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Chapter 5

She sat on bed, looking at the ceiling go round and round. Yesterday had been a pretty depressing night. She had started to remember how it had been like when she was with Ben, how he used to caress her cheek until she felt asleep. And then how it was all over, how her love for him suddenly stopped. She wanted so bad to want him, but after five months she couldn't lie anymore to him and broke up. She knew that deep down he hated the fact that they weren't together. She was still bumped out that she couldn't feel the same way she used to so many months ago.
That's when she had started drinking and taking all the pills she could lay her hands upon. And that was when his love was topped with his concern and pity for her. He could no longer hate her; he was too preoccupied while she was too fucked up too care.
The last weeks on tour she had decided to quit some, and was doing relatively well. But then yesterday nights all of these thoughts flooded back in. She couldn't resist thinking all of this crap again, she couldn't. So she took 4 of the blue pills that she held in a different container and had been knocked up since one in the morning until just moments away from they're next show. They were now in Vegas.
"You're in Vegas, how difficult is it to pass to my freaking house?!" Kamz yelled in the phone.
"Well, first off I have to go onstage in two minutes and then we have some signing to do and an interview with...WHICH'S THE MAGAZINE AGAIN; BRY?"
"BLENDER AND ALTERNATE PRESS!" Bryan hollered back
"Blender and Alternate Press" Alice cooed in the phone.
"Goddammit so I have to be a teeny standing in line for 5 hours to get to see my bestiest friend today?"
"Pretty much"
Kamz shrugged on the other end.
"Hey, I gotta go. JESUS, I'M COMING JESS!!!" Natz disconnected, throwing one of Jess's drumsticks at him.

"I almost broke my nose on your sweat, Bry" Alice chuckled as they walked out of the stage
"There's no time for small talk. Get your sweaty asses back to the van." Ben commanded to the rest of the band.
"What's up with the hurry?" Jess asked, raising his eyebrows at Ben's unusual bossy remark. Alice was the one being bossy all the time, not him.
"Alex called and said that the kids are standing in line around the mall and it just started raining" He explained as he told the driver where they were heading and just how much he should push that pedal.
"I feel so...unlike me. God, I need a beer"
"Make it 5" Ben said. The rest of them smirked.
"Did you start without us, Ben boy?" Jess said, grinning broadly.
"What do you mean?"
"We're four" Alice replied.
"Yeah, but I need two"
"ooohhhh naughty boy! You shouldn't get drunk B-ben!!" Bryan taunted
"Whatever, just throw me the goddamn beer Alice" Ben roared.
Alice's brow furrowed. Bryan and Jess looked at each other, terror in their eyes, "This is not gonna turn out good..."they muttered.
Alice threw the two beers at Ben missing his face not by much. The beer crashed in the floor into a million pieces
"I'm not your freaking maid, okay?" Alice spat, taking her beer back to the bunks area.
"Bry, Jess just tell me when we get to the interview, okay?" She said, taking a drag from her beer. Even though about two hours ago she saw the ceiling spinning and wanted to die she decided to drink just one beer, she didn't want to end saying nonsense in their interview. She changed into a tight pair of black shorts with skull leggings underneath, framing every curve of her slim body. She had a black clandestine hoodie with a black t-shirt that said 'Fuck Fuckers' in a neat white handwriting. She re-straightened her hair and let it fall to her shoulders. Finally, she stepped into her white Mary Jane's and redid her cat-eye.
"ALICE" Ben barked.
Alice opened the door to face him, "What?" she responded annoyingly.
"I need to change" He said.
"Yes, you do" Alice said, taking her purse and black shades and getting out of his way.
"I meant clothes"
"I didn't"
Ben scowled at her and locked himself in. She covered her eyes with her shades and sat comfortably on Bryan's lap who was busy playing on his PSP before it was 'showtime'.
"Are you high?" Jess voiced.
"No" Alice responded politely, removing her shades from her eyes so that he could confirm for himself. He looked deep into her alert electric blue eyes and only found they're normal hyperactivity.
"good" He said then added, "You two are been -"
"Frustrating?" Alice offered.
"I was going to 'asses' but I guess 'frustrating''s gonna have to do"
The bus stopped and they climbed out of it, Ben trailing them slightly behind with a cup of coffee in his hand and Alice covering her eyes with her gigantic black shades.
They entered the lounge in which they were going to be interview. It had a big, comfortable couch. You could just imagine how many farts and laughter the poor old couch had gone through. But Alice tried to focus only in how comfortable it was. She didn't want to think about all the 3-weeks-without-showering butts that had made it that way. But she was.
They all sat there awkwardly, Alice sandwiched betweem Jess and Brian and Ben sitting by the latter's side. The interviewer finally came in and apologized for being late.
"The last band we interview had a bit of...issues" She said in her Brittish accent, "Should we start now?"
The band nodded and she retrieved thick as hell folder from her tiny black guess bag. How it could fit in it was beyond Alice's understanding.
"So, we're here with 'Last Word Uttered. Guys, introduce yourselves" She commanded kindly.
"Hello, I'm Jess and I play drums" Jess said, discreetly trying to look up the interviewer's short yellow skirt.
"I'm Alice and I normally play the guitar"
"We'll get to that 'normally' in a sec..." The interviewer interrupted momentarily, nodding at Brian.
"My name's Brian and I play the bass"
"Ben. I do the vocals." He said courteously.
Alice shifted her feet this was going to be a long interview.
"So what inspired you to be this great emo band?"
"We're not emo" Brian piped in. The interviewer raised an eyebrow at his outburst and pursed her lips. Small wrinkles were appearing near her lips, she seemed to do that a lot.
"Then what are /you/? Because in previous interviews your band mates have catalogued themselves under this category, silly" She said smiling broadly at him.
Brian furrowed his brow, "We've never catalogued ourselves under any category whatsoever. We don't like labelling ourselves. We just do what we do because we feel that if we put a category to ourselves then we wouldn't sound like us..."
"Yeah, I can vouch for that. We've never said that" Ben added, talking for the first time in a long time. Jess and Brian had been answering most of the questions.
"Are you currently dating your dog, 'Ant'?"
"In a recent mtv 3 interview..." The interviewer started, tapping her stocking-covered leg lightly.
"We've never done and Mtv 3 interview, lady" Said Alice, pursing her lips in a mocking sort of way.
"Perhaps it you took your glasses off you sometime you might realize.."
"Oh I do, just in front of important people" Alice cut in.
The interviewer gave her a cold look and decided to drop it.
"No" The four of them answered.
"Then why would you-" She started but caught herself in time as the band raised heir eyebrows.
"So, was your first tour around Africa?"
"What's your back yard like?"
"How does a back yard looks like?. Pass" Brian responded, turning his hands around in irritation.
"Is there any question that's actually accurate about something?" Alice said in annoyance, turning her head to the sides.
"Is it true you feel a sexual attraction towards the interviewer?" she said turning to Alice
"Yeah, her tightly compressed ass drives me nuts. Let's get the hell out of here" Alice rolled her eyes as the band trailed behind her.
"For crying out loud..." She muttered. The rest of the guys were still laughing. When they entered the bus for the next interview. As they were walking through the parking lot someone grabbed Alice from behind and carried her bride-like.
"CRACKHEADDD!!!" Alice shrieked, wrapping her arms around his neck.
"Wo-wo-wo-woooonderland!" He imitated her.
"Oh my god, we had like the bitchiest interviewer ever" Alice whined, imitating her British accent perfectly.
Bert let Alice fall without thinking. "SO DID WE!"
"BERT" Jepha yelped, tapping the back of Bert's head and pointing at the shivering Alice. She had landed on a pool of dirty water.
"Real nice" Jepha muttered.

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