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Boxers and Babies

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Bert + surprise

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Chapter 11
Next morning Alice woke up two hours later than usual, at six. She stretched on her bed, careful not to disturb Kamz and went to the living room, arranging and cleaning the stuff had been gotten out of place last night. She and Kamz had stayed up late talking and they had gotten asleep in her bed. Barrios on the other hand, fell asleep pretty early on the guest's bedroom. Alice made sure she was ok and then went to the kitchen. She searched what was left of food in her fridge. There was not much.
She quickly took a shower on her bathroom and changed into a pair of black leggings and a long hot pink clandestine shirt that had it's logo up front. Pete had had it done for her in one of her birthdays along with other specially made clothes with a little help of Kamz. She tied hr hair up with a silver skull pin, also from Pete and arranger her bangs out applying some light makeup. She stepped into her pair of black Mary Jane's and took her purse. On the kitchen she wrote the list of things she needed, some stuff Kamz might need and the other errands she had to run.
Before leaving she made the pancake blend and left everything out so that Kamz could make herself some pancakes. She made coffee, sipped some and left the rest so that they could drink some coffee. She left a sandwich for Barrios on the microwave and left a note on the bathrooms and fridge letting them know where she was gonna go and that they had breakfast ready.
She finally took her car keys and let herself out.
She jotted down Ben's grocery list on the elevator. She did his shopping for him and he threw in an extra twenty apart from whatever amount of money she had spend for gas and helping him out. She had offered because she noticed how he basically threw the money out of the window spending huge amounts of money on unnecessary things he never ate and let rot and didn't spend a penny on the things that he really needed. Hence, he ended up in Alice's apartment using her stuff.
She entered her car and drove to the nearest Walmart. She decided to go relatively big since they had been gone for a bit more than two months touring and another two with they're manager before. She was almost set, leaving the women's lingerie section where she had bought some new panties and stockings. She rolled her overstuffed cart to the men's underwear section. She bought Ben some new boxers since she noticed he hadn't bought new ones as she had told him to do before going on tour.
"LOOK AT THAT! WHO ARE YOU BUYING POWER RANGER BOXERS FOR?" John yelled at Alice wrapping her in a huge hug, silk bowers in hand and all. Alice giggled as Spencer approached too.
"I shop for Lead Singer and he needed new ones, so..."
"That's fucking hilarious! He tells you to buy him /boxers/?!" John and Spencer were cracking up. Alice actually blushed.
"No. That's the point. He never does. I shop for him groceries and shit and he pays back. Throwing in a twenty."
" that case you should throw in a pair of these" John told her, showing her the silk ones.
"A bit expensive but oh so worth it-"
"Okay, John go have your silk boxer orgasm somewhere else" Spencer butted in, throwing John aside.
"Thanks Spence" Alice said, kissing his cheek. "What do you think? Should I buy a pair?"
"I'm not even going to start thinking on what Ben would want. I don't like butting in other guy's private...choices"
"Perfect use of words there, Spence: 'want'.'butting in', 'guy's private' and 'choices'." John laughed. Spencer turned red and started walking away. "I'm gonna go see that Brendon and Ryan have not stuffed our cart with all of the candy of Walmart" Spence said as an excuse. Alice and John were laughing their asses off.
"So, call us sometime!" The P!ATD boys called out to Alice. She honked at them and left Walmart.
As Alice drove home her cell phone rang. It read 'Bert'. So much for a break, Alice thought as she picked up,
"Apparently no one understands my need for a 'break', huh?" Alice snorted on the phone. He noticed Bert's unnatural silence. He hadn't even babbled a 'hello wonderland!'. "Bert?" She asked full of concern.
"Alice..." 'Alice'?! There must be something terribly wrong.
"What's wrong, Bert?"
"Jesus, Bert speak up!"
"Alice, I think....I think"
"I think Kate had a baby"
"WHAT?!" Alice shrieked into her cell, making a rough turn to left, almost collapsing into a cherry red mustang. "WATCH IT YOU IDIOT!" the driver yelled at her.
"Are you okay?" He asked
"Yeah, just shocked. Holly shit, is it yours?"
"I'm pretty sure. I saw him and well, he was a little me...only prettier. Kate's stare and determined mouth"
"When did you see him?"
"I was passing by her mom's house and I saw him playing on the front yard"
"Did you ask?"
"Hell no"
"Where are you know? When was this?"
"At some pussy-smelling bar. About ten minutes? Less maybe..."
"Holly shit, Bert"
Alice fumbled with her car keys and realized she wouldn't be able to talk and carry the bags up. "Listen, Bert. I'll call you as soon as I carry the grocery bags up to my apartment. Relax and try not to do anything stupid, okay?"
"Yeah..." Was his reassuring response and she heard the click from the other line. She took half of the bags up and asked the janitor to help her bringing the rest up to her apartment. She distributed Ben's and pinned his tab on the door. She rang the doorbell and organized her own stuff up. She walked to the living room where her two friends were having breakfast, "This was SO GOOD. Hey, what's up? You're so white!" Kamz said, walking up to Alice's side.
"Bert. Kate. Baby. Bert." Alice muttered as she sat down.
"Holly shit!" Kamz gapped.
"That's about all I could tell him"
"Who's Kate?" Barrios asked.
"Bert's dead girlfriend" Kamz responded.
"Shit, did he kill her?" Barrios enquired
"Of course not, you idiot. She died of an od." Alice said softly, raising her hands to her temples.
"...shit" The both of them.
"Yeah, I know"
"What's Bert going to do?" Barrios asked
"I don't know"
"Is it his?"
"It's a 'he'. I don't know, Bert's positive, though" Alice corrected her, tracing the mantelpiece with one of her long ring-covered fingers.

Bert rested his head on his arms and sighed deeply.
He had a baby.
Not just any baby.
Kate's baby.
He seemed to be about what, a bit more than a year?
Just before she had died.
Was that why she had gulped so many freaking pills down?
Because of they're baby?
So then that was it.
She had died because of him.
'Because of us', he corrected himself.
There's an 'us' now.
Holly shit,
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