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A deadly misunderstanding

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Back home in new Jearsy Gerard has just about recovered but what happens when Mikey thinks he's hit rock bottom again?

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so give me all your poison

Chapter 2

4 Months later.....
Back home in New Jersey Gerard was recovering in his room. This event had caused the tour to be put on standby, much to Brian's annoyance. Mikey and Frank were in the kitchen and Bob and Ray were in the living room. Mikey was brewing coffee for Gee. Frank had gone to the toilet because he was feeling extremely stoned and had no idea what he was really doing. Mikey went upstairs and opened Gee's door.
"Oi! Wakey wakey Gerard Way! Come on! I brought you coffee! And those weird little cookie things you like!" Mikey said laughing. Usually at the mention of coffee Gerard was known to head directly for it. Obviously today was not usually. Mikey put the tray down on the bedside table.
"Hey! Gee! Gerard?" Mikey pushed some of his brothers wild black hair away from his pale face and nudged him. No response. Dying thoughts flashed through Mikey's terrified mind. Mikey quickly checked Gee's pulse but couldn't feel a thing. He took one small step back. A warm tear trickled slowly down his cheek.
"No! you were doing so well! We were going to be back on tour next week! Why didn't you tell me something was wrong? Oh god Gee why??" Mikey whispered. He took another two steps back. He was now pressed against the drawings on Gerard's wall. More tears fled down his face. He suddenly had an idea and shot out of the room. He knew exactly where Gerard kept his anti-depressants and headed for these. He took the tub of orangey-brown bottles and ran straight back up to Gee's room. On the way he bumped into Frank who was far too out of it to notice. Mikey locked Gerard's bedroom door behind him and went and sat down on the bed. Meanwhile Frank had told Bob and Ray what he saw. It took a while to get any sense out of him which gave Mikey more time. In Gee's room Mikey was taking his last pill. Just as his eyes began to blur over he saw Gerard's head roll slowly over. It suddenly dawned on Mikey that his brother's heart was beating unlike his own. In his dying breath Mikey managed to utter the words
"I'm sorry Gee " At that second Bob and Ray crashed through the door. This woke Gerard up.
"What the fuck Ray? What's going on?" Gerard looked down as something collided with his hand and saw two of his empty xanex bottles. Confused he was about to pick them up when his hand collided with something icy cold. Gerard gasped as he looked at what was so cold. Mikey's tear stained face stared up at him. Gerard's eyes grew wide. He jumped up and took three steps backwards untill his back was pressed against his treasured cartoon drawings.
"Gerard? Gee?" Ray shakily stepped forward. Suddenly Gerard seemed to not be the soft-spoken lead singer they knew and loved. He spun around and began tearing the cartoons off the wall. They didn't matter anymore! Mikey was dead! His baby brother. Dead! It seemed like nothing in Gerard's room mattered to him anymore except the body of his little brother. He ran around smashing everything, taking all his anger out on many cherished childhood possessions. Terrified by the transformation Ray ran and grabbed his friends shoulders in a tight grip.
"GERARD SNAP OUT OF IT!" He yelled and sat him on his desk chair. Gerard sat shaking. Frank came in because of all the noise caused by Gerard.
"Holy shit!....Mikey...." Ray started shaking his head in warning at Frank but it was too late. Gerard had lost it and started screaming Mikey's name. Ray kneeled down by him.
"Gee its ok! We'll make it through! You've always been strong enough to deal with this kinda thing! Its ok!"
"No its not! It's not ok! IM not ok! He's gone! I'm never gonna see his smile again! Never gonna hear him laugh. Never hear him cry! Why did no one save his life? Why did I fail Ray?" Gerard screamed at him.
"oh my fucking god! What? No! It can't be!" Bob turned around curious.
"Can't be what?"
"It is!"
"is what?"
"oh my fucking god!"
"Frank!!" yelled Bob but Frank had collapsed next to Gee and without warning screamed.

:O ohhhhh!!! I know some things in this aren't true but 1)its FICTION and 2)if it was differant the storyline would suck so yh.
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