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'Oh my fucking god! Peter Pan makes you horny!'

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Chapter 11

"Why didn't you bring your car, Ace? Or yours for that matter?" Alice's dad asked Alice and Ben as they made P & J sandwiches for the kids in the kitchen. "Some friends are picking us up later on, we're going to visit 'em." Alice said.
"That's no excuse. That's even more reason to bring it. Honestly, Alice, sometimes you give such stupid responses..." her dad said, placing a hand on his temples.
"Dad..."Alice hissed nodding at the kids and Ben. "Not now, not today. Don't be my mother"
"Oh, sorry. Don't want to become that..../witch/" he muttered to her. She laughed with him and continued making the sandwiches.

"Did you see how they little faces lit up? Oh my God, they're so goddamn CUTE!" Alice said, clapping her hands together. Ben eyed her and asked something he was dreading, "Are you high?"
She turned around briskly at him and pressed an accusatory finger in his chest, "Do you think I'd get high in front of my BROTHERS? Are you INSANE?"
"What's high?" Lucy said, she had been trailing them.
"LUCY!!" Sandra yelled behind her.
"It's alright! We'll walk her!" I yelled back. Sandra nodded and went into the house. Ben kneeled next to Lucy, "What's up, Lu?"
Lucy blushed and gave him a grape candy, "I saved this one for you."
"That's so sweet, Lu" I told her. Ben smiled at her and cradled her in his arms, just as he did to me from time to time. "Thanks princess" He said, kissing her cheek. Lucy blushed even more and Ben took her home and reassured himself that this time the door was locked. He waited until Lucy was back inside. Alice waited for him sitting on the floor. She forgot how angry she had been at him with that last act of love towards her little sister.
That was the kind of stuff that made her want to love him again. Hell, even Lu did. That crushed her. She looked at the floor in pure hatred to herself as they continued walking. "Are we going to Ed's?"
"Not in the mood..."
"I pissed?"
"No" Alice said, kicking the can in front of her in frustration.
"You sure?" he asked, apprehensive.
"Not at you. There's nothing you can do about it..."
They reached her apartment and Ben slid behind her. "Movies?" He suggested.
"Sure" Alice said, taking a bottle of Vodka from her shelf and a bottle of Coke from her fridge dragging them with her to the living room where Ben had sat cross-legged in the couch and had the remote,
"What are we watching?" She asked, pouring a hell lot more vodka than Coke in a glass and then a whole lot of Coke in the other one with the slight drop of Vodka. She handed the second one to Ben and sat next to him as he pressed 'play'.
The 'person version' of Peter Pan played and Alice's heart almost leaped out of her chest. Ben knew her so well. He had picked up her favourite movie to make her feel better. She drank half of the tall glass in one gulp and cuddled next to Ben, muttering "Thank you..." He nodded, passing a hand through her hair and smiled.

The part in which Tinkerbell is dead came up and Alice yelled with the rest of the movie's characters, "I do believe in fairies! I DO! I DO!"
She cried when she revived, and hugged Ben closer. There were only four fingers of Vodka left and she wasn't even drunk yet. She cried once more when Wendy kissed Peter Pan and in that moment Alice raised herself to Ben's face. The movie continued playing and she stared into his deep big brown eyes. She crossed one leg sensually at his other side and straddled him expertly.
He looked surprised, yet pleased. She pressed her lush lips into his roughly, sticking her tongue into his mouth and exploring the long abandoned palate; in a desire she had forgotten she could feel. She pushed her slim body up to his and shut the TV down; she didn't want to give Peter and Wendy any funky ideas. They rolled down onto the floor landing in a loud thud and began at it brutally. Off went Alice's pants with the rest of her clothing and into the wall collapsed Ben's as well.
They were certainly heated and it wasn't long before he trusted himself into her. She arched her back to meet his hard rock erection and moaned. As she raised herself momentarily she noticed there was a petrified Kamz looking at them, clutching her short denim skirt in jolt. Then Ed's face appeared by her shoulder, asking what was wrong. He stood there in amazement at them, and bit his lip ring as Alice and Ben quickly covered themselves up to the best of their ability. Barrios came along and shrieked to the other people that were coming in, "GET OUT! BEN AND ALICE WERE DOING THE NASTY!!!!"
Ed laughed and covered Kamz's eyes that had the picture plastered on her mind's eye. Ed effortlessly lifted Kamz to the guest's room and brought her a drink. Ben and Alice quickly dressed and then an embarrassed Alice shoved Ben and the rest of the guys that were there out of the house. This only left Kamz, Barrios and her in the house. Alice poured herself yet another vodka and Coke drink, finishing the Vodka completely and accompanied Barrios to the guest room were a petrified Kamz was sitting in the corner of the bed.
"So..." Alice started, sitting next to Kamz and wrapping her in a hug.
"Don't!" Kamz shrieked, she was obviously shocked still.
Barrios and Alice giggled. "Come on, it wasn't that bad, Kamzy" Barrios kidded. Kamz threw a pillow at her, recovering from her shock slightly.
"It might've been worse" Alice added.
"Yeah? How?"
Alice thought for a sec. "Well, it could've been a threesome...or naughty sex games. You know, like s & m?"
"Yeah, or lesbian sex" Barrios added
"OOHH YEAH...lesbian sex with kinky games, s & m and some guy filming it" Alice supplemented, finger to chin.
"And you could've received the film by mail after watching it live" Barrios piped in, looking at Alice.
"while your mother was with you" Alice concluded
"What's got me worried is why were you screwing him" Barrios asked thoughtfully.
"Isn't it obvious? I was horny" Alice stated simply.
"THANK YOU! Weren't you watching freaking Peter Pan?" Kamz smirked at her friend
"Yeah" Alice confirmed, nodding fervently.
"Oh my fucking god! Peter Pan makes you horny" Barrios shrieked.
"No. A bottle of Vodka, Peter Pan and cuddling next to Ben makes me horny"
"I'll take that into account next time we're watching that movie" Kamz said.
"What, you're planning on having kinky living room sex too?" Barrios kidded. The three of them burst out laughing.
"count me in" Barrios finished.
"Okay, that was way too open. We all know you want us" Kamz stated.
"And I thought I was going to have a quiet break..." Alice told them, they continued laughing maniacally.
And it was only the beginning of it.

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