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2nd Track

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Chapter Two: Breathe:

The cool breeze blew up my black and red kimono. It was like a perverted yet refreshing hand going up my clothes. Oh, it felt so good! I felt a little better. I was disorientated but I was visibly conscious. My sight was clear least.

I looked around at my new surroundings. I was standing in what looked like a green house-- on the roof. Plants were everywhere. Small waterfalls ran beautifully in the background. A Zen fountain coolly ran along with the peaceful atmosphere. A huge indoor pool was perfectly in the center of the haven. I was blown away in awe. When did the Tiger Building ever have this Green House? And how long how this place been here?

Then, I heard a soft snort. I looked around in a deep stupor. My head felt as if it was underwater and my body heat was burning out of control. I was sweating buckets like mad. A young man looked up at me. He seemed new to me. Was he a transfer student? Was he even real? I felt like I was going to faint.

Soon, this boy was standing straight in front of me. He was talking to me. I couldn't hear him but I understood what he was saying. "Are you alright?" he asked me. I was too weak to speak at all. I couldn't even nod or shake my head. All I could do was stare at this possibly imaginary boy like a high manic. The boy just smiled sweetly at me. "Come with me." the boy replied.

Then, he took me by the wrist over to the stone Zen fountain. He placed my wrist under the cool running water. I actually... felt better. My flames cooled down to normal fast. My head came back. I began panting in relief with my eyes closed. I felt the young man's grip loose up some. "Feel better now?" I heard him ask. "Yeah." I breathed out. I slowly opened my eyes again.

"My name's Seb." the young man introduced. "Please to meet you. I'm..." I began to say. "Noizchild." Seb finished. "Yeah." I said as I nodded. Silence passed like the wind. "You heard of a universal mind, right?" Seb asked. I looked at him confused. I just shook my head slightly. Seb kept smiling at me. "Come here." he said softly. Then, the boy leaned in close to my ear and whispered in it.

Then, the door blew open wildly. Seb and I turned in shock. Hazel Robinson, Clover House's landlady, stood in the doorway. "So this is where you got to Noiz," she called. Hazel turned to Seb. "Who the hell is this bloke?" she barked. I opened my mouth to speak but Seb cut in. "I'm just here with the plants." he replied. Then he walked away. Hazel grabbed me by the wrist tightly. "Come on, get back downstairs before they even notice that you're gone!" she snapped. Then, I was dragged back down to the others.
And that was it. I was fine for the rest of the day. That was the end. Of so I believed.

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