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Not a Dream

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Julia stopped abruptly and stared at something behind me. Her face was a combination of surprise and complete and utter pleasure. I saw many other girls staring at something behind me, with the sa...

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Chapter 3

My thoughts for the rest of that weekend, and, well the next week were clouded with thoughts, fantasies, and nightmares about this new boy, Scott Harrison. Okay, this cute and attractive and obviously special new boy. Every night when I laid my head
down to sleep, my dreams were haunted with those brilliantly green eyes. Eventually those eyes followed me every where, even when I was awake. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I had never been this crazy over a guy. This was clearly no ordinary boy.

Maybe it was just my weird smart-person-nearby radar going whack, or I had this feeling as if Scott Harrison wasn't a total doofus. And believe me, when you know as many doofuses (doofusi?) as I do, anyone who is even slightly brighter is easy to point out. Frankly, I don't know many boys who have more on their mind than just girls, cars, or sports. Maybe I just haven't been looking in the right places, but something about the way Scott Harrison bought all of the novels on our English reading list beforehand, and is actually planning to read them, intrigued me.

So it was no surprise that a Monday later, his first day, I was a little more than upset that I didn't see him at all in the morning. In fact, halfway through my algebra test, in second period, it was then that I realized that I probably wouldn't have all my classes with him. I might not even have any classes with him. I just told myself to calm down. He's probably here, just in a different class.

Sadly, this only kept me calm for another forty-five minutes. By lunchtime I was completely delirious. I was positive that I had just made this amazing wonder boy up and this was just me cracking under stress from work, school, and home. By the time I was gnawing down my fingers for the third time, Julia took notice of my unstable condition.

"Whoa, you okay? You should be tearing apart your turkey sandwich, not your cuticles," she said sounding kind of concerned. Normally I would've laughed at this but my brain seemed to have forgotten that particular action, so when I didn't laugh, Julia's face looked genuinely concerned.

"Something is the matter. You want to talk-, "Julia stopped abruptly and stared at something behind me. Her face was a combination of surprise and complete and utter pleasure. I saw many other girls staring at something behind me, with the same look as Julia's. Just as I turned around, I heard Julia murmur to herself "Oh. My. God."

"What is it?" I asked Julia confusedly, but to my dismay she merely nodded her head at whatever it was that lied behind me. I turned my head and just when I least expected it, there he was. Scott Harrison, who I had convinced myself was a dream, something thought up in my own perilous mind.

But this couldn't be a dream, this was much better. There he stood, in a pair of faded jeans, a black long-sleeve tee with an orange polo over it. His hair was brushed, the light brown locks shining in the afternoon sun. His wonderful, bright, unbelievably green eyes glimmered in the sun's rays.

And every girl; was staring at him, further proof that Scott was real.

But the girls weren't just staring at Scott. They were admiring Scott. He was by far now the hottest guy at Bridgeview. And just as the hottest and most popular girl, Kristine Blake, started to meander over to Scott, I looked directly into his deep eyes, and realized he was looking directly into mine.

"Hey Jemma! Good to see you again!" He said rather cheerfully.

"Good to see you too Scott! How's your first day been?" I was talking to him! He had remembered my name!

"Oh, well, you know how it is; new school, new teachers, new annoyances," he smiled. "But I'm glad I saw you. Familiar faces are a welcome sight to me. Nice to know I have at least one-"

"Hey!" Kristine had arrived, "Scott, right?" She didn't give him a chance to answer, "I'm Kristine. Sophomore? Me too! Hey you want to come sit with me and some of my friends?" Scott glanced nervously at me and then back at Kristine. She could tell he was unsure, so she began to assure him with her falsely all-loving voice.

"Oh don't worry, they won't bite! Wait... do you guys know each other or something?" Oh how observant.

I knew how this went. Kristine would realize that we knew each other and then she would invite me to sit with her too, so Scott wouldn't be uncomfortable with cutting me off like that. It was social suicide to invite a brain to sit with a popular person, let alone Kristine Blake, but it had to be done in order for Scott's heart to be won by Kristine. So if I agreed to sit with her, I would get to be semi-popular for a day, something I didn't really care about. Her friends would be nice during introductions but then I would be left out and ignored for the rest of the conversations. The talk would lay around the couple in question, in this case, Scott and Kristine. (So what's your favorite band? Oh! Mine too!) I didn't want to take any part in this vicious cycle so I came up with my answer before the invitation had even been given However, to my deep surprise, Scott also seemed to know exactly what was going down.

"Actually, Jemma and I do know each other. And I... I think I'd rather sit with her today. So, I guess, maybe some other time," After Scott was finished talking, he grabbed my arm rather forcefully and frog-marched me to the other side of the cafeteria.

"Sorry if you wanted to sit with her, I just really can't stand her type."

Wow. Speechless. Tingling arm. Can't believe he knew what she was up to. Way impressed.

"You think I would want to sit with her?" I gasped incredulously.

"Actually I was just about to save myself, because I thought you would be the one wanting to sit with her. Thanks for saving me the trouble." Scott laughed out loud, apparently this idea was hilarious.

"What kind of person do you think I am?" he asked.

"Based on how many girls are checking you out this very moment," he looked around, suddenly aware of the admiring stares. "I would have thought you were the type to sit with Kristine Blake. Guess I was wrong."

"Yah, just a little bit." Scott smiled saying this.

" all moved in?" It was weird that we were talking like this, as if we actually were friends. I guess he meant what he said. Familiar faces are a welcome sight to him, so he embraces them.

"Pretty much. We've just got the you know, obscure box of Christmas decorations that's lying around and hasn't made it to the basement yet."

"I've been living here since I was twelve and we still have those hanging around! Don't expect those to make it down to the basement until about two years from now, "I smiled.

"Good to know, he said laughing, I had made him laugh. "I haven't seen you until now, so what's your next class?"

"Um," I said, going over my schedule in my head, "I have world history next, and then... English. You?"

"Algebra, then English!

"Oooooh, watch out for the quiz in algebra, it's brutal! But we have English together, that's great!" I said enthusiastically, forgetting to hide my surprise. He didn't seem to notice though. He actually seemed just as pleased!

"Cool! Well guess I'll see you in English, "He said as the bell rang, "Try and save me a seat. Adios."

And he walked away.

Not only had I just talked to him, who I had convinced myself wasn't real, we'd had a decent conversation. I was going to save him a seat. He wanted me to save him a seat. Wow.

I walked back across the cafeteria to where Julia was sitting, talking to someone on her cell.

"Hon, I got to go, here she comes now. I love you too. Bye."

This caught me off guard. It sounded like Julia was talking to her boyfriend, because I don't think she would be calling her parent hon. I didn't know she had boyfriend, and I feel sure she would tell me if she did. So as she stood up, looking strangely happy, I asked her.

"Everything okay?"

"Yahh, why wouldn't they be? Just a regular day right?"

"Sure. Just a regular day." Even as I said this, I knew I wasn't telling the truth. This was no regular day.
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