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Always Ignored

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Why is it always about them? Why is it never about me? Woah...Neil moment.

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Why is it always about them? Why is it never about me? Woah...Neil moment.

Normal Wednesday afternoon, well, normal for most people.
'Well, I'd better get going home.' Theresa said after her last class with Jay, Herry, Neil and myself.
'Hey,' Jay said as he intertwined his hand with hers. 'I'll walk you there.'
'Isn't that sweet.' Herry said with a goofy smile on his face once the two had left.
I rolled my eyes. 'Yah,' I said sarcastically. 'Sweet.'
'Oh, cheer up, Odie,' Neil said absent-mindedly. 'I'm sure you'll find a girl. I mean, I have plenty that are in love with me so maybe I could point some of them in your direction.'
'No thanks, Neil,' I said grumpily. 'But I have to decline your very generous offer, no matter how tempting it may sound.'
Neil shrugged.
'Okay then.'
Why is it always about them? Why is it never about me? Woah...Neil moment. Archie and Atlanta are obviously a good couple and Jay and Theresa are obviously a great couple. Everything is always connected to them. Valentines Day, Christmas, birthdays and even Easter!

But I walked home, not regarding the glances and giggles from the girls, or them whispering behind their hands on how I am such a geek as anything really important. I'm always the one that people have to protect and I'm always the weak one. I am always the one who people are bigger than. My friends assure me that they don't care that I'm not as strong as them, that what's inside that counts. They're only kidding themselves. I'm not as strong as Herry, not as fast as Atlanta, not as handsome as Neil, not as brave as Jay, not as much as a warrior as Archie and certainly not as powerful as Theresa.

But Calypso saw through all that. She despised Jay and thought Neil was a stupid idiot, though lucky. She truly loved me, and only me. She saw that I was a true descendant of Odysseus. Not that anyone else did. She loved me for who I was; for whom I am. So when I walk down the halls and see the girls whispering about me behind their hands, I'll smile, and I'll laugh because there's really nothing to worry about. No one knows who I really am. No one knows who I am inside. But I do. I am the only one that matters on who I am. I am the ruler of my realm and my friends are always there for me even if they tease me sometimes, or a lot. They are my friends, I am their friend. We will never forget that.

People that mind don't matter and people that matter don't mind.
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