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Drabble #2

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He stresses over a project at work, but she is there for him.

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He couldn't sleep. He quietly sat up, got on his rope, and got out of bed. Out of respect for her - his woman in the opposite side of the bed - he quietly tiptoed his way around the room.
She had been a real help to him, insisting to move temporarily into his home while he was working on the project. She had seen how stressed he had been, and thought it was too hard for him before he did. She made sure that he had everything he needed, and only left the house to go to work and do the shopping on her way home.
He looked out the window, listening to her breathing in the dark. The moon was shining through the window, lighting up a small part of the room. He looked up at the sky - all clear, spotted by the stars, making a perfect background for the moon. 'That's what she deserves,' he thought to himself as he looked at her, 'the moon and the stars'. He turned his head back to the window and fell back into deep thoughts.
She woke up. She lifted her head and saw him standing by the window, lightened up by the moonlight. She got up on her elbow.
"Hey..." she mumbled. He turned his head sightly, as if he just woke up from his thoughts.
"Hey," he responded. She sat up in the bed and studied him. She didn't know what to think - he was practically done with it all, all in good time, and still it kept him awake a night. She got up, and softly hugged him from behind.
"C'mon back to bed, baby," she whispered, "you must be tired by now..."
"I don't know... I can't stop thinking..."
"You're practically finished! You only miss a few details and the presentation of it!" He turned around, took her hands and pulled her into a hug.
"What would I do without you?" he looked at her.
"Go mental," she replied. He smiled and kissed her.
She looked at him in the morning sunlight. He was snoring slightly. She had started the coffee machine and was about to start preparing breakfast. She carefully placed soft kisses around his face, waking him up slowly. He finally reacted by returning a kiss on her lips, and lightly ran a hand over her back. The looked at each other, and smiled.
They enjoyed breakfast together, stretching it as long as they could. In the end, he had to leave. He put on his jacket, took his briefcase, kissed her good-bye and went to present the project with a smile on his face.
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