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getting away from mom gets you to....BELLEVILLE?

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Chapter 13
The next couple of weeks had been a total mess. Alice had been visiting a lot of people that had helped her to get into the music industry, people she owed a lot. She had to bring the pictures she had taken, the songs they had written so far and a few recordings. All of the people wanted to had that on their hands and she basically had to do it.
She kept ignoring all of her mom's calls, which was rather difficult. She was thinking how difficult would it be to just deny someone's call. Like, that somehow someone simply couldn't call her. She didn't think such thing existed. That would be a cool invention. I mean, she could be a freaking millionaire with that shit. What would she call her? "Mom denier"? Or was it too face-forward? Hmmmm. Perhaps it was just the massive amounts of pills and booze she had sipped.
Mom denier.
It kinda ringed...

"Goddammit MOTHER! GET A LIFE!" Alice yelled into the speaker before hanging up. The machine played out loud the newest message.
"Jesus, Alice you almost left me deaf. Pick the fucking phone up." It was Bert's voice.
"pick up pick up pick up pick up" She finally took the phone and sighed, "Sorry" she mumbled.
"Don't you have a fucking ID caller?"
"Too difficult for you to read, then?"
"Fuck off. What's up with the attitude?" Alice said, walking into her bathroom and splashing some water.
"I went to see him" Bert answered. 'Him' meaning his child obviously.
"What happened then?" Alice asked anxiously, dreading the answer.
"Kate's fucking mom wouldn't let me five kilometres near him"
"Fuckin' bitch..."Alice mumbled
Bert sighed on the other line, "Yeah...I really don't know what to do, wonderland..."
"Did you try talking to your manager? A lawyer perhaps?"
"Hmm...that's smart. That's why I've got you. I'm calling Steven then."
"Call me as soon as you guys hung up" Alice pleaded
"Hell yeah" Bert said.
She heard the beeping of the other line.
Never had that beeping mean so much to her...

Frank stretched on the Way's guest room. He hadn't gone home since his parents were still in California visiting his uncles. Donna was always sweet to him and had made him stay, even denied his older son from eating spaghetti because he had been mean to Frank. He couldn't help loving the woman. She fed him, did his laundry from time to time and treated him lovingly.
Frank walked to the kitchen and found Gerard was absorbed in his sketch, Ipod plugged to his ears. Frank cautiously looked over his shoulder and took a look at the drawing.
His jaw immediately dropped.
It was a fantastic black and red sketch of a girl playing with her toes.
Her hair was falling from her shoulders and had this fantastic grin on her face.
Her eyes were lost and she was slightly blushed.
Frank took in all of the details, how Gerard had managed to make it look as if she was behind a glass, more specifically a tour bus window.
It was Alice.
And it was goddamned identical.
Gerard nervously looked at Frank who was still scanning his drawing. He furiously slapped the notebook closed and tugged it behind his arm.
"I guess you're more into her than I thought" Frank garbled, still pretty shocked.
"What the hell are you talking about?" Gerard sputtered back, taking a soda from the fridge.
"Come on, man. You did a freakishly exact picture of how she was that day. Even got the doped eyes perfectly"
"Don't be fucking stupid."
"Excuse me? What am I saying that's stupid?"
"I don't know" Gerard said, scrambling his hair and walking to the living room.
"So are you just going to ignore me?"
"Wouldn't be a first Frankie..."He mumbled turning the TV on.

Her mom's calls were finally getting to her. She needed to get the hell out of Vegas. Quick. Hadn't her manager talked about an out of town charity performance? Yeah, something about a shitty festival. That's it, they were going. She called her band mates and ordered them to come with her, it was only a weekend anyway. She called Kamz and Barrios and they agreed to come too.
Finally she called their manager. He was jumping up and down.
"This is really great Alice..."
"Yeah, yeah I know..." Alice grumbled back, "So when is the plane leaving?"
"Tomorrow at ten thirty"
"fine...We need to be there one hour before, right?"
"Where is it we going again?"
"New Jersey. Belleville, exactly"
"You've got to be kidding me..." Alice mumbled
"No. And NO ALICE YOU'RE NOT TAKING IT BACK. I already called everyone" He shot back, annoyed.
"Sometimes I hate you"
"Yeah I know" He said, and hung up on her.
Alice stared at her feet, 'I've got like the worst luck in the world'
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