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What goes down...

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I'd like to thank Shaffer Chimere Smith (Google him) for giving me my inspiration this week, and getting my creative juices flowing. ^_^ Love ya! Also to Stephanie, Tara, and Firith. Love to you too!

Kristian was speechless as Gerard, Mikey and Ray headed for their table. With prompting from Frank, of course, who was grinning his ass off.

"Hey Guys. What's up?" Ray smiled, taking a seat beside Kristian in the small booth. They all greeted each other, save for Gerard, who trailed behind, nodding in a very inconspicuous way.

"Are you ok?" Ray whispered to Kristian after noticing her shoulders tense. Bob had just rejoined the group, reclaiming his seat across from her.

"I'm fine." She replied.

Mikey pulled up a couple chairs for he and his brother. Gerard hesitated at first, but decided real quick that was fighting a losing battle. He took the chair Mikey offered up and sat down next to him.

"Where are you assholes coming from?" Frank asked.

"We just came from the game." Mikey answered, looking around for a waitress.

"You guys were there? I didn't see you." Kristian stated sipping her coke through a straw and un-intentionally locked eyes with Gerard. He smirked, then focused his attention elsewhere. There was no way he was going to allow her to get him. No matter how inviting and enticing her soft lips appeared.

"Yeah we were there. And I still can't believe you let that chick score on you, Big shot." Ray teased playfully, the others joining in on the fun.

"Haha. Funny. I just had a lot on my mind tonight..."

"Ooooh." Frank and Mikey said in unison.

"See? Idiots do think alike." Ray laughed.

"Shut up you two." Kris tossed a piece of napkin and hitting Frank on the nose.


Meanwhile, Bob immediately glanced in Gerard's direction after Kristian's statement, then tried to ignore the others' comments. "What was on your mind?" He asked after taking another look at her, then Gerard. Crystal clear blue eyes bored into hers.

"Nothing. I mean, we can...I'll tell you about it later." She replied.

"Yes, please. Tell him about it later. I'm fucking starved." Gerard said rudely, grabbing Frank's menu from his hands.

All through the meal, the little, whatever it was, he'd picked up on from Kris and Gerard was still weighing on his mind. There was just something there... Something he couldn't put his finger on. And he'd begun thinking that maybe crazy ass Rocki was right...

"Hey, you know guys, I had a pretty good time, but I guess I've got to get going now." He announced.

Kristian gave a shocked look. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah man, take a load off, hang out with us. You never just hang with us anymore."

"Yeah dude. Stay."

"Sorry guys.I've really gotta go. Simone?" Bob turned to his cousin.

"I'm staying over at Kris' remember?" Bob nodded once.

"I forgot. Sorry. But that doesn't include you, Iero. See all of you later." He said pointing at Frank in a joking manner. He waved, and everyone for the most part, waved back. Until Gerard didn't even give him so much of a second glance. Kris shot him an annoyed look and hurried after Bob as he excited the building. After she was gone, everyone left turned to Gerard.

"What?" He snapped, drinking from his coffee mug.

Bob hadn't got very far before Kris was tugging him back by the shoulder. "Bob! Wait!"

"You know what, K.C.? Just go back inside." Bob muttered, his stride unbroken.

"Wait! So you aren't even going to attempt to talk to me?" Bob froze. "There's obviously something bothering you Bobbert. So please. Tell me?"

Bob rolled his eyes, not at all put on by the sincerity in her voice. "I'm not blind, you know." He huffed. Kris was confused. She defensively folded her arms across her chest.

"Blind to what?" She sighed.

"You know what I mean, K.C. You remember that little bit of information Raquel leaked about you and...and Gerard? Is all that true?"

Kristian nodded hesitantly. Bob scoffed.

"And to think, I was actually going to ask you to the formal. Hell, I even tried to knock the things Rocki said out of my head, cause...well fuck Kris, it's Rocki. But then HE came. And the two of you... It's just obvious. And now I feel like a fool." His face harbored a deep frown and he nervously toyed with the zipper on his jacket. Kris smiled at the expression on his face before leaning forward, just a tad on the tips of her toes, and pressed her shinylip gloss coated lips to his dry ones.

"Oh! Holy Motherfucker!!" Frank exclaimed as he spied on the pair from the diner's window.

"What is it babe?" Simone asked, as he interrupted the group's joking. She followed the direction of Frank's index finger and witnessed, along with the whole gang the kiss shared by Kristian and Bob. It all of a sudden was quiet enough to hear a pin drop at their table. Of course thatwas before Gerard's fork hit his plate with a loud 'clang', followed by his chair scraping the floor as he rose.........
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