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School Daze

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Toni's first days in NY.

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Hey peeps... finally got internet in my new house so I will be updating much faster... I know I know! I always say that... but this time I mean it... Kinda, :P

So read and I hope You enjoy.


It was already dark by the time Brian pulled up outside his apartment complex. He looked over at Toni. Her eyes had been fixed to the same spot on the windscreen practically the whole car ride there. Almost as though she was in some kind of a trance.

The car stopped with a slight jilt, wakening Toni from her previous state. Brian got out of the car after sighing heavily. Toni stayed put for a few extra seconds, just taking in the tall building in front. It looked like a fairly modern building with large windows on every floor.

Toni finally found the will power to haul herself out of the passenger's side. She stood letting the cool air brush over her tired features.

Brian already had the trunk open and was unloading their bags on to the sidewalk. Toni moved round to where her uncle was standing and gathered up her belongings. Brian practically slammed the trunk shut and locked it. Grabbing his things also and heading towards the main entrance. Nodding his head instructing Toni to follow him.

She obeyed and followed Brian up the stone steps to the main door and into a lobby that was even colder than it was outside. He walked up to a wall of small mail lockers and collected the mail he had missed whilst being away then carried on towards the elevator. He hit the button for the sixth floor.

There was a very uneasy silence. They hadn't really said anything to each other in the car.

Brian was really confused at the moment. One side of him wanted to give his niece a huge hug and apologise right there and then. But the other side of him was sick at the sight of her and s
he was actually rather intimidated by her. But he didn't know why. He thought it best to say as little as possible to her to keep from arguing too much.

Toni had the same idea. Thus... making it very silent.

Once in the apartment Brian showed Toni to her room. It was nothing special, just plain... but she liked it. Too bad she wouldn't be in it for very long. Brian left her to put her things away and to get used to her new surroundings.

Once she was finished unpacking she went through to the living room to find Brian with the TV on and his laptop in front of him... typical.

He looked up as she walked in.

'Hey... um... you start school on Monday. I'll drive you round tomorrow so you know where it is. But there's a bus that comes round this way... okay?' He was speaking to her a lot more softly... but he still wasn't the same as he used to be.

'Okay... um thanks... I'm gonna head off to bed... night.'

'G'night.... Sleep well.'


Oh god it was here. Where the fuck did the weekend bugger off to eh? It was Monday. The first day of torture.

She somehow managed to drag herself out of her nice... warm... comfy bed. Showered, dressed and made her way through to the kitchen. There was a note stuck to the fridge door. It was Brian's scribbled handwriting. It said that he had to leave early for work.

It was weird. They were off tour, but he still worked constantly. Whether it was meetings with record executives or last minute arrangements down at the Reprise building... he was hardly ever there.

She threw some bread in the toaster but then thought again when she saw the time.

'Shit!' She said aloud to herself.

The bus would be on their corner in five minutes. She pulled on her vans, grabbed her book bag, made sure she had her house keys and ran out the door and into the elevator.

It was actually quite a nice day out. But it was still cold seeing as how it was the start of November. There was a sharp breeze waiting on her as she rounded the corner to the bus stop. There were already some kids around her age waiting there. There were three girls who looked like they didn't really fit into a group, a preppy looking guy staring at them intently and a taller guy listening to his Ipod and reading a book.

The yellow school bus drew up not a few seconds later and the three girls and the guy got on. Toni didn't realise it but she had just been standing there looking at the doors. It was only the tap on her shoulder that brought her out of her little trance.

' Hey y'know.... Um.. You're kinda meant to get on it.' The guy with the Ipod laughed.

Toni blushed slightly.

' Oh erm .... Yeah I know... I guess I'm just nervous.' Toni laughed back and climbed on board.

It reminded her of climbing onto the tour bus. In fact she half expected to see all the guys sitting around at the top... Mikey and Gerard with their ritual coffee.

But no such luck. Instead, she was met with the stares of at least thirty other teens. She anxiously made her way to the very back of the bus where she saw an empty seat. She was surprised when she found Ipod guy sitting next to her.

'So I'm just gonna take a wild guess and say you're new here.' He chuckled taking the earphones out of his ears.

'Yeah.. You guessed right... I'm Antonia Schecter' she said surprisingly politely extending her hand out towards the other teen.

' Hey I'm Sam Martin' He said taking her hand.

Toni thought for a moment as to where she had heard the name Martin before....

Donnie.... That was his second name too. Ha! That was a cool coincidence.

'Hey I know someone else with that second name... his is Donnie though.'
Sam turned to her with a look of excitement on his face...

'No Way!... okay this must be some kind of way of fate kicking us in the teeth...'

Toni didn't follow and shook her head slightly.

' My brother... his name's Donnie! Ha ha. That's sooo cool. He's away on a work placement just now. As a sound guy for a band.'

Toni was very nearly speechless. She dug around in her bag for her cell and pulled it out going into the photo album in the main menu. Then pulling up a picture of Donnie. Then handing her cell over to Sam.

'That wouldn't happen to be him would it?' She giggled at the look on his face when he saw the picture.

'Ha! You gotta be shittin me.... So how do you know him?' He inquired handing the phone back to her.

'Um... my uncle is the manager of the band Donnie is working for... Brian Schecter.'

'Hey that's awesome.... Gawd.... Sorry I just can't get over that.... It's pretty weird.' Sam was laughing at the situation.

'Yeah I know... I thought it would be all scary on my first day... but here I've met Don's little brother.' She replied chuckling at how well she was getting on with this kid... He was a lot like his brother.

'Erm excuse me... I'm only a year younger than him!' He stated laughing again.

Then he sorta jumped a little in his seat.

'Oh!!! So I take it you're Toni chick he is always on about.!!' He looked proud of himself as he realised who she was.

' Ha ha... yeah my nick name is Toni... and what do you mean he is always on about me?'

Sam just turned away with a smirk dancing on his lips and replied simply with.

'Oh nothing.... Hey if you want I can take you to the main office to pick up your schedule and then show you around a bit.'

'Erm well I already have my schedule but it would be really cool if you could show me around.'

' No problemo!'

The bus was just pulling up to the prison like building. Maybe these six weeks wouldn't be as bad as she had thought.

But no one said they were going to be good....

Did they?


So ... what do you think??

I really need some feedback on this one coz I'm not too happy with it.


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