah moans next to her and causes Jazie to moan along with her. All the boys eyebrows raise and Pete looks over at patrick and for a second, it wasnt about the war between them. It was about the fantasy that was going through both their minds right than.

The girls stop the dirty porn moans after they get stares from a few waiters and guests. They errupt in a fit of giggles and have to calm themselves down when a waiter comes up to take their orders.

The waiter smirks at the two girls. "What would you ladies like today?" Jazie looked down at the menue again while Sarah said her order. He looked back at jazie after she was done. "And you ma'am?"

"Uh...just a ceaser salad and a water would be fine." Sarah throws a look at Jazie. She just shrugs it off. Patrick watches this and gets curious.

What was that about?

Jazie smiles up at the waiter. He clears his throat.

"Uhm..alrght. And for you, gentlemen?" He gets all of the guys orders and walks away.

By the time their meals come, they're deep in conversation about nothing in particular. Alot of random subjects being thrown around and nobody stays on topic for longer than a few words, than just switching to something else. By the time it was getting dark, Sarah was tired and Andy and Joe said they were ready to get up to bed as well. They had a sound check tomorrow and an interview to go to on the resort somewhere.

Pete followed the rest of them toward the loby while patrick and Jazie stayed to tip. Pete looked bac at them before rounding the corner into the loby. I don't think i should doubt Patrick so much. he's holdin his own. maybe she does REALLY like him. Pah. Doubt it. Pete shakes it off and walks into an elevator, taking it up to his floor.

Patrick follows Jazie into the loby about 5 minutes later. They never really stopped talking and lost track of time. When they got to the door of Jazie's suite, she looked down at the ground.

"Thanks for finding Pete earlier. I didn't want to just leave him somewhere by himself." "No prob. Besides, I would of felt guilty if I hadn't." He shrugged. She smiles up at him.

"Wow, so sincere Patrick." He chuckles. "Yup, thats me. Mr. Sincerity." He smiles a big dorky smile and makes her laugh.

"So I'm not remotely tired. I don't know what you're plans were for the rest of the night but I wanted to go for a swim. it should be cool with it dark out." She shuffled her feet nervously, losing the calm collected exterior she swore she would keep.

He smiles at her sudden shyness. "Yah, let me go get my trunks and we can go." She nodded and pulled him to a friendly hug. Patrick tightens the space between them and takes a deep breath, but not deep enough for jazie to notice.

She smells so good. I love her perfume. Or maybe thats just her natural smell. Damn, i don't know. She makes me feel so weird. I hope she didn't just notice i was smelling her.

She smirked. Did he just smell me?

She let him go and turned to open the door to her hotel room.

"Wait, Jazie. Wanna come with me to my room real quick. I won't take that long to change."

She shrugs. "Sure, just let me get my bathing suit and i'll just change in your room." She smirks, opening the door and slipping into darkness before emerging a minute later. "Ready." She sings, reaching out for his hand, making him skip with her down the halls. He laughed along with her the whole way.

She's making me look so gay right now, but i'll do anything to make her touch me. He thought this as he tightened his grip on her hand. She didn't notice.

They aproached Patricks room and he opened the door. Patrick steps in, dragging her in with him and turns on a lgiht. He gasps when he see's Pete sitting on the couch, watching the tv. It wasn't even on. "Dude, you scared the piss out of me." Pete smiled. "Woudlnt be the first time." "Haha Pete. You should be a comedian because you're jokes are HALARIOUS." Patrick threw his coat on him.

Pete just smiled again.

Jazie giggled. "You guys are so cute." She said leaning against the wall with her arms crossed.

"Tell me somehting I don't know." Patrick states, striking a sexy pose. That makes Jazie laugh harder.

Pete just rolls his eyes. "So, I'll be changing in my room. You can use the bathroom or Petes room. Whatever floats your boat." Patrick says. She nods. "I'll go in the bathroom. try not to think about me naked." She calls out behind the closed bathroom door.

She was joking, but the Pete cocked an eyebrow at his friend.

"mmhhmmm." Pete moans loudly. He can hear Jazie's infectious laughter coming through the door of the bathroom. "I hear you Pete! Fuckin perv." She calls out.

"OH! So you can moan all sexy and I can't?" Pete calls back.

Jazie emerges from the bathroom in her bakini and shorts.

"When you moan, it isnt sexy Pete. Sorry. But you sound like a butchered cow. Its a perfected art. It takes practice my dear." She smiles form the doorway.

Petes eyes are locked on her body. She isnt a size two like most girls he's dated. She was probobly a size 6. She had an athletic body and it suited her curves very well. She smirked when pete wouldnt look her straight in the eyes. He thought there was something sexy about a girl that didn't look like you'd brake her if you hugged her to tightly.

"Um, hun. My eyes are up here." She said pointing to them. he blushed.

If only he knew how hard it is to be half naked. I hate when people look at me. But if i wore a one piece, i'd look more self concious. So fuck it. they've seen me in a bathing suit once before. Fiest your eyes.

"Sorry. Do you out or something?" He asked, pointing to her stomache. She had the slightest hint of a 4 pack showing. She doesnt work out per-say. Something like that though. But she's not tellin him that.

"Oh, yah. I should probobly get off the roids. I'm growing a mustache." She pouts, rubbing her upper lip. Pete cracks up and throws a couch cushion at her. She dodges it but it hits Patrick right in the face. "Ow." Patrick pouts. Jazie turns around to see Patrick in some swimming trunks and a t-shirt.

"Hey sexy." jazie says flirtatiously. "Ready to get wet?" She asks, pulling him into a hug.

He chuckles. "Ho-yah." She slaps his chest. "You guys. I swear. Everything is sexual to you." She shakes her head.

"Don't tell me you didn't mean that sexualy." Patrick looks at her. She just smiles devilishly. "Sooo. Maybe I did." She skips past him and turns at the door. he watches her the whole way.

"Come on Patrick. I'm not waiting all night." She pouts. He shakes himself out of that little transe her half naked body put him in and walks up and takes her hand, leading her out the door.

Pete is left on the couch, alone, depressed, with a massive hard-on. He groans in frustration and leans his head back onto the couch. He shakes his head, trying to shake the image of jazie in her bikini.

"She has no idea what she does to me." Pete mumbles as he looks down at his pants. "Shit."

/To be continued..../

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