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'I thought there was a...'

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Chapter 4
They were heading out of the emergency room; Alice was holding her bandaged wrist.
"I'm such a clutz..Oh my god, I'm so stupid...."she kept muttering under her breath to the annoyance of the guys.
"Okay, you were an idiot now you can't play...Just shut up, okay?" Jess snapped at her.
Alice eyes watered and she nodded, her tears splashing on the freakishly dirt free floor. Brian wrapped an arm around her shoulders and glared at Jess who muttered a quiet apology.
They walked towards the tour bus and climbed it quickly. They were a mere hour behind. They could still catch up with the rest of the tour buses.
"What are we gonna do?" Alice whimpered quietly, looking at Brian's eyes. He was silent, then Ben spoke up. "I could play the guitar and you could do the singing. We'll choose the songs that suit your voice and I'll help out with the backup...We could even work on that song you were working on."
This made Alice feel better and she ran towards Ben, wrapping her arms around his neck. "AWWW THANKS BEN!" she chirped in his ear before burying her face in his chest. He lifted her body easily so he could continue walking towards the Nintendo 64, careful not to hurt her wrist nor break the hug. She giggled at this as he finally let her go. Jess and Brian were eyeing them suspiciously.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCEEEEEEE!!!!" Pete yelled, running towards her and lifting her from bed.
"PETER KINGSTON LEWIS WENTZ THE THIRD LET ME GO NOW!" Alice bellowed, kicking her feet in the air violently.
The rest of the FOB and P!ATD guys flooded into the bedroom, crashing on the still warm bunks. They all started talking to her about what had happened and how they had been very busy indeed, each of them working on their new cd coming up but came as soon as they heard. She felt overwhelmed by their visit but happy at the same time. She slipped her hand below her bunk and took the small container popping in three pills at once. The guys didn't know she did, so they were quite surprised. Seeing the concern on their eyes she quickly lied, "Pain killers, you guys!!!" They all laughed it out and continued talking about the upcoming cds. Brendon took the jean she had worn last night from the floor and took a look at it.
"THIS IS SO RAD! Can I borrow it? PRETTY PLEASE?" He asked, batting his eyelashes and forming his luscious lips into a kiss. "I'll give you a KISS"
"I'll lend it to you if you don't kiss me. You'll make Ryan jealous"
"Yes, baby, she's right" Ryan said, pouting.
"you're forgiven honey"
"OKAY....just get a damn room! That doesn't happen to be one in which we're in!" John said, rolling his eyes at them. Ryan and Brendon giggled; they made such a cute couple.
"okay, so I think we must get going. We've got a sound check in like ten minutes?" Pete asked, looking at Andy as he stood up.
"" Andy corrected him as he took a look at his watch.
"Guess you'll better bolt, thanks for the visit though" Alice said smiling as each of the guys gave her a quick hug. The Panic! boys also stood up.
"We want to watch 'em, hope you don't mind..." Spencer excused themselves.
"Oh, go ahead guys. Are you gonna perform next?"
The four of them nodded and she hugged them too, giving Brendon and Ryan a small peck on the lips. "Good luck"
The four of them giggled as they headed out.

"ALICE! SOUNDCHECK!" Jess groaned to her.
She skipped out of the bus and ran with the guys to the stage. She was still very pissed at herself for hurting her wrist. They practiced and she continued to think how she would end up screwing the whole show up.

" Out in five" one of the stage techs told Last Word Uttered who sat impatiently backstage. They heard as a random band ended they're last song and thanked the audience. Alice was nervous. Then one of the techs handed her the mic and she almost fainted.
"Oh my god, Oh my god, OH MY GOD!!!" She shrieked under her breath. Ben put a hand on her shoulder, "I'll introduce us, okay? Just calm down."
The guys started filling the stage as the crowd roared. Then they noticed that Ben was carrying the guitar instead of Alice. There were bursts of confusion instantly. Ben was about to speak up on the mic when Alice entered the stage just as Brian plugged in his bass.
She walked in her fuchsia and black striped leggings and a black long sleeved top with a dead Tinkerbell silk-screened. She walked into the stage holding her mic on her left hand; she wore a fuchsia glove on her right one, on top of the bandages. She waved at the crowd as they looked at her in confusion.
"HELLO KANSAS!!!" She chirped on the mic receiving a huge roar from the crowd. She giggled and continued to speak up, "I'm guessing you're wondering why lead singer's not, well....singing" She said, stoping at the crowd agreed and she chuckled. "You see, I was stupid enough to fall backwards on my chair and sort of....well, broke my right wrist" She crowd ushered a sonorous "AWWWW".
"So to your dismay I'm gonna have to do the vocals...I'll try not to fuck up but I can't make promises"
The crowd all started to disagree as she started speaking up again, "This song's 'I thought there was a'....

tell me how does it feel
to be loved
to feel real
tell me how can I deal
with this thoughts
" with these thoughts" Ben sang
"with these fears" Alice continued, turning to look at him
"with these fears" He said, facing Alice as he did a fantastic riff.
Alice took a deep breath and sang her lungs out,
"can you hold me real tight until I wash away every tear?
or would you just leave my side and find one who's complete?
tell me how does it feel
to be loved
to feel real
tell me how can I deal
with this thoughts
with these fears
"Whoa! Whoa!" Ben screamed in the background, jumping up and down with the guitar in hand.
"let's just tap our feet to the music of our lives
let us sing those unwritten lines
please, do tell me how does it feel
when you feel loved
when you feel real
help me to deal
with this thoughts
with these fears
and be by my side
Alice bent her head low quickly and all of her hair went frontward and then backwards as John did his solo

"as I collapse on this wheels" Ben said, kneeling on the tape-covered floor.
"and hold my hand, washing away my every tear
let me be by your side
" Alice said, standing on Jess' drums momentarily.
"let me know how does it feel" Ben said, running his briefly free hands through his hair to remove some of the sweat and cleaning them on his ragged jeans before continuing.
"when you love
when you're....
" Alice sat in the stage's rim. She and Ben moaned slightly, "real" They finished in unison.
She breathed heavily before continuing, "So there you have it folks, I hope it wasn't that bad...Now, "Secret in a Bottle" fellas...Since the last time Ben sang it in Chicago we did some minor changes...we weren't that satisfied with the song...
Going this way I never thought I'd come out okaaaayyy
I thought I was raised to stay in despair
But then she shared a secret on a drunken night
And there was a secret on that bottle
There was a deep secret concealed
She gradually let it slip
And I followed her lead
Oh, I followed her lead

There was it
that long craved secret
and I already knew what it was about
but we both saw the lie that was tangled
And I remembered myself we were not sane
As you told me 'It's okay to be scared'
since you noticed how I felt

We both recalled we were still flesh and that there was a secret deep inside this bottle
That precious bottle
There was a deep secret concealed
and she gradually let is slip
and I followed her lead

exchanging my own secrets with her
Oh, luscious lips, share your true secret with me

Author's Note
You all know these are the crappie chapters that set the mood going...
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