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We're going nowhere

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Kristian tried her hardest not to blink as she searched for Gerard's car. "Where are you, asshole?" She said loudly. She could not believe she was being so spontaneous...Ditching? That was something she would never, ever do. So much for her perfect attendance record. In all likelihood, she wouldn't return. So that meant she'd miss basketball practice as well. It didn't bother her though.

She was more than confident Coach Erickson would let her play Thusday anyway. Besides, she would just tell him something weird like...She'd went home at lunch because she'd left her tampax and she's allergic to the generic brand inserted into the machines at school. He'd do whatever it took to end that explanation. Kristian giggled, and finally spotted Gerard turning right on Sycamore St.

He was heading home!

Back @ the caf:

"Ok. Explain. Someone. Now. Please." Mikey said.

Frank took a deep breath, set to answer. "...Well,"

"Kris and G are having an...'altercation'." Ray interrupted.

"Hey!" Frank pouted.

"Oh-kay. What type of 'altercation'?"

"Gerard didn't tell you anything?" Simone asked, making Mikey look even more confused.

"No! Tell me guys, what the fuck is going on?"

Ray looked at his face and could tell he was worried. "It's nothing really serious, Mikes. G and Kris hung out together last night..." Mikey nodded, "Ok. So that's where he went off to."
"Yeah, and well, they were working on the dance plans, or whatever, and uh...they kinda...started making out."

"So...Why are they fighting?"

Frank rolled his eyes. "Your fucktarded, genius* of a brother walked out on her.That's what!"
Simone smacked him in the chest. "Ow, girl!"

"He only left because Dana walked in on them. She and Kris started arguing, and I'm pretty sure he got uncomfortable with continuing with her so upset..." Ray trailed off, and Simone picked up,

"Exactly. He was. And she didn't understand why. But I told her to talk to him. And she's gone after him now."

Mikey rubbed his temple. "This is so confusing...He really likes her. I know it. He's just...He can be..."

"Brash? Annoying? Foolish as all fuck?" Frank interjected, taking another swig from his water bottle.

"Shut up, you damn garden gnome (hehe-for the InOc. inc.), he may be all of those things, but he's still my brother, and only I get to talk that much shit about him in one sentence! And why is your ass on the table?" Mikey frowned. "I was going to say insecure."

Frank turned to Simone, "Did you hear that babe? He just called me a freakin' lawn decoration."

She rolled her eyes this time, ignoring him completely. "But she likes him too! Like, a lot!" She exclaimed, before abruptly covering her mouth. "I wasn't supposed to say anything."

"Well, that's good, right? Everything's going to work out." Ray said.

"All we can do is wait and see. And if it doesn't...lucky they have all of us to help them." Mikey added.

"Hell yes! Like fucking superfriends or something! To the rescue, and all that shit!" Frank grinned. Ray, Simone and Mikey all shook their heads. "Guess that means we're in agreement then." Frank continued to smile broadly.

Kristian parked her car in front of the Way's home and ran across the street. Instead of going to the basement door, like she would usually do, she knocked on the front door. She listened carefully and heard Gerard's footsteps stop. "Open the door, Gerard." She said sternly. As if it were her house, and he was an intruder.

He grinned, holding a cigarette in between his fingers, as he swung the heavy door open. "Princess! What a surprise!" He said before taking a nice, long drag.

"Cut the bullshit, ok?" She said, stepping inside the house and closing the door.

"Well, in that case, why did you follow me all the way here? And skipping class, no less?"

"We need to talk. I mean," Kristian replied, her voice becoming softer. Gerard smirked, and waved his arm, motioning her towards his room. She walked down the stairs slowly, and he followed, after disposing of his cig, and leaving the door at the top cracked.

"Talk." He said, sitting down on the couch. She gave him a weird look before sitting beside him. He sure was acting strangely.

"Well, I want to talk about last night. I mean, I was really hurt when you walked out, and..."

"What else did you want me to do? I tried to explain myself to you, and wouldn't listen to me. All I wanted to make you understand was I wasn't that kind of guy. But you took it totally wrong."

"And you did the exact same. I never thought for a second that you were. We've been doing this crazy dance, Gerard, and I thought that us hooking up was inevitable. I want to be with you." She brushed her thumb across his cheek softly. Gerard shook his head. "What?" Kristian asked, as she leaned towards him.

Perhaps it was just plain selfishness that allowed him to get lost in her kisses, knowing full well what was about to transpire between them. But he did it. Kristian wrapped her arms around his neck, climbing into his lap as they kissed, his hands resting on her hips. "Please, don't stop this time G...Please." She pleaded breathlessly and pressed her body hard into his. He felt bad. He wanted her, but something was nagging at him, and he couldn't put his finger on what it was. Insecurity? Could be. She wasn't like him. At all. And maybe he thought she deserved someone who could understand her better than he.

Like Bob.

Who he'd seen scooping her up into his arms before he left school. Kristian whimpered into his ear as he unconsciously dug his fingers into her a little harder then he'd have liked. Ithad infuriated him, but he felt as though it would end horribly between them in the long run.

"I'm...I'm sorry.." He whispered, pulling his mouth away from hers. "No, no Gerard.

Don't...don't stop." She said claimed his lips once again.

He had to do something. Say something....It was for the best, after all.....

"I...We have to." He managed to mumble into her mouth.

She leaned back, but kept her arms around his neck. "What's wrong? What am I doing?"

"No-no-nothing!" He stammered. "Well, ok then." She said, leaning back down to kiss under his chin.

"I still think we should stop though."

"But I don't want to..." Kristian said with faux pout, nuzzling Gerard's neck.

"Kris...I bet..." He paused. Ray liked Kristian. And she knew she liked him too. There was no way he'd jeopardize their friendship, he decided to leave him out of this. "I swore to...myself, that by the time we finished working on the dance, that I would get uh...sleep with me."

Kristian froze. "What?" She spoke in a small voice, still straddling Gerard's lap. She released her arms and stared into his eyes. He cast his own away from hers.

"I swore.."

"No, I heard that part. I just...Feel so stupid." She climbed off of him and stood up in front of the couch.

"I'm sorry."

She glared at him and full out laughed.

"I'm just not....We're just...Look, Bob's a good guy. He likes you." Gerard winced. That hadn't come out the way he wanted it to. Kristian just laughed.

"So, not only are you telling me that you wanted to use me, but now you're pawning me off on one of your friends as well? You know what? Bob is a good guy Gerard. He'd have never done something like this to me. We're finished. And you know what else? Now that the artwork is done, I'll turn it in to Ms. Jeffries myself. And then you can be free. I don't even need you to help with the sets. I'll get someone else. In all aspects." She added, shooting him a nasty smirk before storming up the basement staircase.

Gerard was speechless.

And he realized...

He'd fucked up. Majorly.

*-yes, I do realize how odd it is to use those two words in the same sentence. lmao
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