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Chapter 12

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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Megan looked around and saw Frank behind her. She started crying again and spat out her left over sick flavoured spit.
"Why?" Was all Frank asked as Megan slumped down against the cubicle wall.
"You'll hate me" Megan replied
"No I won't Midge, I'll never hate you" he sat down next to Megan and put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer for her to cry into his chest as she remembered her past.
"Okay, well in my old school, I was friends with people who I probably shouldn'ty have been friends with.." She sniffed, then carried on "I did drugs, ones I couldn't even pronounce. I used to get fucking plastered every day. It drive my mum crazy. Everyday I would bring back a differemt guy and we would just fuck. I guess my mum noticed, well she would. She was only in the next room. Then my mum got sick... My dad said it was because of me. I was driving her insane. Eventually she killed herself. My own mother committed suicide, because of me." She shuddered and cried harder into Frank
"I'm so sorry Midge, but what's that got to do with you making yourself sick?" Frank hugged Megan closer into him
"I'm not finished" Megan breathed in "well, my dad blamed me, I blamed me, everyone blamed me. My dad started to get angry. I guess he was angry because I killed his wife, I killed my mum. Well, he started to get angry, he would hit me. He drinks alot, and hits me harder. I've had broken ribs and other bones. That's how I really got the fork in my arm. Well, then I started eating. Comfort eating. I would eat whenever my dad hit me, which is, and sill is, alot. So I put on weight. It was only when some of the people I would have sex with started telling me I was getting fat, and they would no longer sleep with me. So I realized that I was. I was fat. Ugly and fat"
"You're not ugly, don't you ever say that. And you're fucking bone"
She just nodded and carried on "I knew I couldn't stop eating, it made me happy, so I started to make myself sick. And no we're here." She cried harder "Oh God, you hate me now. You think I'm a whore. A murderer. Oh fuck, I murdered my mum."
"No, c'mon Midge. I don't hate you, and you didn't kill your mum"
"I'm still a whore"
"That's the past, Megan. You're not doing drugs or sleeping around anymoer are you?"

They sat there, holding onto each other, until Candy came looking for them.
"Megan? Frank? You've been an awful long time, are you okay?" She called out
"Yeah, yeah. We're fine." Frank called back. Megan just sniffed and hugged Frank tighter.

Candy walked into the bathroom and found Megan and Frank sitting on the cubicle floor, Megan tucked into Frank, while Frank was holding her close, stroking her hair and planting soft kisses on her forehead.

Megan lifted her head and Candy noticed that her eyes were blood shot, and her cheeks were tear stained.
"Hey, Megan. What's wrong?" She asked, causing Megan to burst into more tears.
"It's nothing" Frank answered for her "Just little things"
"Okay, erm Megan? I'm going to head off now. I take it you're going home with Frank?"
Megans head popped up and she wiped her tears away.
"W-what? If I'm going home, you're coming with me. I'm not leaving you"
"You sure? I mean, I don't want to intrude"
"No! Don't worry, only I don't think you'll want to stay at my place"
"Megan, you're not staying at your house. I'm not letting you stay with your father. You can both stay at mine" Frank proposed
"Awh Frankie! I can?" Megan smiled
"You can" Frank replied, and kissed Megan in probably the most love felt kiss she had ever had.

"But Frank, are you sure your mum wouldn't mind me staying? I mean, she doesn't know me, and you've just met me and all.." Candy wondered
"Oh yeah, good point. And maybe she wouldn't let me have two girls living in my room.. She might get the wrong idea" Frank laughed
"Haha, yeah" Candy said
"Oh, I know. You could stay at Gee and Mikey's! His parents don't care about anything. Well, they probably wouldn't even notice. And Gee won't mind, neither will Mikey" Frank said
"Perfect, I think you and Gee'll get along just great" Megan winked

Frank unwrapped his arms from Megan and stood up, pulling her up after him.
"So, you wanna go now then?" Frank asked as the three of them walked out of the bathroom
"Yeah" Megan replied, happy that she was going home with Frank
"Okay, let me go get my bag and say goodbye to Tom" Candy said

Candy, Megan and Frank walked back into the diner area and Candy found Tom behind the counter.
"Tom! I'm not living on the streets anymore" Candy bounded over to Tom
"That's great girly! But where are you living now?" Tom beamed. He was sick of seeing her always hungry, she deserved a home.
"I'm going to live with Megan and Frank's friend" She said, then turned to Frank "are you sure they'll be okay with it?"
"Of course. They'll love you."
"Okay" She smiled
"Where abouts is it you live?" Tom asked
"Jersey, Belleville"
"I'll miss your early morning visits Candy. I hope you live a great life, you really deserve it" Tom smiled, hugging her over the counter
"I'll miss you too" Candy wispered in Toms ear, giving him a kiss on the cheek
He returned the kiss and they said their goodbyes.

As they got to the door, Candy shouted "Maybe I'll come visit sometime"
"You better" Tom replied with a grin
The three of them walked out of the diner and went down the roat to Frank's mums car, got in, and put their seatbelts on.

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