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A story by the Cat and the Rat

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An Ayame/Tohru story through the eyes and emotions of the Sohman family and their friends.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Ayame, Hatori, Kyo, Shigure, Tohru, Yuki - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2005-10-15 - Updated: 2005-10-16 - 1030 words


It was really quite peculiar, still, to see Tohru giggle as Ayame kissed her, surprising her as she washed the dishes. He wouldn't hesitate, without the company of Tohru so not to hurt her feelings, that sometimes he still felt anger at that scheming snake. For stealing Tohru and taking her away from... them.

Somehow it still made him mad to see his brother, in his slippery snake form curled up around Tohru's body. It brought back memories of Ayame's first venture into Miss Honda's bodice. Yuki remembered the rage and hate he had felt for his brother, for touching Tohru in a way he had desired but never taken action upon. He was still far to scared, that she would leave and be frightened of him, or worse have no memory of him.

After all, Tohru was the first of many things. His first real non Souma friend, the first to reach beyond his shell, the first of many things... He never wanted to see the blankness he remembered from Momiji's mother's eyes when he had accidently seen her with Momiji. Yuki couldn't see how Momiji could handle the pain that his mother had inflicted. It made him cold to think of Tohru, looking at him with that particular vacancy.

His feelings had almost lapsed into nothingness when Ayame had kissed her at Graduation. All of his protectiveness had surged up and swallowed any mind power. Had Shigure, Haru and Momiji not stopped him from decking his brother, the entire school population and their families would have very intriguing insight into Yuki Souma.

Ayame had declared it was a friendly kiss, nothing more than that, but both Hatori and Shigure, who knew him best, had noted a strange light entering Ayame's eyes as he had said this. Tohru had blushed heavily and had done so for the rest of the day whenever she looked at the striking older brother of Yuki.

Sometimes, Yuki regrets that he had not kissed her that day, that he had punched Ayame and that he had revealed her his feelings. But no, and Yuki shakes his head, would he have the wonderful relationship with Haru, if he had professed his withering romantic feelings for Miss Honda? It seems unlikely, now he still has the friendship with Tohru, the bond from Haru and the strangely forming brotherly friendship with Ayame, something that almost surprises him the most.

Tohru and Ayame, the couple. Tohru smiles as Ayame backs away, she flicks some soapy bubbles at Ayame, looking horrified a moment later at her assumed audacity. Yuki smiles sadly at Ayame fawns over her, playing with her hair, pulling it up from her two childish pigtails. It really was something... Ayame and Tohru.


That damn snake, Kyou had thought when he had first heard of the Kiss. He hadn't witnessed it, but thanks to that Yankee he had heard all about it. Uo seemed to be happiest when destroying his own good humour, Kyou thought.

Kyou had figured that Ayame needed a good beating and judging from Yuki's more heated glares at Ayame, he wouldn't have any opposition. Yuki would probably help him, really.

Not that he needed that damned rat, but no one strong enough would come and try and stop him. Kyou had fumed for the rest of the day as Tohru had fluttered around like a happy bee. She had literally glowed with happiness that day and that had dimmed his fury and unease. Kyou wanted nothing more than for her to be happy, especially when he knew day meant so much for her. She had finally fulfilled her promise to her mother.

For as long as he had known her Kyou had realized that school was very important to Tohru. He knew that Yuki had helped her study at subjects that weren't suited to her mind, she tried hard however, always.

She was happy, that was what mattered, nothing else. If the rat wanted to get all uptight then that was his choice, Kyou refused to make this day unhappy, for Tohru. She smiled at him brightly when he said good night, and he had smiled at her softly.

When a couple months later he had seen Tohru in one of Ayame's creations, he had felt the air whoosh out of his lungs. She was beautiful, a sight to be seen, but she wasn't for him. She was the first to accept him as he was, and she would always hold a special place in his heart, he loved hr and he was sure she loved him. But like brother and sister, a real brother and sister.

It still made him smile when he recalled telling her she looked beautiful. She had looked surprised and had blushed heavily. Kagura hadn't been pleased, but when he told her that Tohru may be beautiful. Kagura was beyond simple looks to him, she was Kagura and that was all that mattered. At first Kagura had not been sure how to take him comment. Kyou remembered telling her to forget it, as he tried to hide his fierce blush. She had hugged him then, one of the few females that could and he had relished that.

Ayame had startled both of them when he presented a safe sex booklet to the both of them a few days later. Kyou had launched into a rage, kicking him wildly while Kagura laughed. She had smiled at Ayame and had thanked him kindly, before dragging Kyou away.

Tohru, in her innocence and not knowing what had previously occurred, had asked where Kagura was taking Kyou. Ayame had told her, that was a particular story that was reserved for a bed side tale. Tohru had asked if Ayame could tuck her in then, and tell her a story. Ayame had choked at that comment but had told he would be pleased.

For Ayame it had been a great pity that Yuki had been in the room and had over heard the salacious comment. Ayame for his troubles had been kicked in the head again. It seemed that Tohru would not be put to sleep with a tale by Ayame.

This time.
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