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'Last Word Uttered'

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Chapter 2

"HELLO CHICAGOOOO!!! We're 'LAST WORD UTTERED' and this is our first show on this wonderful cityy!!!" Ben screamed into the mic as they're first show started. The crowd cheered and Ben walked up to the stage's rim, passing a hand through the front row kids, "I'm Beeennn nice to meet ya folks! And this is the reason of my life." He said as he opened his arms to his band members who were now filling the stage.
First off came Jess and he jumped to his drums, playing strongly. He reached for his mic, "JJesss on ddrums!" he said, introducing himself.
Brian came running with his simple red and black bass, and he positioned himself by Ben's left. Ben patted his shoulder and whispered in his mic, "This one here is Brian..."
And then Alice walked in on her black and white skull Vans. She was wearing a school girl grey skirt over black leggings and a black laced corset. Her black and red hair was in a straight fro and she had a red lace on her head. She carried her hot pink guitar delicately and plugged it in, stopping at Ben's right. He stared open-mouthed. She made a quick rif and looked at Ben, waiting for an introduction. He was staring at her intently. She walked closely to him and pressed her pouty lips lightly on the his mic, "It seems like lead singer just forgot my name...I'm"
"Alice" he finished. The crown cheered as she bended low and Brian screamed.
"Sooo... This is 'A Secret on a Bottle" Ben started as Jess began playing on the background and Alice joined him.
" Going this way I never thought I'd come out okay...." Ben began awkwardly as Brian joined, increasing the rhythm of the song.
"I thought I was raised to stay in despair
But then she shared a secret on a drunken night
And there was a secret on that bottle
There was a deep secret concealed
She gradually let it slip
And I followed her lead
Oh, I followed her lead"
His voice became strong and he looked directly at Alice as she joined him with her delicate voice.
/we both saw the lie that was tangled/"
"And I remembered myself we were not sane" Ben said, looking into her electric blue eyes and then she concentrated once again on her guitar.
"As I told you 'It's okay to be scared' " Her soft voice came as she violently stopped her guitar and kneeled after taking Ben's mic. In a matter of seconds she had given the mic back and was back to playing dangerously.
" We both recalled we were still flesh and that there was a secret deep inside this bottle
That precious bottle
Oh, luscious lips, share your secret with me
" Ben sang, his voice making leaps and bounds.
They played three other songs and played The Used's 'Taste of Ink', ending it with a round of applause.
"Thanks for joining us tonight, Chicaaggooo!" Ben screamed as Jess strongly ended. The rest of the guys left and there were only Alice and Ben on stage. She took the mic and smiled sweetly to the crowd before continuing, "Please come see us again. Thank yoouu!"
The crowd cheered furiously once again, and Ben bid his last goodbye and headed out with Alice by his side.
"That show was fucking amazinggg" Jess muttered backstage.
"Yes, it was!" Brian agreed.
"Guys, I'm heading out. I want to see The Used!" Alice said, passing a hand through her hair.
"Err, okay" The guys said. As soon as her skinny body was out of sight, Jess stared at Ben intently.
"What?" He asked.
"Well, you just don't seem yourself"
"What do you mean?"
"By this time you'd be trailing behind her. Plus, that stare as she went onstage...I mean, you're so weird today"
"Shut up" Ben said, gritting his teeth.

Bert sang his lungs as they finished they're last song, 'Take it Away'. Alice had been singing lungs out as well from her spot. She was cuddled in between The Used's fans. Some recognized her, but most just ignored her. As Bert finished the last line he spotted Alice in the crowd and lifted her up on stage, he put an arm around her shoulder and ended in a final
"Take my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife"
"This is Alice from 'Last Word Uttered, my bestiest friend ever. Aren't you, wonderland?" He said, giving her a quick peck on the lips.
The crowd screamed and she laughed,
"Yeees I am"
"Well join you in sec, guys! Have a good one!" Bert shouted before leaving arm in arm with Alice. All of The Used and Alice joined The Used's fans, posing for photographs and signing autographs. Bert hadn't removed his arm from Alice's shoulder the whole time.
An extremely white chick with jet black hair and a The Used black t-shirt came up to Bert and asked him shyly "Would you mind posing for a picture with me?"
"Not at all"
The looked at Alice an asked her, "Would you mind taking the picture?"
"Oh, not at all", said Alice kindly, taking the camera from the girl's hands.
"But-"Bert started but stopped as soon as the girl stood by his side, trembling slightly. He out an arm around her shoulder and slightly pushed her nearer. Alice snapped two pictures and handed the girl her camera.
"Could I have one with you two?" She asked, timidly.
"Yeah" Bert said grinning, as he asked the nearest person to snap the picture. The girl was in the middle of them and the picture was snapped. As she walked out, reaching for her camera Bert turned Alice around and embraced her in a passionate kiss. He passed his tongue by her teeth, demanding entrance. She gave in and tongue tied with him. Bert felt a thousand flashes on them and that just got him off even more. As he separated he let his tongue slip lustfully by her lips and she bit his.
They laughed it off and then a guy came up to them, "Are you guys dating?"
"No, not at all" said Alice grinning
Bert returned the smirk and finished, "She's just a hell of a kisser"
At the other end of the room was Ben, arms crossed standing beside a pissed Jess.
Alice was walking towards her tour bus, back 'home' from a party at Bert's. She opened the door quickly and walked to the fridge as she hummed 'I'm a Fake'.
She was about to take a bottle of water when the fridge's door was violently shut down.
"WHAT THE FUCK, JESS!" she fumed, "You almost left me without a hand! JEEZ!"
Jess looked pissed, and stared at her intently without apologizing. "Why were you kissing Bert Mccracken?"
She couldn't believe this. She stood on tiptoe and looked into his eyes, giving back the same intensity;"Because I wanted to" she hissed and stormed out of the kitchen into the bunk area. Ben was lying on his bunk and as soon as he looked at her disgust poured into his face. This was becoming unbearable.
"Fuck off" Alice stated before he could start questioning her. She jumped on Brian's upper bunk and found he was already there, wrapped in his sheets.
"What's up with this?! There's people trying to sleep!" He moaned.
"I agree!"
"Then go to your bunk!"
"No way, I'm not sharing sides with either Benjamin or Jess. Go to Jess' bunk"
Brian seethed as he jumped to Jess' bunk as he muttered, "This is stupid, she could've taken the other one..." he gave them a confused look and then added, "I hate it when you fuckers fight"
"Shut the FUCK up" said Ben and Alice in unison.
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