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Nicknames and Party Plans

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Mandi was your avrage 13 year old girl. What happenes when 4 men come into her life and treat her like family. Will one grow to love her as more? Why did she run away anyways? How about you just re...

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When I woke up in the morning nobody was holding me. As a matter of fact, nobody else was in the room with me. Was I dreaming? I slowly got out of bed and felt a shooting pain in my back. Well, I wasn't dreaming. After getting out of bed I walked downstairs and saw the guys sitting there.

"Good morning Mandi! Did you sleep well?" Well wasn't he a little too happy for being up at 6 in the morning.

"Good morning, uh, you never told me your names." Sure I knew who they were but I wasn't going to tell them that. "And when you do tell me your names tell me something interesting about yourself!" I guess I have to say, I wanted to know more about them that I didn't already know.

"Shit we didn't. I'll go first then. I'm Andy Hurley and I'm a vegetarian." He smiled warmly and looked at the next guy. Before he could say anything I intervened.

"Well then Andy I guess I'll call you Vegan Boy. Not to be rude, but if I get lost or something I can yell that and you'll know it's me!" He smiled and nodded his head to show agreed.

"Well I'm Patrick Stump and I have 365 hats, one for everyday of the year. So what nickname do I get?" Well wasn't he the eager one in the group.

"Well Patrick I guess you can get Hat Rack!" He practically jumped out of his chair in excitement. He likes it, I can tell! [haha]

"Well my name's Joseph Trohman and I too have a stuffed animal like you." How did he know about Mimi? Did the last guy tell him? Oh wait she's under my arm, never mind.

"Well then Joe I can call you JoeStuff!" He smiled and looked at the last guy. His turn and we are done.

"Well ok yea I'm Peter Wentz and I love my dog Hemmingway and most of the time I live with my parents. Now I wonder what my nickname is gonna be?" He smiled and looked at me curiously. Well looks like he's the eager one too.

"You can be... Peteybear! You know why!" He smiled a little more brightly and laughed. No one else got it or knew and... they didn't have to.

"So Mandi, what do you want for your birthday? And what do you want to do for your party?" Patrick's voice was so soft it reminded me of my friend Cierra. Speaking of Cierra I wanted her to be at my party.

"Well I was thinking we go to the movies and I can invite my sister Laura and my only friend Cierra, possibly Laura's and my friends Britney and Sheila... if that's ok with you guys?" Well they wanted to know and those are the only people I'm really close to. I sure as hell wasn't going to invite my mom. She's the reason I'm not home in the first place.

"That's fine with us. We were thinking you should take them all to our concert afterwards anyways. Shouldn't you call them and tell them about the party tomorrow?

"Shit yes, and I should definitely call my sister to make sure she knows I'm ok. Can I use someone's phone really quickly?" Andy looked at me and handed me his phone. Before I could sit down on a stool by the counter he shook his head.

"A young, pretty girl shouldn't use such language, where did you pick that up from little lady?" He sounded like my mother, which is obviously something I hated.

"From my mother... the drunk... the one that causes me to curse at her in the first place." Well I answered his question and finally sat down.
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