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Damn you, Gerard!

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It may be idiotic, and probably is completely random, but it's a filler. I suppose it's allowed. Is it? *sighs* Sorry, I'm working on the follow-up chapter right now. :(

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Kristian hesitantly made her way into the caf. She was in no hurry to come face to face with Gerard after their 'incident'. "Baby steps, Colbert. Ba-by Ste..." A hand harshly swatting her behind, then delivering a slight pinch, cut her off, making her yelp.

"What's up, Sunshine?"

"Damn it Frankie! That hurt!" He grinned. "Aren't there unwritten laws about hands and the anatomy of your girlfriend's friends or something?"

"Let me tell you something babes... Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr. is a rebel. I hates the rules." Kristian smiled, shaking her head.

"Wow. It's really amazing that you remember all that."

"You know what? I do have a terrible memory! But I didn't forget about my motherfucking twizzlers. You OWE me, you little whoremonger! You and your boyfriend." Frank dropped his arm around Kristian's shoulder as her mouth fell open, and she laughed.

"Whoremonger? I am not a master of whores, you little shit! Unless you include yourself!" She pinched and tickled his sides until he was giggling uncontrollably.

"Ow Kris! I told you, not until we get to your house later! Do you want Simone to find out? You're so impatient, my Angel!" He proclaimed loudly.

"Ha, haha! Funny!" Simone said, appearing from nowhere. "Ah-ha!, I knew you were coming!" Frank replied, as he slipped an arm around her waist.

"What the..., do you have super Simone senses or something? And....Ew! My eyes!" Kris exclaimed as she turned to find Frank and Simone kissing. She hustled away from the lovebirds, and into the double doors of the caf.

"Oy! Look who's on her way over." Ray nudged Gerard with his elbow.

"Cut it out fucker! I told you, there's no chance of us hooking up, ok?" Ray laughed.

"You're such a liar you ass-tart. You freaking love her. And those jiggly boobies. Bet you're still just pissed cause you didn't get to..."

"Ow!" Ray chuckled, after Gerard punched him in the shoulder. Kristian gave them a funny look before pulling out her chair. Ray rubbed his sore arm.

"Hello, boys."

"What's up, Kris?" Ray asked, still rubbing. Gerard nodded once, and offered a quick, "Princess." Kristian rolled her eyes, sat down, and opened her sack lunch.

"So Ray, what's new? How are things going with you and Sandee?"

"Great. Great. She's so amazing. Hey, did I tell you guys she wants to be a journalist?" "Only a hundred times." Gerard grumbled, peeling the crusts off of his sandwich, but not eating it. Ray glared at him. "Well, she does. And she's interning at the local newspaper this summer."

"Wow, that's awesome. We've all gotta hang out sometime."

"Definitely! She'd love that. She was just saying she'd like to get to know my friend's girl..." Gerard shot him a dirty look. "...friends..." They all sat quietly until Ray cleared his throat. "What's going on with you?"

By this time, Frank and Simone had reached the table, and were sitting down besides each other. "You mean besides making out with Gerard last night, then having him walk out on me?"
She blurted, making Frank spit the vitamin water he was sipping across the table.

"Huh? What the fuck?" He sputtered, and nearly choked. Simone patted him on the back, but kept her eyes on Gerard. who's head snapped up, and locked eyes with Kristian.

"Kris...Lay off. Ok?" He said softly, using her name for the second time, like, ever.

"What in fuck's name is going on?" Frank cursed, repeating himself since no one was answering. "Damn it! Someone say something!"

"Why don't you ask Miss Blabbermouth over there? She'd be more than happy to fill you in. I'm fucking out of here." Gerard scooted back in his chair.

"Come on, G." Ray tried to interject.
"Blabbermouth? Don't sit there and act like Ray didn't know before I said anything. You probably told him all about how you had 'Princess' all hot and bothered last night in bed."

Frank gasped loudly, making Simone give him a slap on the leg. He moved from his chair, and up onto the table, with his feet in the chair. Everyone stared at him.

"What? This is getting goood." He stated, and the girls rolled their eyes.

"Idiot." Ray muttered.

Gerard scoffed, and stood up, ready to walk away. "Come on, G. Don't go." Ray said as Gerard started walking, tossing his paper bag and it's contents into the trash bin.

"Wow," Simone whispered. "Are you ok?" She turned to Kristian, who nodded.

Mikey joined them just as Gerard disappeared. "Hey guys, what's up?" He smiled, then frowned when it wasn't returned. "What's wrong with you assholes?...Guys?" His eyes shifted from Ray, to Kris, to Simone, and then to Frank. "And why is this moron sitting on the table?"

Kristian got up. "Sorry for causing a scene, guys. I have to...go after him..." She apologized before she left as well.

"Kris..."Simone started to follow her, but Frank held her back.

"Let her go. Maybe they can get together and get some their shit worked out." Simone nodded, and sat back down. She hoped that they could work it out. And realize that they should be together.

Kristian followed the direction she'd seen Gerard go in. She caught a glimpse of his head traveling towards the student parking lot. "Gerard!" She called out. He didn't answer, or even turn around. "Ger-" She tried again, and even picked up her pace to a power walk as she noticed he'd sped up. "Damn you!" She muttered under her breath.

"Gerard!" She yelled, once more, and he looked over his shoulder before proceeding.

"Krissy?" A solid figure came to a stop in front of her, and she lost sight of her target. "H-hey. Bob." She managed to force a smile.

"Hey. I just, wanted to know how you were doing..."

"Yeah, I'm..I'm ok. I suppose."

"Yeah, I know you've been through a lot. With the Jason thing, and now with about Dana and all." Bob stepped back a little, but left his hand on her arm.


He nodded. "Yeah, The whole gang's heard about it, and I know, just wondering if you needed a friend."

"I'm fine, Bob. But, how did you hear about me and Dana?" Kristian raised an eyebrow. She'd forgotten all about Gerard now that she heard someone was already spreading rumors.

"Everyone knows you two aren't friends anymore. That you quit the squad. I never thought I'd see the day you two weren't friends. "

"Yeah, well, she's done a lot of fucked up shit."

"Well, I just wanted to let you know that I'm here for you."

"Thanks. You're such a good guy." Suddenly, Bob was wrapping her up into a big ol' bear hug, squeezing her tightly.

Gerard watched the exchange just outside the student parking gate, His 'friend', Bob had been holding her hand, and now they were hugging. He rolled his eyes, tossed down the unfinished cigarette, and got into his car. He chuckled as he turned the dial on the radio, and drove away.

Kristian made a mad dash for the parking lot after Bob left her. She wondered to Gerard's assigned spot but his car was gone. She took her keys from her purse, jumped into her car, setting off to find him.

-It's probably so stupid, but it's just a filler, trying to get back into the story, before I bring on the ending. Oh! And I'm not finished with Bob yet. He will be back....
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