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my chem appears

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Chapter 6

At first all of the guys were looking at Alice apprehensively, no one motioning to help her up.
"Mind giving me a hand?" She said, annoyed. Everyone shook their heads 'no' and then burst out laughing.
"Since all of you guys have been perfect gentleman I think you all deserve a HUG!!!" Alice yelled frantically, running to hug everyone around her.

I can't believe this, oh my god my hands are actually shaking. I ran the doorbell and Kamz opened up, her gigantic brown eyes lighting up as we both threw our arms at each other. I fell on top of her and we were both laughing or asses off.
"Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god OH MY GOD!" I kept muttering
"Shut it Alice! You're freaking me out. You sound like the 'Wake me up when September ends chick!" Kamz said between giggles. The rest of the guys stepped over us. Brian, Jess and lead singer had come along as well as Bert and Jepha, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at The Disco. I jumped from Kamz's equally thin body and looked over my shoulder to the guys sitting comfortably in the living room as FOB, P!ATD and Used made their way into the kitchen.
"At least my crew's the best one, isn't it?"
" WE HEARD THAT!" the rest of the guys shouted. Bert and Jepha came running back with a bag of soy milk.
"How come this is the only thing you've got filling your cabinets?" asked Bert, holding the Soy Milk bag with the end of his fingers.
"I drink in the liquor store down the block if that's what you mean" Kamz retorted as if Bert was her long-time friend and didn't happen to be the lead singer of one of the bands she worshipped and to whom she had never spoken in her life before. Unless dreams count.
"Bert, say hi to Kamzy first before criticising her lack of liquor storage." I said reprovingly.
"oooppps. HOLLA AT CHA KAMZY!" Bert indeed hollered, throwing her to the floor...again.
"Hiii Bert" She said tapping his shoulder.
"Hiya Kamz" Jepha said, starting to eat the Soy Milk powder.
"Eww, that's disgusting man" Bert said, poking the Soy Milk powder.
"Coming from the guy who pokes his boogies in the middle of live interviews and then stuffs the same finger into his mouth" Jepha retorted, taking the back from him.
"SHUT IT!" Jess yelled at them from the sofa.
"Which reminds me..."I said, taking Kamz's hand to the living room.
"This are Brian aka Bry, Jess aka overprotective fuck and well, same old lead singer"
"I'M NOT an OVERPROTECTIVE FUCK! Hiyas Kamzy. Niice to meet you" Jess said sweetly.
"Hey..."Brian and Ben said.
The FOB and P!ATD boys came in an stampede and guess what they did. Yeah, they all crashed Kamz to the ground. Lets just say there was a lot of grabbing here and there. And of course Kamzy ended with her boyfriend's tongue stuck into her.
"Ewww, Peter. Not in front of me" I shrieked, kicking Pete's but.
"You left my fridge clean, didn't you?" Kamz said between kisses.
Pete smiled his drop dead sexy smile (You all know what smile I'm talking about), "Yeah we did babe"
She giggled.

After some time they had ordered pizza and were sitting on the living room as if all of them had known each other all of their lives. They chatted about the rest of the bands in the tour. Giving their personal opinions about them.
"And then there's Taking Back Sunday which I absolutely ADORE..."Jess commented.
"Yeah, and My Chemical Romance" Pete piped in. Bert instantly went silent, stage in which he hadn't been all freaking night. Everyone turned around to him.
"So what did happen between you and Gerard?" Ryan asked innocently, already knowing the answer.
"Well...he stopped drinking and made me feel like a sick fuck for not stopping as he did. Made me feel like a disease. And when I tried to talk again...I don't know...I think he thinks I hate him or something. And now I can't even talk to mom"
The rest of them shrugged until Alice explained," Gerard's mother"
"You know what, I want to get drunk. Let's get drunk Alice" Kamz stated. They all agreed.

Quite some bottles later...
Kamz and Alice had decided to take a walk in their perfectly disoriented drunken state. They were in the middle of a park about an hour and a half away from Kamz's house...and quite lost. They had fallen into a pile of leaves, and had curled up together. They slept for about three more hours and woke up bared of cell phones and moth-filled wallets. The sun had set about an hour ago.
Alice perked up and turned her head sideways, trying to know where the hell she was. She tapped Kamz in the shoulder and she looked in shock at her surroundings.
"so where are we?" Alice asked
"Uh, I don't know" Kamz replied nervously
"you gotta be kidding me!"
"Excuse me! I've only lived here for a week and a half. I have a right to be disoriented as hell too!"
"yeah you're...right" Alice mumbled, crawling to a nearby swing.
"I'm gonna go find were we are and ask for a phone. Let's go" Kamz said, standing next to Alice.
"Dude, if I stand up I'm gonna barf and then hit my face on the gravel. Bye bye to my nose"
"Shit. Then stay here and I'll see what I can do"
Alice sat there and hours passed and still no sign of Kamz. She was feeling a lot better and decided to go the way she had gone, asking people if she had seen her friend. A kind old lady told her that she had climbed in a cab about an hour ago. Said something about not remembering where she had left her friend and let an address which the lady handed Alice.
"So, are there any cabs around here?" Alice asked the lady.
She laughed sweetly, "Honey, this is downtown Vegas. You won't find a cab, that's not occupied by sick old men and they' night stands to put it that way"
"I guess you're right...Thanks anyway" she said, walking towards the park again and sitting below a gigantic elm tree. She cradled her head in her hands and cried, trying to make those overwhelming feelings lower so she could concentrate on what to do.
"Are you ok?" Someone asked her, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Aren't you the sign chick from the tour bus?"
Alice raised her eyes and there he was, the angel of her nightmare: Frank Iero. "Not really...yes, I am"
Frank lifted her up without effort. "See, I told you. Gimme my twenty bucks, Toro" Frankie stammered as he reached Ray with Alice in tow.
"Shit" He said, giving him the twenty.
"So, what happened...?" Ray asked
"Alice" she responded
"Yeah, what happened Alice? Frank echoed, turning his hazel-ish eyes at her.
"Drunken night. Lost. My friend Kamz didn't remember where she left me. Left address. No money with me. Robbed while unconscious."
"Quite a night huh?" Toro joked.
"At least no one raped you,right?" Frank said, "I know I would"
Alice giggled as she quickly checked herself. "I don't think so..."
"Do you still have that address?" Frank asked
"Want us to drive you?"
"OH YOU WOULD?" Alice shrieked.
"Of course" Frank said courteously, giving her a hand to enter their rented black SUV, he and Ray scooting behind her. She noticed there was someone on the driver's seat. Longish black hair, gigantic black glasses over his eyes and well, complete black attire.
"Where you've been?"
"Rescuing" Frank answered.
Gerard turned around. "Oh...Bert's new fuck girl"
Alice's mouth fell open.
You've got to be freaking kidding me
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