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The Call

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Mandi was your avrage 13 year old girl. What happenes when 4 men come into her life and treat her like family. Will one grow to love her as more? Why did she run away anyways? How about you just re...

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I dialed my sister's cell number and waited for her to pick up. Only about a second passed and she was on the phone practically screaming at me while crying.

"OMG Where are you I miss you so much. You have no idea what it's like without you here. Why'd you run? Better question, what'd mom do to make you run? I saw her throw the bottle at you, are you ok? I'm going crazy without you here. Are you coming home for your birthday surprise tomorrow? You better be here. Ok I'm talking too much and too fast. Can you even hear me? I'm not letting you say anything, am I? Ok, ok you can talk now, I'm done." She was out of breath but still in tears. Pete and Patrick heard what she was saying and laughed a little. I glared at them and began to speak while crying. I cry when other people cry so it just kinda happened.

"Hey Laura, it's nice to hear from you too! I'm fine. I got glass stuck in my back from mom but she was yelling at me for seeing Dad. All because she was drunk and forgot. Sound like Mom to you? Probably not cause you don't see that side of her like I do. But anyway, no I'm not gonna be home tomorrow. That's what I'm calling for actually. See I'm with people who actually care about me the way people are supposed to care for other people. Not like you don't care cause I know you do. They're throwing me a party for my birthday tomorrow and I want you to call Britney and Sheila and tell them they're invited and so are you. Just meet me at the mall at around say 2 in the afternoon. Bring a present if you want, I really don't care. I gotta go I have to call Cierra. I love you sis and I'll see you tomorrow. Don't tell Mom about this, she'll kill me then bring me back to clean up the mess. Bye." With that I hung up the phone without letting her say a word. It was time to call Cierra and explain everything that happened within 2 days. This is great.

When I got off the phone with Cierra I was in even more tears. I knew she was probably in more but I couldn't think about that. Andy, Patrick, Pete, and Joe all looked at me sympathetically. That's the first time they heard the full story on what happened and they felt sorry for me. What I told Cierra went all the way back to the beginning of the first fight me and my mom had. I can't say she's my mom anymore because as of yesterday I disowned her. I don't claim her anymore as my mother, only as my sister's mother or Laura's mother.

After lying in the bed for about an hour of doing nothing but crying, Pete came up to talk to me.

"Hey gurl, we're going to go to band practice. You should come, it'll keep your mind off of the whole situation and you'll have a great time. I promise you that. Come on, please?" He gave me the puppy-dog pout and I couldn't refuse. He better be right.

"You better be right about having fun. If not I'm sewing your tiny ass." We both laughed and he helped me out of bed. Like I said, he better be right about having fun.

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