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Chapter 14
Alice hung up on their manager and stared at her feet. Not even the drugs helped her. She could still see Gerard's filthy stare on her. Hear Frankie's jumping and talking. The rest of the band members' dismissive stares. Belleville couldn't be that small, perhaps she wouldn't even meet them. She inmediatly shrugged the thought off. Of course she would meet them. First off she had the worst luck in the world so she would them, that was a given. And second, they were going to perform in a three-day charity festival, more exactly a music festival. They we're so there. She sighed and as if that wasn't enough her doorbell rang. She walked on her fluffy Tinkerbell flippers and Tinkerbell gown to the door, opening a fraction and sighing more heavily as she opened it further letting Ben in.
"That was a hell of a welcoming..."He shrugged, passing a hand through his hair and kissing Alice's cheek lightly. She shivered lightly at his human touch and regretted it instantly. She put her hand to were he had kissed her and felt guilt burning on her. She had leaded him on that night and she hated herself for doing so.
"What's up?" she asked walking out of his reach and closing the door.
"I don't know..." He asked, looking at her light Tinkerbell gown and grinning. She knew he was imagining her without it. She crossed her arms over her chest, quickly letting them fall to her sides again remembering she wasn't wearing a bra. "Look, Ben..."she started, shifting from one feet to another.
"I know you don't want to be together if that's what you're going to say..."Ben said, lowering his eyes.
"Yeah, well. Did you expect less from me?" He raised his shoulders and looked at her straight in the eye. He noticed how sad they seemed, they were not they're normal electric blue, they were slightly greyish. He wanted to hold her tight and tell her she could rely on him for comfort whenever she wanted. That she shouldn't stop to think about his feelings. But he knew that she hung unto every word he said, trusting him. And proposing for that would be emotional suicide. Instead of saying all that was going on through his mind he took his wallet out of back pocket.
She raised her eyebrows as he handed her some money.
"What's this for?" she asked, taking them.
"The things you bought. Kickass boxers by the way. I didn't like the silk ones, though"
"Go figure. I knew I shouldn't buy 'em" She said, the mood lightening.
"Then why did you?" he asked.
"'cause John said they were cool. And...refreshing?" She said through giggles.
"Yeah, too much ventilation for my taste"
Alice actually turned red. They talked for a while and then Ben returned to his apartment; he needed to do his backpack and so did Alice.

The plane landed with a soft thud and Alice released Kamz's hands. The latter sighed and rubbed her hand where Alice had buried her long black and sparkly green coated nails. The seven of them landed on Belleville and waited for the valet to bring they're rented car. Brian jumped before the wheel since he knew Belleville. They were staying at his aunt's summer house. But first they stopped at the nearest nine-eleven to buy groceries since Brian said that the house was probably emptied of comestibles. Kamz, Barrios and Alice stepped out of the car. Alice directed them what to buy and headed to the junk food section, flipping her cell phone opened and dialling Frank's number. The phone ringed twice and a voice that wasn't Frank's answered.
"Hello?" He said.
"Er...Can I talk to Frank, please?"
"Want a new fuck boy?"
"Gerard?" Alice guessed
"Damn right."
"Put Frank on."
"You won't be fucking around with my friends you stupid, witless slut-"
"Is that my phone, Gerard?" Frank asked in the background. Gerard groaned and handed him the phone.
"Sorry" Frank apologized.
"Don't mention it..." Alice said as she pressed the phone to her war with her shoulder and rummaged through the junk shelf, grabbing the things the guys and Kamz would want. Barrios didn't eat any of this crap.
"So, why did you call? Not that you need a specific reason to call, but I figured you would..."
"Yeah." She said, throwing two packs of Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Oreos and Cocoa Puffs into her basket. "You see, since I have the worst luck in the world I decided to tell you before you saw me. I'm in...Well, I'm in fucking Belleville 'cause-"
"Frank you just yelled like a freaking teenager..."Alice laughed into the receiver before continuing "Anyway, we're here for this three-day charity music festival or some shit.."
"Yeah, I know which one you're talking about. I'M SO HAPPY! Wait, you said 'we'? Meaning?"
"Yeah. That's a stupid question Frank, Last Word Uttered."
"Oh, yeah that was stupid. I'm such an ass. Perhaps 'cause I'm too happy to think"
"Whatever...Oh, and my two best friends too" Alice added as she spotted Barrios running with a Kamz stuck in the cart laughing they're asses off.
"We're having a Frank moment" Kamz explained as Alice approached.
"They're having a Frank moment? Frank as in me?"
"Yes Frank, as in you. Barrios stuck Kamz in the shopping cart and ran around." Alice said as the four of them giggled like maniacs.
"Hey, I'll see you around I need to pay"
"Okay, I'll call you. We'll hang out"
"Sure" I said without thinking and disconnected. They started passing the stuff to the lady and then Alice spotted the cigarettes. She took six boxes of them and a cute heart-shaped lighter.
"Since when are you smoking?" Kamz stared at her sceptically.
"I don't. Those are for Jess and Brian. The lighter's, me"
"I don't understand" Barrios said, staring at her in confusion, "Why would you buy a lighter if you don't smoke?"
"Shut up" I ordered as the lady stared at me hardly and I handed the last stuff. I paid and went with the bags in hand to the van.
"What's up with the pissed look?" Brian asked as Alice scooted near Ben.
"Barrios asked something stupid" Kamz answered for her. Alice looked among the various items on the small plastic bag and handed Jess three packs of cigarettes.
"Didn't you buy me some?" Brian asked, raising his eyebrows at her through the rear view mirror.
"Yeah, I'll give 'em to you when we get to wherever we're going". He nodded and they continued they're way to his relative's house.
"So where is it?" Jess asked.
"Near Hudson lake..." Brian asked, making a right and passing by the Hudson.
"Shit." Alice said, staring at Kamz in disbelief, waiting for her to prove her wrong. Kamz shook a 'yes'. As they stopped in an average house's parking lot. Kamz and Alice pressed they're faces to the window and gasped. There smoking on the front of the house was none other than Gerard Way.
Jess was the first to get out of the car, "Not that bastard" he mumbled burying his forest green eyes on Gerard.
The rest of the crew left the car and stared at Gerard absentmindedly. Gerard seemed to notice their stare and locked eyes, instantly noticing Alice's slim body wearing a light, white cotton dress with black leggings underneath and flip-flops. She had her hair up in a tight bun and her dark black glasses on. The rest if the people turned on their heels and so did Alice. As she turned her back on him Gerard noticed there was something tattooed in the back of her neck. He was too far away to make out what it was. He wondered what it was and if she had any more...'STOP thinking about her you stupid fuck. You HATE her. She's Bert's slut and Frank's actual sexual desire. Just stop thinking about her. STOP'.

Author's Note
I just realized this chapter was getting too long and cut one part out to start writing chapter 15. So, I hope you're liking the story by now. I noticed that even though I got more reads my rating points sort of went down so please rate...and REVIEW. Thanks. AlexSanDee thanks for your reviews, it makes me so happy that you read my story. Kamz, you know I love you babe

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