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Two Poets

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Just then, as he sat down, something weird happened. I don't even know if I had dreamed it, but every girl in the room just stopped talking and glanced at us for a moment. Then just as quickly as i...

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Chapter Four

Mr. Peterson lectured on and on next hour in world history about the Trojan War, how lots of trouble and fighting and just general crap happened over one girl. He went on and on about what would be on our test next week.

And I didn't hear a word.

This is bad.

Well I mean not that bad. Come on. Get a grip Jemma Summers.

The bell rang after world history was over. I picked up my notebook (it being open with nothing written on it) and headed to my locker. I put my world history notebook in and took out my English notebook. I also got out a few other books and folder that were required for that class. Then I realized, I love English. Way more than I did yesterday.

Yah, this is bad.

I walked down the hallway and into the room. Julia was already there talking to a few other people. Scott wasn't there yet.

"Hey." Said Julia spotting me and getting off of the desk she was sitting on.

"Hey." I said putting my stuff down on an empty desk, but also putting my book, the scarlet letter, on the desk beside me.

"Wad up with the book on that desk?" She asked with a raised Eyebrow.

"Oh, Scott told me to save him a seat."

"Oooooo Scott" she said batting her eyelashes.

"Shut up." I said shaking my head as she laughed.

"Hey, we're doing a partner project today, that's what somebody said anyways, so you can be with, Scott, and I'll work with Taylor." She said pausing before she said "Scott" to put her hand dramatically on her chest in a 'damsel in distress' sort of fashion. "No need to thank me."

"Well, ok but I mean, Jules it's not like that. I mean he's new and I'm like the only one he knows." I said.

"Right, I gotcha." She said turning around and giving me a quick wink.

"This my seat Jemma Summers?"

I turned around. It was Scott.

"It sure is." I said taking the book off of the seat next to me and placing it on top of my binder.

Just then, as he sat down, something weird happened. I don't even know if I had dreamed it, but every girl in the room just stopped talking and glanced at us for a moment. Then just as quickly as it had happened, it stopped and everyone was talking again. Scott didn't seem to notice though.

"So, how was world history?" Scott said wincing. "I thought it was totally boring."

"Trojan war or torture chamber? Oh so hard to choose."

He laughed. And grinned.

I made him laugh. Again.

Just then the bell rang. Everyone sat down as Mrs. Lambert stepped up to the podium and began class.

"Hello everyone." She said looking at some papers on the podium.

"As most of you already know, there is a new student here today. Scott Harrison, would you like to come up here and talk about yourself as you probably have one-hundred times already today?" she asked gaining a few chuckles.

"Uhh, sure." He said getting up in front of the class.

"Where do you come from Scott?" asked Mrs. Lambert.

"I'm from North Carolina; you know the place where nothing happens." We laughed.

"Ummm, I'm 16 years old, and one of my talents in turning oxygen into carbon dioxide." Again more laughs. This guy had good humor. He was going to be popular in a blink of an eye.

After telling us about some of his interests (biking, playing video games, reading...etc...) we got started with class.

"Ok people, we are going to be doing some poetry." This caused a groan throughout the classroom except for me, and Scott to my surprise. I love poetry. It has always been a shoo-in for me. Easy as pie, plus has a creative and interesting twist to it.

"I am going to let you pick partners, so when I call your name say who you want to work with." Oh no. Somebody is sure to pick Scott first. Wait, what if she calls your name? He doesn't want to work with you Jemma...... But then something happened. It turns out she wasn't going in alphabetical order. She did it randomly. So Scott was third.

"Scott Harrison?" she said.

Everyone looked at him.

"Oh, um I want to work with Jemma." He said giving me a smile.

"Ok, Scott Harrison and Jemma Summers....ok so Landon......." She continued calling names.

Oh my god. He picked me! He wanted to work with me!
A few girls gave each other some "can you believe it" glances.
Mrs. Lambert told us that we wouldn't do anything today, so we could just talk for the remainder of the period.

"So, do you like poetry, or is it boring to you?" Scott asked me.

"Oh, I love poetry." I replied.

"Oh, that's cool, so do I, I don't get why some people find it so boring."

"I know."

Julia just stared at us like we were psychotic. "Wow, you guys are serious nerds." She said. He both chuckled and I gave her a playful punch in the arm. I realized something then. He was a serious nerd. And in a good way.

We talked some more, the three of us, and Julia also got to know Scott.

Then the bell rang. The day was over. We gathered up our books.

"Well see you later Scott," I said walking out the doorway with Julia.

"Yah see you later Scott." said Julia.

"Ok bye Julia, bye Jem, see you tomorrow."

Jem. Not Jemma, Jem.

"Ok, that was awesome."

When she said this, I wasn't exactly sure what she meant, if she meant the Jem thing, or the class, or just talking with Scott, but she was right, this was awesome.

I drove to Barnes and Noble with the radio cranked up in an all-together happy mood. And that mood got even happier when I put on my hat and apron, passing Rachel to find that my first customer was Scott Harrison.
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