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Alice is lost in the....park? Gerard and Bert fiasco

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Chapter 7

"It's not even been a minute and I'm starting to regret this..." Alice mumbled under her breath, taking the hair out of her eyes.
"Don't worry, he's just pissed because you're Bert's close friend and he-"
"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP FRANK!" Gerard roared, slamming his fist into the wheel.
"Jesus, I was just explaining her..." Frank mumbled.
"AND apologizing for your rude behaviour" Ray finished.
"You too Toro?" Gerard said, fully astonished turning around.
"Are you out of your mind?" Alice shrieked, jumping to get control of the wheel Gerard had let loose and roughly making a turn so they wouldn't collapse into a tree.
"Okay, that's it. I'm driving." Ray said, making Gerard slip into the passenger's seat and taking control over the wheel. He looked out the window furiously, tapping his white fingers in the arm's rest.
"Where is it that we're driving, Alice?" Ray said as he adjusted his seatbelt. Alice took the folded paper from her hoodie's pocket and read it to Ray. She just had time to change her shirt from her interview outfit so she had gone to Kamz's with her small black short, the skull leggings underneath, a black wife beater, the clandestine hoodie and her Mary Jane's.
Ray nodded and made a turn left.
"Why are we driving /her/?" Gerard muttered.
"None of your business" Frank snapped, apparently Gerard's mood had made him quite furious. Gerard sighed heavily and took his cigarettes out, lighting it and taking a huge drag blowing the smoke on Frank's face.
Frank was about to tell him just where he could shove the burning cigarette when Alice spoke up, locking Gerard with her forget-me-not blue eyes.
"You know, you didn't look like half the ass I've seen so far that day in the phone booth, or the day you were sign-talking to me throughout the tour bus' window"
"Yeah? That's because I hadn't realize you were Bert's new-"
"Don't you dare say that again" Alice said fiercely, pointing a skinny finger at him full of rings.
Gerard scoffed and turned his gaze back to the window, looking at the trees go by. "Good one" Frank muttered at Alice, grinning. "Yeah..." Alice agreed. Finally, Ray made a stop in front of Kamz's house. All of the guys were outside and turned eagerly when they saw the black SUV approach. Alice hugged Frank and Ray and left the SUV, thanking them once again. Kamz came running by her side at once.
"I'm so sorry" Kamz said, wrapping her arms around her friend.
"It's okay...I just need something for this headache.
She approached the rest of the preoccupied guys and explained all that had happened, looking at Bert's eyes anxiously when she explained the bit in which Gerard gave her a bad time.
"That son of a bitch it's gonna get it"
"Chill..."Jepha muttered, placing a strong hand on his shoulder.
"HELL YEAH, but just save it until we're facing him, okay?" Jepha said reassuringly.
And with that, the subject was dropped.

"Are you going to be such and ass with every single one of Bert's friends? HUH?" Frank hissed, punching the wall behind Gerard.
"NO. Only with the slutty ones."
"SHUT UP. You don't even know her!" Frank howled.
"And YOU do?" Gerard snapped back.
"No. That's my point exactly. You can't talk thrash about people you haven't even sat down and had a real conversation with. Because, excuse me, you seemed to have a blast talking to her through the tour bus' window... Unless that's it..." Frank said, lost in thought.
"WHAT'S IT, FRANK?" Gerard said, rolling his eyes.
"That you were falling for her and then you found out she was Bert's friend" Frank declared, realization in his voice, "Your just straight jealous, aren't you?"
"You don't cease to amaze me, Frank....HONESTLY! ME? FALL FOR THAT B-BITCH?" Gerard emitted a harsh laugh, turning his back on Frank.
"Don't call her that" Frank threatened Gerard, spinning him around roughly so that he would know he was dead serious.
"Whatever" Gerard said, walking out of the hotel room and collapsing into the hallway. "Bert's just gonna end up screwing her over too..." He muttered.
Gerard's cell phone rang as he sat in his comfortable hotel bed. He looked at it in surprise and picked up.
"You've got some nerve" Gerard said into the speaker.
"Fuck you. You treated Alice like crap just because of me. You're a self-absorbed son of a bitch" Bert spat in the phone. He was sitting in Kamz's kitchen as the rest of the guys watched a random movie on her living room with pizza.
"I don't give a shit"
"Thank God you ditched me, Gerard. THANK GOD! And thank you also for making yourself a complete ass in front of-" Bert stopped as he noticed Alice has been listening to the whole conversation. She walked up to where he was and snatched the phone out of his hands.
"Bert's speaking for himself. I don't need anybody to take the bad boys off my back and scowl them for me and I'm sorry for making him waste your time. Although you WERE an ass" and with that she disconnected.
"You don't cease to amaze me..." She said, storming out of the room and throwing his cell phone on the sink, full of water.
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