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For Javiera

by Joy 1 review

What positive a romance can do to your studies...

Category: Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor, Romance - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2005-10-15 - Updated: 2005-10-16 - 458 words

He looks at you, smiles his cheeky smile at you. You try to concentrate on working, but you can't help looking at him, smiling back at him, despite of what you are trying to do. You're located the library with the "Please Keep Quiet!"-sign and the old, strict librarian way too close to the table you are sitting sit by. Still smiling, he checks on the librarian. You turn your head and see her look suspiciously in your direction. You can't stop a giggle escaping you, neither can he, which causes the librarian to raise her eyebrows and clear her throat at you. He can't stop a queit fit of laughing, and before going too far with it, he has to pick up his things and leave.
In the end, you can't really concentrate, and decide to borrow what can be borrowed and save the rest for next time around.

The next day you go to school as usual, and you go to your locker. You open it, and find a note from him. "You coming to the game? Give me a wink!" You smile a little, put the note back in the locker, and you go to class.
On the way to lunch your ways crosses in the hallway, and you wink at him, and he smiles his cheeky smile at you. You go to the cafeteria, get your lunch, and sit with your friends. Shortly after, he walks over to your table and stops by you.
"Well, duh!" You roll your eyes at him.
"See you at the game, then!" he smiles, obviously flattered, and moves on to the table with his friends around it.

You and your friends attend the game. You get very good seats as you're a bit early. You see the teams warm up, bonding, getting completely ready for the game. The judge starts the game with his whistle.
You can't get your eyes of your guy. He manages to smile at you a few times during the game.

It is yet another day on which you have to attend the library to study. You go to your locker to get the things you need. You open your locker. You reach your hand out and take out a red rose. You smell its sweet scent and smile.
You close your locker, grab your bag, and walk out of the school. He's right outside, waiting for you. You walk over to him, and you give him a hug. Not letting go of each other, you look at each other and smile. You end it off with a soft kiss before you take each other's hands and walk off.

Written for a girl who was bored of her study at the time.
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