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One step forward...Two steps back

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Kristian stood staring at the door, tossing her hair back as she jutted her chin up. She refused to shed a tear for her ruined friendship. Even though she was hurt beyond all reason. She turned to face Gerard after taking a long, deep breath. He watched her every move through concerned eyes.

"Well, that's over." She sighed, sitting beside him on her bed. Gerard gave her an awkward look.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"I'm fine. Now, where were we?" Kris pulled Gerard forward by his shirt collar and pushed her lips back to his. The warmth of her lips was so inviting, the taste of them so delicious, he wanted to continue, wanted to pick up just where they left off. Only he knew it wasn't right. But Kristian made the first move and gently lie back on the bed. Gerard followed, kissing her eargerly. Only when he felt himself becoming a little too excited from Kristian's soft sighs did his conscious come into play. 'Damnit!' He thought as he detached their lips and tore his body away. Kris propped herself up on her elbows.

"What? What's wrong?"

"W-we can't."

"Gerard..." She reached up and pushed his hair from his face. "It's ok...I want to." Her eyes searched his frantically.Waiting for a response.He shook his head.

"I can't. Not like this." He wanted her. But it wasn't the time. He didn't want it like that. She was confused. The look on her face gave her away. He continued. "You just ended a friendship that was very important to you. You've been friends forever. It's just... maybe..."

Kristian's eyes grew cold. and she sat up to face him. "She betrayed me, remember?"

"So you're going to throw away a life-long friendship over some douchebag fucker? Come on, Princy*, you've gotta think about this." He blinked. He needed another smoke.

"Are you serious right now? He's the same douchebag that damn near made me a teenage mother, we talked about this remember? If she was as loyal as I thought she was, she would've hated me forever just because I did!" She was mad. But did take some time to gush on the inside over the shortened pet name he just gave her.

"At the same time, I'm not going to be the bastard fuck that sleeps with you just because you're sad, or lonely, or some equally stupid shit like that." Gerard said, now standing.

"Are you kidding? Gerard. We were well on our way to..whatever we were on our way to before any of this happened!"

"Fucking forget it." He said.

They stared at each other for a minute.



"So, I'll see you at school then."


He turned and walked out of the room. Kristian sank down onto her bed. She didn't want him to know it, but she was hurt. And he made it twelve times worse by walking out on her.

The next day at school...

"You're awfully quiet today Kris. What happened last night?" Simone asked as the two of them walked into the library together. Kristian shook her head.

"Nothing good," She replied. "I'll message you and tell you everything when we get inside." Simone nodded. The both of them took seats at unoccupied computers as the bell rang.

(Um. Yeah. I know the IM convo thing is old. But deal. Please, for me?)

sugarplumfwankie:: So what happened?
krissypoohwho?::'ve changed ur screenname.
sugarplumfwankie:: giggle yup.
krissypoohwho?:: long ass story. me and g made out.
sugarplumfwankie:: ?!!!! faints
krissypoohwho?:: yeah. :)
sugarplumfwankie:: what else!!!
krissypoohwho?:: k. so we made out and he was feeling me up 0:-) but dana came in
sugarplumfwankie:: WHAT!? :-O
krissypoohwho?:: lmfao. basically she and i got into it over keith. i told her we weren't friends and i quit the cheer whores.
sugarplumfwankie:: YAY! that bitch. lol.
krissypoohwho?:: BUT...g and i had a fight after. i wanted to keep going. he said it wasn't right. even though i was pretty upset. :(
sugarplumfwankie:: awe. have u talked to him yet?
krissypoohwho?:: no
sugarplumfwankie:: talk to him krissypooh.
krissypoohwho?:: ok, ok
sugarplumfwankie has signed off and will get your im message upon return

Kristian sighed, and clicked out of AIM.

Gerard and Ray walked into the lunchroom together. "So, what do you think is going to happen next?" Ray asked as he dropped his bag on the table.

"Nothing. Princy and I...It's strictly business from now on. Besides, your sister says she tired of hiding our love. We should just tell you the truth.**" Gerard joked with a smile.

Ray rolled his eyes. "Ok. Enough about my little sister assclown. I'll kick your ass. I take it the bet is off too then?" Ray sat down across from Gerard and both of them unpacked bagged lunches.

Gerard shook his head. "I couldn't do it. So yeah, it's off." Ray grinned.

"You like her." Gerard shrugged.

"Doesn't matter now. I'm not going there."

Ok. This chapter is dedicated to Trish, Laura, and Steph. For you support. :) Thank you.
Thanks to SanDee for the inspiration. You update EVERY SINGLE DAY. I want to be just like you. lol.
To Stephanie: Hope you have a great time. Wish I was in the UK! :)
Sorry about the AIM convo. It probably won't happen again. :) I will begin work on a funny new chapter (with Fwankie in it, SPF) asap.


*Means patent pending...FOR REAL.
**More shameless promo. lmao.
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