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On the Run

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The third track

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Chapter Three: On the Run:

Days later, it started again. I was teaching my English I class. All was normal at first. But when test time came, I was struck again. This time my head felt fuzzy. I heard a tech sci-fi board operating madly. Someone was talking on an intercom. I tried to hold it together. My head began to hurt.

Footsteps echoed loudly in my head. I looked up at my students. They didn't notice a thing. Okay, just stay still. If I pretend to be normal, maybe I can ride this madness storm out. This wasn't going to be easy.

Then, I heard the voices again. "Here today, gone tomorrow." one of them chirped. I took in deep breaths to keep what little sanity I had left. The sounds carried on longer and longer. My vision became grey and dull. I felt my heart pounding against my chest all the way to my eardrums. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Lunatic laughter joined in. I fought to keep control. I heard an airplane flying airplane flying in the sky. Visions were hazy in my eyes. I saw a silver line jet airplane flying harmlessly through the sky. I was uneasy. I knew something bad was going to happen to that plane. But everything seemed so calm.

The sounds kept going in my head. I clinched fists tightly. This battle looked to be a stalemate. Then, I saw the plane spiraling down rapidly. My fear heightened. My heart became louder in my ears. My students still didn't notice a thing. Try to count backwards from ten and breathe. That would usually work in a normal circumstance. I couldn't even focus enough to start. I wanted to close my eyes but that only made the plane clearer.

Finally, I saw and heard the plane crash violently in an open field. That was the final crack in the ice. "NOOO!!!" I screamed out loud at last. I looked up and saw my students. They were staring at me in concern. Uh-oh. They suspect something is wrong with me. Do something quick! "Uh," I began. "Pencils down." The students complied. "Johnson-san." Bunny, one of my students, spoke up. "Is something the matter?" I was trapped again. What could I say to her?

To my relief, the bell to dismiss rang. All of the students left quietly. Bunny walked away staring at me in concern. I forced myself to smile hard. At long last, she went away.
I breathed out hard. What was happening to me? I rose to feet and left the classroom to the outside.

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