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Chapter 11

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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"Guys! Guys! I know where she is!" Frank shouted at the others. They had decided to sleep over last night and were now regretting it as Frank woke them up at 7:30 in the morning.
"What the fuck Frank, it's 7:30" Mikey mumbled, them rolled back onto his side and continued to snore.
"I know where she fucking is! I called her, her friend picked up though. But I'm meeting then at 12" Frank said excitedly
"Really? Where is she?" Gerard asked, as Ray and Bob sat up, eager to find out where Megan went. Mikey was still fast asleep
"New York.. She's living on the streets with some girl called Candy or something."
"Holy fuck" Ray mumbled
"Mmhm, I'm meeting her at 12 today"
"Well you're lucky it's saturday or you're practically screwed. If you missed anymore school Miss Duey would flip." Bob said
"Haha, yeah. I'm just worried about what she's been doing on the streets. Luckily it's only been two days, so nothing could have really happened."
"Frank, you worry way too much man" Bob reassured his younger friend "She'll be just fine."
"But she's probably hasn't eaten, she's already way too skinny"
"Well you'll find out at 12"

Candy woke Megan up at 9:30 so they could start their walk to Toms Diner.
"Mm, 5 more minutes" Megan grumbled as Candy shook her.
"No, now. We have to get to Toms, there'll be customers now"
"Just wanna sleep"
Candy stood up and hovered over Megan. "Get the fuck up right now!" She ordered and Megan reluctantly agreed.

They got to the diner at 11:57 and Tom came bounding towards them
"BABIES!" He screamed, causing customers, including Frank, to look at him "How are you?"

Frank noticed that one of the girls the owner was talking to was dressed in worn out red and black converse, just like Megan's and the same hoodie that she wore. As the girl's hood was up Frank had a hard time seeing her face, but he had a strong idea who it could be
"Megan?" He asked uneasily
Megan turned around and her eyes met Franks, she froze
"F-frank? What are you doing here?"
"Looking for you" He replied
"Why?" Megan asked. Why would he want to look for her? She was worthless in her eyes, he didn't need her.
"I was worried"
"You were?" Megan asked, unsure if he was telling the truth or not
"Yeah, why wouldn't I? You're my girlfriend Midge, I care about you" He seemed to be truthful. But Megan didn't know what to do.
Frank noticed her lower lip was quivering ever so slightly, tears begging to gather in the corners of her eyes, like puddles in the rain, welling until they spilled over, running down her cheeks.
"Oh Midge.." He moved forwards, opening his arms to Megan, who took two quick steps and fell against him, sobbing. Frank closed his arms around his girlfriend and held her tightly, rubbing her back, trying to find words to comfort her.
"Why did you run away?" Frank asked, still holding Megan tightly. She buried her face deeper into Frank's shoulder, holding onto him for dear life as she thought of why she left.
"It doesn't matter anymore"

When Megan had finally stopped crying she called Candy over, and her and Tom came shuffling back over.
"Frank, this is Candy. Candy, Frank" The two shook hands and smiled, both silently deciding not to tell Megan about their phone conversation that morning.

The three of them sat down at a table while Tom went to get them each some lunch. They all conversed about nothing until Tom came back with sandwiches.
Megan heard her stomach grumble and immediately tucked in.
"Whoa, slow down their girly. Anyone would think you haven't eaten for days" Frank laughed
"I haven't" Megan replied and Frank said 'oh' and continued to eat his own sandwich.

Once Megan finished, she stood up and went to the bathroom. Soon after Frank needed the loo and went to the toilets. When he passed the ladies he heard gagging and heaving. Thinking that it could be Megan he looked in and saw her hovering over a toilet bowl with her fingers down her throat.
"MIDGE!" He shouted and ran into the girls bathroom.

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