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Alice is not exactly in wonderland

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The intro chapter...

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Chapter 1

Author's Note
So, this is my second fic...not many people read my last one so I'm doing this to know if I suck that much or if the last one was just boring. Let's see...

Her body was covered in dark blue sheets and she opened her eyes slowly to find that her band mates were already gone. The rest of the bunks were empty and she groaned as she released herself from the warm and tangle of her sheets. Her feet touched the cold floor carefully and she stood up gradually, afraid she might fall. When she found out she could stand she reached below her trunk and pulled out a small bottle. She popped in 3 white and pink long pills and dragged herself to the bathroom. She showered fast and entered the bunks area, quickly locking the door after her. She stepped into a pair of loose black sweats, a white tank top and zipped her dark grey clandestine hoodie half way.
She made her way to the bathroom again and applied thick black eyeliner and mascara on her eyes. She took her chapstick and quickly rubbed it on her lips. Taking the nearest ponytail she brushed her black and blood red hair into a messy ponytail. She walked out of the room and knotted her black Chuck Taylor's quickly as she entered the kitchen. She looked around and found there was no one around. She walked towards the coffee pot and made a fresh pot. She sipped her coffee with a toast and headed out of the bus, taking her worn cell phone with her.
The sun was strong and she walked back into the bus looking for her gigantic pink sun glasses. She paced around some and found the familiar tall skinny figure with brown short and wavy hair standing over an even more familiar blue barrel. "Hey lead singer" she said as she stood on tiptoe to look into the barrel.
"Beers are gone, Alice..." he replied coldly.
She made sure they were and then looked up to him. "what's wrong with you?" she asked.
"Nothing" He said, as he took a coke and left her staring strangely at his back.
"Honestly..." she pouted, as she sat on the hot gravel.
"Watcha doing there, kiddo?" said Jess as he sat down next to her, passing a hand through his messy, greasy black hair. His forest green eyes were looking at her electric blue ones. She closed them before answering, "Wondering why lead singer's pissed"
"Oh.../that/" He said, shrugging.
"You know what happened?"
"He walked on you last night as you were popping some pills. He came out extremely upset."
"Oh." Alice stood and cleaned the dirt off her butt. "Do you happen to know where Brian's at?"
"Hmm...Probably at The Used's bus"
"I'm gonna head there, then"
"Sure, kiddo. Shit, are we out of beer?"
"Yeah, they haven't refilled it since last night"
Alice strolled slowly to The Used's bus, not paying attention to anything but her shoes. It bummed her out knowing that lead singer was upset because of her. She couldn't blame him but found out she didn't feel guilty. Someone took her shoulder and she looked up at Bert, a smile plastered on his face.
"Hey wonderland"
She laughed at him and stood on tiptoe, reaching for his cheek and squeezing it. "'Sup crackhead?"
They entered his bus and she fell on the sofa comfortably. He went to the freezer and pulled out two beers. He handed one to her and started sipping his.
"Hey, have you seen Bry?"
"Yeah, he passed out on the bathroom..."
"You're kidding!"
Alice looked disappointed. Bert smirked as he added, "The lost kid came asking me for a hair straighter...I think Quinn lent him one. Anyway, he's doing his hair on the bathroom"
"Why on Earth wouldn't he ask for mine?" Alice wondered out loud.
"'Cause you're a selfish bitch and you've got it locked on one of the drawers." Said Brian as took Bert's beer and sat next to her.
"Hey!!" Bert complained.
"That's 'cause lead singer thought he could use it for ironing once"
The three of them laughed and Bert took another beer from the fridge. Alice arranged her bangs and hugged Brian. He flinched.
"What?" He asked her, looking at her hurt eyes.
She shook her head and looked at Bert who noticed how Brian had flinched. Alice felt suddenly uncomfortable with Brian. For some reason she felt extremely sensitive today. She stood up and crossed the room quickly, jumping the steps from the bus quickly.
"Stay here" Bert said as he rapidly went after her. "Hey, where are you going Wonderland?"
"I just need a place to..." she was going to say 'hide' but decided to rephrase it, "I want some place to think"
Bert opened his hands, "If you say so..." He said and turned to leave he decided to tell her something more but by the time he turned she was already gone.
He sighed and stared at a confused Brian. "What did I do?" He asked, concern in is voice.
"You flinched"
Brian continued to stare at Bert without comprehending. Bert groaned and sat down, explaining Brian what might be going on Alice's head.

She was lying on top of they're tour bus, breathing deeply and feeling the sun bore into her, feeling her with calmness. She had her hoodie zipped all the way and on her head with her gigantic shades covering her shut eyes. Even though the sun was strong it didn't make her sweat...must be something on the climate. She just sat there and stared at her eyelids, breathing deeply.
Somehow, a slow melody crawled into her throat and she sang what she was thinking, not exactly concerned on how it might come out. She just let it out.
" I'm lying here
Trying to make my worries go away
listening to my heart beat
I keep thinking 'bout those other days
Laying here
I remember how I used
to pretend.
Around your being
I was trying to be
someone else.
And now I know "

She went silent and then mumbled.
"...That I shouldn't care..."
She opened her eyes and stood up, removing her shades from her eyes to see her lead singer's face looking at her.
"That wasn't half bad..." he muttered.
"Ben? It's so weird when you actually call me by my name" He said as he climbed the bus and sat beside her.
"I guess." She looked at her bitten fingernails and put the shades back to her eyes. "I...I have to go down. I'm getting dizzy"
"Oh, sure. I'll just stay here. I'm thinking of stealing your thinking spot"
"Be my guest" she slurred as she jumped down.
"WHOA, be /careful/!" Said Karen as Alice collided with her.
"Oh, sorry. God, I need a beer..." Alice said, putting a hand to her head.
"No, you don't. And don't even think of popping one of those pills. Try to have a day without any of those. Think of it as a 'clean morning'."
Alice muffled a laugh. At first Karen didn't understand what she was laughing about. After a couple of seconds she seemed to understand and furrowed her brow,
"How many?"
"Erm. Three pills and a beer?...Yeah, that's about it."
Karen gazed at her fixedly.

"My God, the world's overprotective today..." Alice mumbled as she entered her bus again.
Jess snorted from his PSP, "it is?"
"Yeah, it is...By the way, when are we going on?"
"Erm...first show's in two hours"
"So early?"
"Yeahh. Hey, where's Bem?"
"Lead singer's up. He 'stole my thinking spot'" She replied.
"He did? HEY BBBBEEEEEMMM!!!" He yelled. From the roof of the bus they heard a hard thud and next thing they know Ben's fallen. Jess snapped the picture as his friend fell. They were laughing loudly as he entered with a huge frown.
"That was NOT funny" He said, sitting on the sofa.
"It sure was!" Jess said between laughs.
"OH MY GOD! Look at his FACE!" Alice shrieked as she looked at the picture.
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