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Date at the Diner

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"Bob likes you..."

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Weeks later, things were still tense between Gerard and Kristian. And although she told him not to bother, he helped build all the backdrops for the formal. Just like he promised. The coordinator, Ms. Jeffries, allowed him, of course because they were his designs. Kristian tried to avoid him at all costs, and only spoke when it was totally necessary.

Their tension also put their 'superfriends' in a bind. Especially when they'd all grown so accustomed to all hanging together. Kristian hadn't been back to their hangout, Mikey and Gerard's, since the day she followed him there. Lunchtime was always awkward as hell. Simone often sat with Kristian and her teammates, joined by Frank on occasion. And on other times, after Gerard had gone out for his lunchtime cigarette, Kris would join the gang at their table.

It seemed as though everyone but Kristian and Gerard knew that they belonged together. Well, except for Bob, who Simone noticed was ready to make a move.

After Thursday night's game, she and Frank waited for Kris in the bleachers. They also noticed her cousin laughing and joking flirtatiously with their friend near the locker room doors. Simone slammed the record book she held. "Do you see what I see?" She asked her boyfriend.

"I do. But what do you suppose we do about it?"

"I don't know. But whatever we do, it has to be done quick Frankie. He's moving in. And as much as I love my cousin, Kris belongs with Gerard."

"Defintely. Geez I don't think any of us can take any more of his shit. Fuck, he's been moody lately."

Simone laughed. "Superfriends to the rescue?" She held her pinky finger out for him to take, and Frank hooked his around it.

"Can we seal it with a kiss?" He grinned. Simone leaned in and placed her lips to Frank's. He raised his hand to her chin, and deepened it, making the record book in her lap fall to the floor.

"Hey! Hey! Enough of that! Do you two do anything other than make out?" Bob halted their little impromptu session. Kris giggled.

"Well, as hard as we try to, you just keep showing up." Frank joked, his arms sliding around Simone's waist.

"Can't leave you two alone for a second." Kris shook her head. Bob rolled his eyes.

"Kissing is all you better be doing... But, I'll um, wait for you outside Kris." He said, tugging Simone's hair before walking away.

"Ok." She replied, ignoring her friend's stares.

Frank broke the awkward silence. "What the fuck was that?"

"My thoughts exactly."

"And what's wrong with you two? We're just going to the diner for a bit."

"Kris. Bob likes you. A lot."

Kristian cocked an eyebrow. "And what's wrong with that, SPF?"

"What's wrong is the fact that Bob and everyone else knows you belong with G!" Frank exclaimed. Kris didn't answer. Not that she was desperate for any guy's attention, but if the one she wanted wasn't willing to give her the time of day, there was always someone who would. Bob just happened to be that someone.

She turned away then, not wanting then to see the emotion in her eyes at the mere mention of Gerard's name. "Are you guys coming or what?" Frank and Simone glanced at each other before following.

The four of them met at the diner hangout, where Kris found Dana, Raquel, and all of her previous buddies were sitting in the far corner.

"Oh my God, Krissy!"

Before she could react, Raquel was almost in her lap. "Um. Hi Rocki."

"We miss you. Dana misses you." She added.

"Rocki..." Kristian trailed off.

"Kris...please? She's a wreck. I mean, she didn't even put makeup on tonight...And..." Kris gritted her teeth.

"Rocki. I can't talk about this now."

"But will you talk about it? Hi Bobbert. And Frank, and...Samantha?" She said acknowledging Kristian's company. Simone rolled her eyes.


"Yeah. Sure, sorry." Rocki said with a smile, and turned her attention back to Kris. Frank held in a snicker.

"Bitch." Simone mouthed.

"Yes. I will talk about it. But not here, Rocki. please."

Rocki nodded her head. "Ok. So are you guys almost done with the formal stuff? And where's your boyfriend?" Kris gave her a weird look. Frank giggled, and Bob bit his lip. Simone was still silently wishing her away.


"Dana told us she walked in on you and Gerard Way in your bedroom the night you guys fought." Rocki explained. Man, she was clueless.

Kris was dumbfounded, and Bob squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. Frank full on laughed this time, and Simone tapped his arm, barely holding back her own laughter.

"Rocki..." Kris began, but Bob cleared his throat.

"Wow. Um... I'll be right back, you guys." He said and made a hasty retreat to the men's room. Frank was still giggling after he disappeared.

"What's up with him?" Rocki asked, sitting in Bob's empty seat.

"Rocki. Gerard is not my boyfriend."

"So you were just hooking up with him then? Go Kris!"

"Yeah, you just hooked up with him then? go Kris!" Frank teased, but shut up when she threw him a death glare.

"Rocki. How about I call you when I get home, ok?" Luckily, Rocki agreed to this arrangement, and sauntered back to the other table.

"Can you believe her?" Simone muttered after she was out of earshot. Frank continued to laugh.

"Oh God! That was funny."

"That was so not funny Frankie." Kristian answered. She looked at Simone, who's eyes had gotten wide.

"So not funny... Check out who just came in." Simone gestured at the door. Mikey saw them and waved, heading their way with a grinning Ray, and a hesitant Gerard. Kristian groaned as she noticed Bob making his way back over as well.....

Well, I apologize for the crapiness, and the delay. This is just my attempt at feeling my way back into the story, and it won't end for a while, at least.
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