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Red on White

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Its the middle of the Three Cheers tour and things spiral down hill for Gerard Way.

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So give me all your poison.

Chapter 1.
(A/N) This was half written by my good friend becky. Without her i'd still be working on the first paragraph! :P

Mikey sighed and rolled over onto his back and stared at the bunk above his. It was Frank's who was noisily snoring unaware of the thoughts crossing through the youngest Way's mind. It was Gerard. He loved his brother so was naturally concerned for his safety. After all, about 7 hours ago he was talking about suicide. Gerard had a habit of getting drunk and this always made him depressed. But he had never gone this far before. My Chemical Romance were in the middle of their Three Cheers tour. And it was the influence for this album that also contributed to Gerard depression. The inspiration was Mikey and Gerard's Grandma who had passed away and Mikey knew that Gerard was missing her like hell. Another thing keeping Mikey awake was the hours of phone calls between Brian and Gerard and then later the conversations between Gerard and various tour managers trying desperately for Gerard's life to last at least one more day. Right now all Mikey could hear (other than Frank's oddly loud snoring) was Gerard slurred, drunken voice as Brian tried to calm him down. Mikey sighed again and began thinking of all the shit Gerard must be going through. Suddenly Mikey heard a loud sob from the other end of the bus where Gerard was. This made Mikey realise there were tears staining his own face. He decided to get up and have a one-to-one with his big bro. Mikey rooted in the dark for his black and white framed glasses. After locating them he felt his way to the door in the darkness. Yawning widely he staggered down the corridor untill he came to the bathroom door. It was slightly ajar and the light was shining through. Mikey gently pushed open the door.
"Gerard?" He whispered "Is everything ok?" But the sight of the state of his older brother and the bathroom told him everything was far from ok. About three once cream towels were drenched in a deep crimson liquid. The liquid also ran in thick streams around the white floor. Blood. And in the centre was Gerard. Mikey froze not knowing what to do. It seemed he was stuck staring at the pale, lifeless face of Gerard. Then without warning he ran. Away from his brother. Away from the stained white and found himself running into the room with the bunks. No sound could escape his mouth untill
"Frank!!" He yelled at the rhythm guitarist who woke with a start.
"Mikey what the fuck? Do you know....." He stopped when he saw Mikey's face. "What is it?" Mikey could only mutter
"Gerard....oh god Frank all the blood!"
"Blood?....shit!" Frank jumped out of his bunk and followed Mikey to the bathroom. Frank could feel his own blood drain from his face when his hazel eyes met Gerard's lifeless body and the pool of crimson. Feeling physically sick, Frank managed to scream "Mikey! Call 911!" Bob entered the room woken from all the commotion followed by a groggy Ray. Bob was the first there.
"Oh my fucking god!" he yelled. He took his cell phone out of his pyjama pocket. When Bob moved away, Ray saw the sight and screamed as Bob dialled 911. Mikey collapsed at Gerard's side. Just as his knees hit the pool of blood, Gee let out a small grunt. Only Frank noticed as everyone else was too caught up in sorrow and the phone call.
"Uhh...guys?" Frank tugged at Rays arm.
"Not now Frank can't you see that Gerard might be dead?" Ray frowned
"Frank!" warned Ray. Frank glanced at Gee again and saw his fingers twitch.
"Ray! Gerard moved!"
"Yeah I know-"
" No! No you don't know Ray! Watch him!" By this time Mikey had noticed Gerard's movement too.
"Gerard's moving!"
"See I told you Ray!"
"OK OK! This still isn't the time for I told-you-so's! Moving or not, Gee's life is still on the edge!" Bob came back in.
"The ambulance is coming" Frank and Ray calmed down a little bit. Mikey turned to his brother.
"Did you hear that Gee? Your going to be ok!"
"Mikey?" Gerard whispered weakly.
"It's ok I'm hear. I'm not going anywhere I promise!"
Gerard smiled as his eyes began to close.
"No Gee! Don't black out! Try to stay with me! Please!" Mikey begged but despite his and Gerard's best efforts Gee went limp in Mikey's arms.
"No! Gee? Gerard!" Frank touched Mikey's shoulder.
"The medics are hear. You have to let them get Gee on the stretcher."
"I couldn't keep him conscious! I tried Frankie! I failed! Failed Gee!" Mikey began to sob uncontrollably. Frank picked him up and looked into his eyes, trying to ignore the blood running down Mikey's legs.
"No Mikey. You didn't fail! You saved his life! If you hadn't found him Gee would surely be dead now! O.K?"
"No its not! It's not ok! IM not ok! He's gone! I'm never gonna see his smile again! Never gonna hear him laugh. Never hear him cry! Why did no one save his life? Why did I fail Frank?" Mikey was screaming, crying, shouting, lying and dying all at once. This really wasn't good for him. Frank thought that if Gee died Mikey was very likely to die too.
"Listen Mikey. You don't know that Gee is dead. He may not be. And I know the last thing Gee did was smile because you were there for him! Do you think he would want you sit there and cry? No." Said Frank calmly.
"NO! He is the only one who UNDERSTANDS you! Don't loose hope! Gee needs you!" At that point one of the medics came over.
"He's all set up and ready to go. We need somebody to come with us and give details."
"I will" Mikey said. "I'm his brother. Is he still alive? Please say yes!"
"Your Brother is experiencing difficulties with stabilisation. There was a lot of blood loss. We are working hard. Don't worry he's is not beyond help!"

:O what happens? Will Gerard pull thorough?
Yh it is very sad. Me and bex were crying writing it! It actually shocked me!
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