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'I think I broke my fucking wrist'

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Chapter 3

"So here I am, it's in my hands..." Alice sang under her breath as she showered. She was addicted to that song. Hearing Bert's vocal fused her and revitalized her. She had forgotten all about her feud with Ben and Jess.
"Morning gentleman" she said as she sipped her coffee. Ben scowled at her, "You've got some nerve"
Alice gazed at him for a second, and then remembered why he was mad at her.
"Look, this is just stupid. JESS, BRI GET YOUR ASSES HERE!" Alice shouted. Both of them came instantly.
"What?" Jess said annoyingly.
Alice put her hands on her hips and started in a matter-of-fact tone. "What I did with Bert is first and foremost none of your business" Jess and Ben were about to protest but she opened her radiant blue eyes asking them to listen to her first,
"Anywho, that doesn't mean there's something between us. Seriously, he's just my best fucking friend. I could even have sex with him and it wouldn't matter 'cause in a way he's mine and I'm his. Get it? I mean, I could kiss any of you guys right now and I would be showing my love for you, which is real, and not literally say 'I'm totally in love with you. Give me a ring 'cause we're gonna marry and have many many children'. Get it? Don't get pissed over stupid pointless shit like this"
The three of them went silent and nodded.
"Glad you understand" She stated, getting back to her bunk and pulling on her Black Chuck Taylor's over her loose jeans. She arranged her black shirt with the rosary drawn to one side.
"I'm heading out for a pay phone. I want to call Kamz"
"Sure..." The guys said as they returned to their business.

Alice walked to the nearest payphone and snorted as she saw it was occupied by a guy with short black hair dressed in black from head to toe. She slipped her anorexic body to the gravel and curled up, using her abundant hair as a pillow. The guy opened the door and almost collapsed over her.
"God dammit!" She swore as he jumped over her.
"Why the hell are you sleeping on the floor" He showed her his white, small teeth. Just like her own.
"'Cause I didn't think it would take you so little...Gerard"
"Oh, you know my name?" He smirked
"Yeah..." She said as she entered the payphone, "And so does like half of America to say the least"
"Do I know you?"
"Not really...might've seen me around, though. My band plays in this tour..." She said as she dialled the familiar number
"I guess I'll see you around, then. Since you're talking and shit"
"HEY!!" Kamz cheered from the other line.
"How's it going, baby?"
"Oh, it's been great. Although I've been missing you a LOT! When are you coming to Vegas?"
"Hmm...some time next week?"
"Okay, so will I finally get to meet Bert?"
"Yeah, I guess so. I'm sure you're missing the Panic! and FOB boys, right?"
"AS HELL! Have you seen 'em?"
"actually no...Although I just bumped into Gerard Way. He was using the payphone before me"
"No shitt!"
"Shit. But you know, hanging with Bert and what not I don't look at him the same way. I mean, I understand why he backed away but it's still so messed up..."
"By the way, how's your drinking Alice?"
"Oh.My.God. The entire world's overprotective"
"Oh, sorry. It's just difficult not to worry bout you when I know you're basically been served beer for breakfast. In fact, I can bet my ass that you've already drank some..."
"Yeah well, there's no point in denying it, is it?. Hey, I'm running out of quarters and my phone's disconnected. I'll try to steal someone's, it would be easy...everyone's here is either drunk or high"
"Ha, ha, ha. Yeah...It's ok."
"Ok. I love you"
"Yeah, me too"
The week on Chicago flew by and before she knew it, Alice was in her last interview there accompanied by Ben with an MTV hostess.
"So, here we are with Last Word Uttered's front man, Ben and his bandmate Alice. So how are you guys?"
"Great" Ben said and Alice nodded.
"So, let's hit your personal life, that's what interests us. Let's start with Alice here. What's your relationship with The Used's Bert Mccracken?"
Alice chuckled, "There's not the kind of 'relationship' you're probable referring to. I mean, we're not boyfriend and girlfriend, we're nor lovers...We're just friends. Screw that, we're BEST friends. My bestiest male friend."
The hostess looked a little disappointed then tried it another way.
"Then how about those kisses?"
"It's just a way of saying 'I love you'. As I told my bandmates about a week ago, it's the same as if I made out with any of them. They're like my brothers and so is Bert. If Ben wouldn't kill me I would French kiss him right now"
"Oh, that would be nice. So, Ben. We've heard that you were Kate's lover."
Ben cocked an eyebrow, "Excuse me? Who the hell's Kate?"
"Bert Mccracken's, girlfriend?"
"Eh, no...Come on, from where do you get this shit huh?"

Alice laid in the couch, sleeping soundly. The drive to Kansas City was long, and she needed to waste as much time as possible. Jess and Ben we're playing Pokemon Stadium on the vintage Nintendo 64. Ben was kicking Jess' ass on the Ratatta race game.
"HA! I WON MOTHERFUCKER!" Ben yelled, letting the control fall into a cushion. This uproar caused Alice's eyelids to pop open. Brian's head was still tilted to a side reading a book.
"What the fuck?" She whispered annoyingly at Ben, "I was having the sweetest dream..."
"Ben here's childishly shouting because he won a pointless Pokemon game"
"You're just jealous 'cause you haven't won any of the games in the past hour"
"Get a's stupid game"
"You're both stupid, Ben for waking me up and you for being such a jealous fuck.
They continued arguing and Alice walked up to the window. There was a tour bus passing by. There was short guy with a pretty face with green eyes lined with fuchsia eyeliner and black hair, a clean beard growing. Frank waved to her and she waved back, smiling back. She pointed at him and made an air guitar giving him the thumbs up. He understood the 'You're a great guitarist' and pointed at her and then lifted two fingers,'You too'.
She flushed and he smirked. He turned for some reason and then yelled something while pointing at Alice. Gerard poked his head and nodded at Alice in greeting. She nodded back. Frank waved goodbye at her, she blew him a kiss, he winked at her and left. Alice continued to look at the gravel running by...Yellow lines running after each other on the black fucking funny. She started to laugh then noticed someone's eyes on her. She looked up and found that Gerard had been staring at her the whole time. She was about to start a sign conversation with him when she heard her phone ringing. She made the phone gesture to him and stood up to pick up.
"Hey baby! I stole my mom's cell!"
"YAY! Guess who am I staring at through the bus' window?"
"I don't know...who?"
"Gerard fucking Way" She noticed how he was laughing. Apparently the guy can certainly read lips.
"He's laughing like an idiot right now" She laughed as she saw Gerard's face drop then started laughing again when he understood she knew he had been reading her lips.
"I'm kidding, he's reading my lips..."
"Oh, I see you're starting to get along"
"Actually,'s just...I don't know"
"How's Ben doing?"
"Oh...He's okay and OVERPROTECTIVE FUCK AS ALWAYS" She yelled, tilting her head back so that Ben knew she was talking about him.
"And Jess?"
"Getting his ass kicked on Nintendo 64"
"I'M CERTAINLY NOT" Jess piped in
"Tell him I can beet him with arms crossed"
Alice repeated what Kamz said and Jess laughed maniacally.
"And Bri?" Kamz asked
"Buried behind some book"
"Oh...I see."
"How's your-"
"I haven't drank all day"
"I was going to ask about the pills"
Gerard caught Alice's attention as he waved goodbye, she returned the gesture coolly, balancing her chair slightly.
"Oh, that I can't promise you" she responded, loosing balance and crashing loudly on her back.
As she fell she landed on her right hand, sending pain up through her spine.
"What in the world happened?"
"I think I broke my fucking wrist!!! HELL!!! I'M KILLING MYSELF!!!...I'll call you back" Alice panicked and hung up as Ben, Brian and Jess got up to help her. They put some ice on her wrist and asked the driver how much was it to the nearest hospital. He said he'd drive them to the nearest one immediately.
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