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The Black Zodiac

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Well, Ariel's in and meets the gang, which makes quite an impression on Herry. And the gang learns about the Black Zodiac.

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So here's the next chapter. Sorry it took so long. It's not that easy writing about this story ya know. Hope you enjoy the chapter and it will be an action packed thriller! With some romance between. Probably some Ariel and Herry fluff and A/A AND if you want I'll put some J/T in there too, but tell me if you want some J/T in there, and I will put some of their fluff in the chapter but I'm not putting alot, just a little. This is mostly an A/H and A/A story, even though it has more to do with The Black Zodiac and Ariel then with the heroes, but, what are you gonna do? Anywho enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans. If I did, I'd make this a movie or continued in the episodes, like Choas101-3.


"Great! Now that's that. So I guess I better get to class." Ariel smirked.

"I'm afriad your class will have to wait. Follow me." Hermes said.

"But if I don't get to class I'll get a detention! And I've never gotten a detention in my life! I'm suppose to be the good girl! I can't get a detention!! If I get a detention, it will break my record and I'll never get accepted into college! Then I'll never get married! Or get a job! And I'll have to end up living in an alley! Eating nothing but garbage and watch crappy soap operas and shopping channels on the t.v.s they put in the windows of stores! And I'll have to go around asking people if they have any change and ask if they can put something else on the t.v.s! And I'll have to live with some smelly, old guy named Alfred!" (drama queen).

"That won't happen! Because you're gonna go to a new school."

"Did I mention I have a father and a little brother. How can my dad afford to put me in another school? He can't! I can't leave this school! I have friends here and a perfect record which I'm gonna break if I don't go to class NOW!"

"Your dad doesn't have to pay. I got it all covered."

With Ariel's Family..........

"So you're saying that Ariel just got accepted into the a CD record company in British Columbia and wants them to let her become a new singer?" Ariel's dad asked.

"That's right. I heard she wants to be a professional singer one day and if you sign this, you'll make her dream come true." Professor Heph (Hephastus) said.

"I will NOT let my daughter go to some CD record company and offer her to sing and make her own songs and albums! She'll want to go to Hollywood and nothing good ever comes out of a person when they go to Hollywood (true)!" Ariel's father yelled, standing up.

"But Daddy! Its Ariel's dream to sing and make her own songs. If you let her, she'll love you for life. And if she does become a singer, I want to have all her CD's!" Ariel's little brother, Timothy or Timmy, said, standing for his older sister (older by 10 years. Ariel's 16).

"See? Even Ariel's brother wants her to go." Professor Heph said.

"My name's Timmy!!" Timmy yelled, in a really cute voice.

Ariel's dad, Forest, looked at Professor Heph and then looked at Timmy. He could not resist the eyes that Timmy were making. His eyes were so big and sparkley! He hated those puppy dog eyes! He sighed loudly and said, "Where do I sign?"

Timmy yelled in joy and jumped up and down and Professor Heph smiled at him and gave him a form.

Back with Ariel and Hermes..........

"Good. So how do we get to New Olympia? Plane? Car? Boat (-_-')?" Ariel asked.

Hermes smiled and blew a high pitched whistle and two griffins came flying down towards them. Ariel screamed and dove for the ground, while the griffin landed and ran so he could stop and he stopped a few feet where Ariel was standing.

"WHAT IS THAT?!!" Ariella screamed, pointing at the griffin.

"That? That's one of my griffins. Her names Andrea." Hermes simply said.

"One of your griffins? Hermes nodds Okay. This is crazy! Griffins aren't real! They're thing that you read in books and see in movies or fairytales." Ariella could not believe this.

"But this is not a fairytale. They're real. I told you before. Being a hero is not easy. Especially when you're in training."

"Training?" Ariel asked as she rose her eyebrow.

"Mm hm! A hero who was just called and brought to the school has to start their training after they learned and saw all the stuff they need to know. Now, no more questions. Hera is waiting for us."

"Hera? As in Queen of the Gods?" Ariel asked again as her eyes grew bigger and she had a smile on her face.

"SighsYes. Hera as in Queen of the Gods. Now let's go!" Hermes said, getting a little annoyed.

Ariel's smiled quickly turned into a frown as she saw Hermes climb on one of the griffin's back. She gulped and wondered how is she gonna get on the back of a griffin?

"Don't be scared she won't bite." But then Hermes quickly and quietly whispered, "Hopefully."

Ariel let out a deep sigh as she grabbed the feathers of the creature's side and pulled herself up. She let out another sigh. 'This isn't so bad. Unless she doesn't go all whacko on me I'll be fine.' Ariel assured herself.

Feeling an unfamiliar figure on her back, Andrea let out a terrifying screech, frightening to her and Ariel. She screached and tried to throw the unfamiliar figure she was feeling on her back off.

Ariel was screaming, cause she was scared, and grabbed her feathers tighter. Trying not to let Andrea kick her off.

"Hey! Andrea! Settle! It's okay. She's a friend." Hermes tried to calm Andrea down, but no luck.

Hermes sighed and used his Herald Staff to control her. He pointed the staff at Andrea and clicked the button and told her to calm down. Seconds later, Andrea stopped jumping and trying to throw Ariel off her back like a bull.

"Thanks." Ariel said, still breathing heavily.

"No problem. Now come on you can ride with me if she's too much trouble." Hermes smiled.

"Um. Okay?" Ariel said nervously. 'Thank God.'

She nervously grabbed the feathers of the griffin, making sure it doesn't screech. It didn't peep. 'THANK YOU!' She grabbed the feathers tighter as she pulled herself up and grabbed onto Hermes waist.

"Alrighty then. Let's go!" Hermes ordered the griffin.

The creature obeyed and ran off to a lightening speed start. Ariel thought the griffin was gonna bump into something, but the griffin jumped and stretched out it's wings and they started to soar through the air.

Afraid by how far off the ground they were, Ariel grabbed Hermes waist as tight as she could, but left some room for him to breathe. But she looked down at the beautiful view from their perspective. It was so pretty! They could see the sparkling beach not far from her house. And the green and yellow grass blended in quite well with the green and the cherry blossom trees behind her house.

'Relax Ariel. It's fine. It's okay. Just keep you arms around Hermes' waist and your head between his shoulder blades while not looking down below you, and you'll be fine.' Ariel assured herself. If she even peeked at the view below her, she'll freak and scream. 'This isn't so bad. Just don't look down. Don't look down. Don't look down.' She repeated in her head. She was squeazing Hermes' waist to tightly, she felt like her arms were hot glued to his waist and her head was glued between his shoulder blades as well.

"We're here!" Hermes yelled.

Ariel didin't move. Her head was still glued to his shoulder blades and around his wast.


'Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't look down.'

"ARIEL!" Hermes yelled and was shaking his body, trying to get the glued girl off of him.

"Huh? Wha-?"

"We're here."

"GOOD!" Ariel smiled, trying to hide her fear.

Her smiled slowly turned into a frown as she walked past him and tryed not to let Hermes see her smile turning into a frown. 'God I am such a little wuss. I mean. WHOSE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS?' Ariel thought. She was still shaking and was holding herself as tight as she could. 'Well I'm on the ground now, and I hope we don't have to fly anymore.'

"Come on. Follow me. I'll introduce you to Hera and the other gods." Hermes said as he waved his hand, signalling her to follow him.

Ariel smiled and followed Hermes.

Hermes opened the doors that led to the school. Ariel thought it was a pretty nice school. It was much better than her school and hopefully the ghosts won't know where she is. She followed Hermes up the stiars, and down the hall and turned left at the third hallway on the left and walked down the hallway and turn right at the end. She followed Hermes down the hall again until he stopped in front of the janitor's closet.

"A janitor's closet? This is where you live?" Ariel asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You'll see. Here." Hermes smiled and gave her a pendant, much like the one's that the gang has. It had an 'A' on it but with different calligraphy carved on the back.

Ariel took the pretty pendant and put it on the lock. Once it was down in it's place, the top part of the necklace spun around all the way once, until it came to a 'click'.

Ariel looked at Hermes in confusion. She took the pendant off and opened the door. Once they entered they heard the door slam shut behind them, which startled Ariel. Hermes pulled the light string and a misty, blue light appeared in front of them. Ariel stood there, with her mouth hanging open. 'Oh. My. Gosh.' She was so busy staring in disbelief that she barely noticed Hermes entering this pretty, misty, blue light. Ariel didn't say anything but quickly followed, she didn't want to be left behind. So she entered the blue portal, not far behind from Hermes and took her step into the god's secret hideout..................

"When did Hera say the new kid was going to arrive?" Atlanta asked, getting very impatient.

"Soon Atlanta. Just wait a little longer." Theresa told her.

"Come on. We've been standing here for almost an hour! If the new kid doesn't get here in ten minutes I'm leaving." Archie complained, impatient also. With his arm around Atlanta's waist.

"Just wait you guys. I'm sure he or she will be here very soon." Jay sighed, he was getting a little bit impatient himself but tried to stay calm.

"I hope they get here soon! I'm hungry." Herry complained.

"You're always hungry." Odie said.

"So? It's not a sin to be hungry in case you didn't know."

"I know that!" Odie exclaimed.

"Would you guys shut up? You're interrupting my 'me' time." Neil said, looking into his mirror.

"All the time is 'me' time to you." Theresa groaned, getting tired of Neil and is "me" time.

"Exactly. So that means you guys need to shut up more often." Neil smiled.

"Why don't you shut up?" Atlanta groaned, closing her eyes and resting her head on Archie's shoulder.

"You shut up." Neil told her, looking at her.









"WHY DON'T YOU BOTH SHUT UP! You're upsetting my tummy." Herry complained.

"Stay out of this Herry." Atlanta and Neil said, at the same time, looking at him.

"Shh. I think I hear footsteps." Jay said, putting his finger to his lips, telling them to be quiet.

They were all silent and listened carefully, trying to hear what Jay was hearing. Then,


They all looked toward the direction of the big doors. "Sorry I'm late. I had to show her around." Hermes said, huffing and puffing.

Herry's face brightened up when Hermes said "her". The new kid was gonna be a girl! Yes! He hoped it was a hot girl.

"So. Meet your new member, Ariella." Hermes said, stepping aside from the door so Ariel could come in.

Herry's mouth hung wide open when he saw her (I'm not gonna tell you what she looks like. Go to my website in my profile and go in 'Other Picz'. It'll show what Ariel's suppose to look like. It has her name at the bottom of her picture). She look hoooooot! So much hotter than Ellanna. And hopefully, this one wasn't hypnotized by Cronus by some pretty, yet dangerous, necklace that can destroy human kind.

'Someone turn the heat down!' Herry thought, still staring at her beautiful frame.

Archie, Atlanta, Jay and Theresa all smiled when they saw Herry look at her, blushing.

"Ooooooh! Herry's got a cruuuuuuuuuush!" Atlanta said in a sing-songy voice.

"Shut up! I do not!" Herry yelled at her, still staring at Ariel.

"Oh yeah? Then why aren't you taking your eyes off her?" Archie smiled.

Herry noticed where Archie was getting to and blushed, a dark shade of red.

"Um........well, because...........there's..............something...on her shirt?" Herry said, obviously trying to come up wtih a reason, but didn't make a good one.

"Ya. Sure." Atlanta smiled.

"Everyone. This is Ariella." Hera said, just coming up behind Hermes and Ariel. "She is a descendant of Hecate, but don't be alarmed. She is not evil like Hecate is. But she does have a very special gift that can help you with Cronus." Hera continued.

"What can she do?" Theresa asked, interested in her special gift.

"She can see and hear ghosts that other people cannot. And the only way to see them is if you touch her." Hera explained for her.

"Aw cool!" Atlanta smiled.

"Actually, this is not such a great gift as you may think. See she can see and hear ghosts but that's techinially not a good thing. The ghosts she sees try to kill her because the twelve ghosts she sees work for Hecate. We're still trying to figure out how Ariel can see only these certain twelve ghosts. We think Hecate hand picked them to send them out to kill us, for revenge."

"That would explain her gift of seeing and hearing ghosts." Theresa said.

"Precisely. And that's why we called her here, we need to keep her here so Cronus doesn't find her and use her gift for evil. Or even worse. Try to find the Black Zodiac."

"The Black Zodiac? What's that?" Atlanta asked.

Hera was about to say something until Ariel sighed and said. "The Black Zodiac is twelve ghosts that make up the Black Zodiac, the First Born Son, The Torso, The Bound Woman, The Withered Lover, The Torn Prince, The Angry Princess, The Pilgrimess, The Great Child and the Dire Mother, The Hammer, The Jackal, also known as Hell's Winter and the Juggernaut. They each have their own star sign somewhere on their body: The First Born Son-Leo, The Torso-Taurus, The Bound Woman-Scorpio, The Withered Lover-Cancer, The Torn Prince-Capricorn, The Angry Princess-Virgo, The Pilgrimess, Libra, The Great Child-Sagittarius, The Dire Mother-Aries, The Hammer-Gemini, The Jackal-Pisces, and the Juggernaut-Aquarius. Hecate needed these specific spirits to find The Black Zodiac and to control the ghosts. If we don't find the book, we are all in great danger. But on the way, Hermes said that Hecate had a special job for The Jackal. Since he is the most dangerous and feared spirit of all, she sent him to kill me. We don't know why Hecate wants to kill me. But I think she wants to steal my power and use it to make The Black Zodiac more powerful. But the strange thing is, The Black Zodiac says that there's thirteen ghosts, but Hecate doesn't have the thirteenth ghost. She says it has to be a living sacrifice. But we don't know who to choose to be the sacrifice."

"We can use Cronus. He's powerful and can be used to be the sacrifice." Jay said.

"But the thing is, Hecate is working with Cronus again. But this time, this mission will be more dangerous than you have ever done before." Hera said.

"Well where do we start?" Odie asked.

Hera sighed and waved her arm and above them, came a hologram of a huge house. "You will have to live there for a while until you finish the Black Zodiac once and for all. But whatever you do, do NOT and I mean it, do not go in the basement until you are ready to take on the ghosts. That's where Hecate and Cronus are keeping them until it's time. But when you get there, be very careful. The house is not a house at all, it is a machine built for The Black Zodiac and in the a room of the machine is a device used to power the house. But most importantly, in the middle of the house, there is twelve rings and everytime one spins, a ghost is released. That means Hecate and Cronus sent free one of the ghosts because they feel it's time for them to go and fulfill their mission. But be careful, the house's walls will change and shift so if you wandering around the house, don't. And one more thing. When you get to the house.........says slower stay......together. " Hera exclaimed.

"What happens if we don't stay together?" Jay asked.

"You may all be killed."


Hope you enjoy the story so far, it takes me forever to type. Well in the next chapter or the one after that, they're going to the big, glass house to try to stop Cronus and Hecate from setting all the ghosts free. Just out of curiosity but which story do you like better, this one or "I Wanna Be With you". But don't forget that this one will be full of action and some romance in the chapters too! So R&R and tell me which story you like better, even though I know which one you're gonna choose. And remember, stay in school!
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