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'I was...alone'

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Alice's breakdown

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Chapter 8

Jess' POV
Alice had been in a stand-offish sort of mood ever since her fight with Gerard and Bert at Kamz's and none of us had really tried to talk to her. I mean, chicks are fucking difficult...specially her. We all knew we had to let her steam off for a couple of days. No one had to talk about Bert or Gerard, or they're extensions (meaning, of course, The Used and My chem). As if that wasn't enough we all knew that listening to The Used or My chem would be suicidal as well. So it was the perfect environment for Alice to grow the fuck up and understand that not everything was freaking wonderland.
So, yeah, I was kind of pissed at the three of them.
She sat there by the tv of the tour bus after our last show, watching Gilmore Girls with a big bowl of...
"WAIT!!!" I shouted at Alice. She stopped the handful of cereal she was about to stuff in her mouth, directing her electric blue eyes towards me in a questioning look.
"What?" she asked confused.
Alice looked at them and realized what she had done. She stuffed the Lucky Charms in her mouth and ran for it, bowl in hand, recently straightened hair flying everywhere.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!!" I yelled, running after her. Ben and Brian looked at us, finding it 'quite amusing' as Brian would say a couple of nights from now when we would sit and talk about the previous days.
I ran after her and fell to the floor: I didn't remember I was wearing socks. My fall gave her time to chuckle and reach the bunks area, locking the door behind her with a triumphant smirk on her face.
I banged my fist on the door violently, "ALICE OPEN THE FUCK UP! THAT'S NOT FAIR!! I ACTUALLY PAYED FOR THOSE!!"
"What's the big deal? Can't you share?" She pouted.
"Would you share your Nerds with me?"
"See, I thought so! NOW GIVE EM BACK!"
"But I..."
At that moment I knew I had gone too far. I mean, it was the truth alright but I knew that Alice is one of those easily hurt persons, and her depression was beyond normal. It meant excessive drinking, pills and nights on jail. She opened the door instantly, red in the face and tears streaming down her cheeks.
She handed me the half empty bowl of Lucky Charms while giving me a harsh, "Fine". She stepped into the nearest pair of Chuck Taylor's which happened to be Ben's and walked towards the door. Brian leaped and grabbed her arm, "WE'RE MOVING, ALICE!" He shrieked, visibly freaked out.

Brian's POV
She freaked me out alright. She let go of the door and looked at my eyes, but somehow I didn't feel her there. And what worried me more is that I knew she wasn't under the effect of drugs or alcohol at the moment. She was clean and sober but she was empty nonetheless.
"What's up with you?" I asked in a low whisper, meaning more than what I was actually saying.
"I'm alone" she said truthfully. Her voice was loaded with a sadness that I hadn't heard in a while. And then she collapsed in my arms, letting herself go completely. Crying her eyes out in agony as I wrapped my arms around her and carried her to the bunks. I knew she had always had more confidence in me than the other guys, I seemed to understand her better.
At that moment, as I stared at her eyelids closed together tightly as in pain I realised how miserable she felt. That it wasn't really Gerard's remarks or Bert or Jess that had her that way. It was something bigger, something that not even I could understand.
"I was...alone" She moaned, unable to open her eyes.
"At the park?" I asked softly
"No...always" she responded, cleaning her tears with the back of her wrist.

Author's Note
I know that this one was quite short but I have something in mind so I just needed to set the mood.

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