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A story by the Dog and the Dragon

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Hatori and Shigure step forward...

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Sure, it wasn't like he considered Aya a pervert. No, Shigure shakes his head, that's a lie. HE and Shigure have always been perverts, it was simply part of them. It was a good thing that little innocent Tohru was as innocent as she was.

Through, Shigure thought, sometimes those looks of confusion did seem a trifle over done. Aya loved her innocence, too...

Shigure could easily admit that he was a pervert, lusting over high school girls (High school girls! High school girls! rings merrily in his head) but he had never acted upon his lecherous feelings (physical feelings, but that wasn't the point).

While he never was one to hide feelings and emotions (well, not of the romantic kind... much) he had still been surprised when Aya had kissed Tohru, right in front of everyone.

Tohru while cute, pretty and sweet... was not beautiful, not nearly as beautiful as Ayame. Shigure supposed that for one of the first times in his life, Aya had dug past the skin and seen into the beautiful, wonderful person Tohru really was.

It made him feel that he was the one being left behind. Hatori had loved Kana, still loved her, sometimes and now Ayame had Tohru.

Perhaps his first thoughts, when Aya had announced their relationship to the world (quite literally, he had persuaded a male news caster three personally designed dresses and then had gone on live television and had pronounced his love for Miss Tohru Honda) had been for his own well being, Tohru had been his pretty housewife (in his own mind) not Aya's.

Ever since Tohru had come to his house and he had graciously let her stay under the roof, Shigure no longer had to worry about clean clothes and whether or not they would be going out and getting take out. Tohru made dinner, lunch and breakfast, she kept the house tidy and clean, she made sure the washing was done.

Did he ever thank her? No, perhaps not, she had always been no grateful that he knew that his thanks would be futile. Later he had become used to the state of the house, forgetting that if she left it would soon return to chaos.

It did return to chaos, however briefly, when she was ill, or away. But when she left for the last time, probably never to stay again for such a long time, the house strangely stayed clean and relatively tidy. It would probably never be at spotless when was a member of the household, but then, Shigure was never fanatical about dirt.

Three years ago... It was simply three years ago when she left, that was when she got married to Ayame. This time, the groom probably knew more about the bridal dress than the actual bride, since Ayame had hand stitched the entire creation.

She was beautiful on that, stunning when she radiated happiness. With that simple joy, of bringing it to others, she would outshine every person present. The Soumas would be eternally grateful for what she did.

Shigure loved her more. Tohru was a cute girl after all. No, Shigure shakes his and laughs softly, it's not just the cute factor... it's her. That's what makes it so remarkable, Aya and Tohru.

The vain, conceited, arrogant, flamboyant designer falling for the kind hearted, simple girl who simply wanted to finish High School.

Still, Shigure thinks, sipping his tea and sighing with enjoyment, Tohru was one of the first people who saw him other than his confident image he projected to the world. Inside was a man who cared, but could not for the life of him, find a way to honestly express his emotions.

Tohru was the one who Ayame confessed his greatest desire (at the time, now, it seemed was to take over the fashion world, then again, you could never know with Aya) that he only wanted to be a brother to Yuki.

Of course Tohru had seen that, she had seen that no matter what he said (and what she didn't understand) he was always trying, just trying show that he was the best brother around.

It was too bad, that Yuki, if he wanted a brother, just wanted someone who was there. Not someone who was everyone's.

In the end she forged the gap between Yuki and Ayame, through Yuki was still inclined to hit Aya when he made a perverted comment and Aya was inclined to make those comments.

And there was Tohru, staring helplessly between the two, wondering if she should intervene and apologising when she did. She only wanted them to be happy... and Aya finally seemed to be happy.

Shigure couldn't be prouder for his little flower.


Aya, had to be the biggest pervert in the entire history of mankind. Perhaps allowing, Hatori considered, for Shigure. The two of them would end up being lecherous old men, peeping up the next generation's of school skirts and making all attempts to make the pretty girls blush.
Then, Tohru would be still saying sorry, as Yuki and Kyou (both grumpy old men) would hit Aya and Shigure over the head.

It was a scene so clear and almost true in his head that Hatori sighed. He knew also, that he would be there, on the sidelines, withered and tired.

Maybe, then Aya would say something utterly silly and then Hatori would say a word and Ayame would stop just because he had said something. It didn't stop him from starting, but Hatori could stop the train that was Aya before he ran over the cat and rat in their attempt to stop him.

Yes, Aya could be thoughtless, very much intent of his own pleasures. While Tohru was always very pleased to do anything for someone else, simply because she cared.

And Aya cared for her, in a way that Yuki and Kyou could have never done. They saw her as a saviour, not as a flesh and blood woman with desires of her own.

Still, they were determined to keep those secrets behind Aya's lips. Some things, Hatori mused, people just don't want to know.

Hatori had always liked Tohru, first simply because she had reminded him of Kana, and later he had started to admire her for what she said. She wasn't plagiarizing Kana, they thought alike, and that was why she great.

He smiled, Kana... Tohru had helped him, in a way that Shigure and Ayame couldn't. She had offered hope, not for him but for the cursed Souma family while they offered consolation. It was bitter, but there was only so many times you could cry into your friend's arms before you realized that crying wouldn't help.

It was people who helped. Tohru had a way that was simply endearing to say the rights things at the right time, when you needed it the most. She soothed a wound with her wise, young words never realizing how many people admired her for these words.

It was odd that Aya would be attracted to Tohru, Hatori had always seen him with someone equally perverted, big boobs and impeccable style.

Then again, Mine filled that role, they masterminded their schemes for the domination of the fashion world while prancing around, insisting that it would look 'cute'. They were unstoppable in getting Tohru is various dresses... Tohru was always so thankful.

Hatori admired her more than people thought. She was mostly calm, kind hearted and one of the wisest people he had ever met. She was humble, that people often thought that she was only simple. But with her everything she meant was anything but, how she said things, it was clear that everything was heartfelt, she truly believed that you could be saved and that everything could get better. For what had gone through, it was remarkable, precious of her.

It was beautiful. That's what Ayame saw in her, the beauty of her soul. He had been lucky to get her heart as well.
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