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Is there something in the water? ...Or in the coffee?

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the tour's ending

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Chapter 9

Alice's POV
The past days I had been mostly by myself. In the shows I was chirpy and to the crowd I seemed happier than usual. The rest of the tour people were all away from me and I liked that. I didn't want to be bitchy to anyone but every time someone spoke to me I ended up responding either totally pissed or in such depression that I even made the other person burst out crying.
Let's just say I was the number one rider of the emotional rollercoaster. Bert had tried to apologize in several occasions and I had just stood there nodding and walking away. I seriously don't know what he said. Gerard just threw dirty looks at me. In an attempt to make it up for me or to keep me happy, I don't know..Jess had bought me, out of his own money, a whole box of Lucky Charms and several other goodies I was craving at the moment. And as I said before the rest of the world was, well...away. Except for Brian.
I talked to him almost every minute, it just made me feel better. Although I was starting to get worried that I might be bothering him. When I expressed my concern he just hugged me tighter and said it was ok, that he could handle been harassed by me and that that's why he was here for.
"Aren't you here for playing bass?"
"Yeah, that too" he agreed. He is like a one of those fictional perfect big brothers, and I looked up to him.

It was one in the morning and Alice passed the deserted hallway of the tour bus. Everything was dim and she walked awkwardly, completely stoned. They would be getting home soon and for once in her life she was happy for it. She wanted to lie in her bed, not thinking, not caring. Her apartment would be off-limits to any other living creature except maybe Brian.
She scooted in the chair in front of the window and absentmindedly rubbed her wrist. It was almost healed now, "Perfect timing. Heal when the tour's over you idiot" she thought to herself, hugging her knees. A tour bus was speeding near them.
"In 5 days I won't see you.." she said, talking to the oh so pretty tour bus. The tour bus was so handsome, with milky skin and longish black hair...sleepy green eyes and a frown looking directly at her. Then she realized she was not thinking of the tour bus, it was Gerard. He smirked at her and continued his way towards the bathroom.
'Fine. I hate you, anyway' Alice thought to herself flattening the light pink shirt she was wearing as a pyjama. She played with her striped black and white pants that were too long and big for her. She giggled as her toes disappeared beneath the pants and then wiggled their way out again.

"What's up with you?" Ray asked Gerard as he entered the 'living room' and threw himself in the worn out couch with a scowl on his face.
"Bitch on too many drugs" He responded, eyes heavy with sleep.
The rest of the guys looked up from they're Donkey Kong game. They all knew who Gerard was talking about. Frank stood up, ignoring Gerard calling Alice a bitch and looked out the window.
There she was, playing with her toes...her bangs falling into her slightly red, giggling face. If there was some way he could call her...Goddammit. Perhaps they would meet in the airport tomorrow in Seattle. Only he would be heading for Jersey and she for...Vegas? He thought so. Perhaps he should Google her. Yeah, that was definitely better than getting his ass kicked by Toro and Bob. Then something caught his gaze, she had looked up.
Her eyes seemed to saddened and she smiled clumsily at him. He gave her a big toothy smile and she giggled, now standing up to pay more attention to him. He took his cell phone from his pocket and pointed it at her, drawing a question mark in mid air. She gave it to him and he called.
"Hey..." she answered
"'sup?" he asked giddily like a kid who just had the ice cream he had been craving for.
"Hmm...nothing. Happy I'm going home I guess"
"Yeah, I guess. But aren't you gonna miss touring?" He asked.
"Mmmm. Not touring, playing. This tour hasn't been that good on me as the last ones have"
"Oh..." Frank mumbled, looking down.
"Lot's of drama." She explained.
"I'm sure" he grinned, relief in his voice.
They continued talking until it was three in the morning and Alice fell asleep on the chair in front of the window. Frank told their driver to signal Alice's driver that someone needed to wake her up. Brian scooted her in his arms and threw a weird look at Frankie, almost protective. Frank grinned and went back to sleep, happy with himself.

Their final show ended and as Alice stood on the stage waving at their fans she felt a pain sting her in her heart, and she realized just how much she would miss this. This was her life, but as all good things she needed to get away, to give it a rest for some months or so and then get back to it with her longing to boost her upwards.

They were in the Seattle airport. Last Word Uttered, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco that is. They just said brief goodbyes, LWU would be on PATD's same plane and they knew they would be seeing FOB in no time also, they were not about to have vacations without friends now, would they?
Alice was coming out of a Starbuck's, vanilla bean and chocolate chip muffin in hand when she spotted Bert and Jepha going right towards her. Jepha hugged her and kissed her forehead, saying his goodbyes. Bert stood clumsily looking at his feet, not knowing if Alice would kick him in the balls or not. He decided to go for it and wrap his bony tattooed arms around her. Surprisingly, she gave in and nuzzled her head into his chest. She loved feeling little around her friends.
"I'm sorry I made such a big deal out of it..." she mumbled as he kissed her lips playfully.
"Yeah, sorry for being an overprotective ass, I know how you hate it"
"It's okay..." she said as she heard her name being called through the airport speakers.
"SHIT!" she shrieked as she ran towards where the rest of the band was standing. She ran with them to the plane and found their first class seats. They still had some time, since there were about ten other passengers missing. Alice's phone vibrated on her ass and she took it out flipping it open and pressing it to her ear, "Hey Frankie" she saluted.
"where are you? I don't see you" He said.
"I'm on the plane already"
"Oh...I wanted to say bye" He said, pouting
"Me too..."
"I guess it's my bad for coming in SO FUCKING LATE!" He growled to someone, Alice didn't really know who. She laughed and Frank seemed to soften, at least his voice did.
"So I guess we'll talk until-"
"Ladies and gentleman please turn off all cell phones, mp3's and other electronic devices. This is for your safety-"
Frank groaned, "I guess now. Bye. Call me sometime, promise?"
"Promise" Alice lied and disconnected. She liked Frank but she did want to stay the hell away from everyone. She rested her head back and sighed.
"Everything alright?" Ben surprisingly asked from her left. "Yeah..." she said, turning her face to look at him from under her big black shades.
"Good" Ben said, astonishingly squeezing her hand and then resting it on her lap, sipping his Starbuck's with his free hand.
'Is there something in the water?' Alice wondered then smirked as she remembered everyone she knew drank coffee, Starbucks to be exact, 'or in the coffee?'
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