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Hugs to Susan

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Susan goes out on a date with Dom. Things DO happen at a bowling alley...

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This is inspired by an interview I once read with Dom talking about dating - bowling was included. Happy read, Susan!

She laughed at his reaction. Naturally his bowling ball at gone out of course even before it had made its way half way down the lane. He smacked his forehead before turning and walking back to his seat.
"Your turn," he mumbled as he passed Susan. She stood up and picked up a perfectly good ball, and had her first throw. Four down. She swore quietly.
"You go get 'em, girl!" Dominic cheered from his seat. She picked up a ball and threw it. Spare. She walked back in her best winner's walk, and high fived Dom on the way. He knocked down 5 pins.
"You've done so good today... Teach me!" he pleaded.
"You know, I'm usually not the one to be ordered around by guys," she smiled.
"But you could help! Please?... It's 30 to 12! What are the odds?" She smiled a little, concidering what to do.
"Hmm... Alright, then. Get over here," she lifted up a ball, "I'll use my turn to teach you..." He sneaked around her, placing himself behind her, following her moves. She didn't expect that. But slowly she went through what she usually did. He stepped back to watch her.
"... and then, add some luck," she finished, sending down her ball. 9 down. Second throw, none down. Dominic stepped up, picking out a ball, throwing it. Strike. He turned around with a victorious smile on his face.
"Thank you! Even after a non-Strike or Spare from your side..."
"I was distracted..." Susan blushed. Dominic giggled in response.
He was touchy-feely the rest of the day. Who knew what it would later bring?...
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