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Drabble #3

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Two old schoolmates meet by accident in the middle of Christmas shopping.

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You are walking through the mall, looking for Christmas presents. You've got a fair share of the presents you need. A display window catches your eye, and as you walk on, you bump into someone. Apparently, he hasn't seen you, either, as he looks just as confused as you feel. Suddenly you recognize eachother.

He was one of the outcasts back in school - still one of the people, who could turn on the girls by just looking at them, in that dangerous guy-kind-of-way. He was in the "dark" (metal/punk) group of people, but still he was in the drama and litterature classes, which was pretty much "belonging" to the popular group in school otherwise.

You both start laughing and hug for some reason - you weren't really close back then. You had a couple of classes together, true, but still. You split again.

Besides the obvious fact that he is older, and fashion has changed slightly since then, he looks pretty much like himself - the hair, the stubbles, the eyes, the wicked smile, the way he dressed... Just slightly more elegant.

"How are you?" you finally manages to ask.
"I'm good! Art major, excellent job and everything. How are you?" Still his old self, stating how well his situation is.
"Uhm, well... Yeah! Fine... Business economist, excellent job, you know the story..." you sigh. He smiles at you.
"So..." you start, not really knowing what to say.
"Yeah..." He looks down at your bags. "Christmas shopping?"
"For yourself?" he asks.
"So it wouldn't be improper to ask you out."
"No," you hesitate.
"How about going somewhere for a drink tomorrow night?"
"Sure," you answer, surprised that he's so straight forward.
"You know Andy's place? How about 9-ish there?" he continues as you nod.
"Sure thing. See you there!" you smile, adn you continue your Christmas shopping.

You know the dresscode at Andy's, you try to dress as good as you can, keeping all options open. You walk down there, it's just a short walk from your place.

You walk in and soon see him by a table. He stands up as he sees you, and sends you a look and a smile which make you blush slightly. He pulls out the chair for you, and shortly after, the drinks arrive.
"I took the liberty of ordering before you came. I hope you like Long Island Iced Tea." You settle teasingly for it, and the chat goes from there. As the conversation goes, he starts taking the liberty of removing some hair from your face and tug it behind your ear.

After quite a while, he looks at his watch.
"Maybe I should walk you home," he suggests.
"Is it that late?" you ask.
"No, but before it gets that late," he smiles. You nod and prepare to leave.

You both had a few drinks, so you both have an arm around the other's waist. He walks you all the way up to your place.
"So, you want a glass of wine, now that you're here?" you suggest.
"Sure, why not?" He takes off his jacket as you go to the kitchen to get the wine and two glasses.

He looks fantastic as he comes out in the kitchen, receiving his glass. You look at each other, and you toast. You sip the wine and enjoy it in silence. You turn to take some grapes you've got in a sieve by by the zink.
"You want?" you ask. He moves over to you, puts his glass on the kitchen table, and place his hands on your hips as you feed him one. He smiles a little at you. He pulls you closer and kiss your lips softly.You wrap your arms around his neck, and as soon he feels how you like it, his kiss becomes a little more demanding.

As you wake up, you feel a body next to you. You starft to remember everything just in time to look at him, and smile at him as you both wake up, your memories slowly clearing up.
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