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The Party (1)

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Amazing new look... a close reunion... a friendly game... a shocking inside joke... and a movie...

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I looked at the clock on the wall after giving myself another once over in the mirror. I had to look good or my sister would kill me. Ever since I started staying with the members of Fall Out Boy I had been dressing like the rocker I had tried to be at home. The rocker my mother hated with a burning passion. I had on some tight black skinny jeans and an old Bon-Jovi t-shirt. Pete had bought me some black converse with green and pink dinos on them. I loved those shoes and I was glad bought them.

'If I don't hurry up I'm gonna be late. I hope the guys are ready. If not I'm shoving them out of the door whether they like it or not. Oh they...' My thoughts were paused when Pete knocked on the door.

"That clock is fast by an hour and a half by the way. It's time to straighten your hair lets go." I smiled and walked with Pete to the bathroom. He said he would straighten my hair if I wanted him to but I thought he was joking. I guess he wasn't! It didn't take very long since he was an expert already. After 10 minutes in a heat filled room my hair was done. I pushed Pete out of the room so I could put on my makeup in silence. Knowing him he'd tell me I was doing it all wrong. I laughed off the thought and finished.

"Let's go already or we'll be late." Patrick called out to all of us and I ran downstairs. The look in his eyes changed and I laughed at him. The rest of the guys came down only seconds later and their looks changed as well when they saw me.

"What's so interesting? So I know how to put on makeup big deal. Can we go now?" I laughed as they all started muttering things under their breath as we walked out of the house and piled into Pete's car. About 10 minutes later we showed up at the mall and I was the first one out. I saw my sister and everyone else waiting outside and I ran to them. I embraced my sister in a hug and she acted as if she didn't know me.

"Who the hell are you and what have you done with my sister?" She laughed and hugged me back. Soon everyone was hugging me and tears were threatening my eyes.

"Ok we should go I don't want my makeup running. Pete will have to fix it and he'll most likely end up messing it up more." I laughed and Cierra motioned that he was behind me. I didn't really mind. "Eh... she'll live." I made fun of him again and he laughed with me. We walked in the mall and went directly to the movie place so the guys wouldn't be noticed. They asked me what movie and I settled on Black Christmas. My sister looked at me in shock. "What? They got me more into scary movies. Sorry for not filling you in on the 2 days of my life you weren't here for."

In the movie I was still scared shitless but I didn't mind it. I was surrounded by 4 guys, one on each side of me and 2 behind me. If something got scary I could always count on one of them to cover my eyes but when they did I'd hit their hands and they'd laugh. My sister joined in on the fun and we had a blast at the movies.

We went out to eat afterwards right before the concert. Everyone finally gave me the 'once over' and told me what they though. My sister was first obviously.

"You have a heart on!" Everyone stared at her in obvious confusion and I laughed looking at my hand and the heart I drew on it. Nobody got it because it was a family thing that I started. Stupid me! I smiled at her boldness and everyone was shocked at what followed.

"I know... god these guys just cause me to wear it on my hand. I don't know what I'd do without them." Laura and I just busted up laughing because they guys thought we were serious. So I explained. "I have a heart-on... my hand see." I showed them my hand and continued. "So therefore I have a heart on... not a hard on. You guys are stupid." Cierra, Sheila, and Britney caught on and they guys looked down ashamedly.
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