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What the fuck? He's a fucking mind reader?

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at Belleville.knew drugs.

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Chapter 15

Gerard entered the house after his smoke. Mikey was staring at the kitchen window, surprised. "Aren't those-"Mikey started to ask.
"Last Word Uttered, yeah..." Gerard answered.
"Huh?" Frank asked from the fridge. He walked to the window as the guys came out taking the backpacks out of the back of the van. Frank was rubbing his eyes as Alice slim figure came running out of the house, her knee-long white cotton dress fluttering a bit upper her black-leggins covered legs. She took some bags out of the van and locked it up.
She noticed she was being watched and squinted at the figures on the window. Frank waved at her. She took her glasses from her eyes and walked a bit closer. She was sure it was Frank and smiled at him, waving back. Mikey did an awkward wave too which she returned. She smirked and gave someone behind the two of them the finger. It was Gerard. Frank and Mikey laughed.
When they turned she had entered the house again and hadn't come out.
"She was right, she's got some luck..."Frank muttered to no one in particular.
"You're right. Now you only have to cross the street to fuck her." Gerard spat.
"You're right" Frank agreed, knowing this would piss him off even more.

Alice's POV
I need some a freaking smoke!!!
I searched my duffle bag and tugged out the newly acquired drugs. I took my new lighter out and starting smoking it smack in the middle of the living room. Brian came running to my side and lifted me outside.
"I can't make you stop that shit but you can't smoke it inside." Brian said with a disapproving stare.
"Then why are you smoking?" I pointed at the cigarette in his mouth as I took a huge drag from my joint.
"My aunt approves smoking, she's a smoker too. But she won't tolerate other drugs."
I raised my thin eyebrows at him in an inquisitive look, "she's got an amazing smell"
I pouted and nodded, sitting on the front steps with residnation. "WONDERLAND WE'RE WATCHING THE CORPSE BRIDE ON HBO!!" Kamz yelled from the sofa. I looked at my best friend from behind Brian's huge outline. "I'll pass." I replied, raising my joint for her to see,
"Fine" She said, a bit pissed. I knew she didn't approve of the excessive drugs that she induced into her body but right now I didn't give a shit. Brian turned to leave but then twisted his head backwards, "That's going to kill you, you know?"
"So is smoking" I smiled mockingly. Brian shook his head and threw me a copy of the house keys as he closed the door. I took drags off the joint and looked at the noon sky, so beautiful up there. Look at those clouds...that one's shaped like a pill. That other one looks like a bottle. Yeah, it's even got the label on it. What does it say? Hmmm. A door opened. It didn't sound near so I didn't think it was mine's. I disregarded the sound until I saw a shadow on top of me. I raised my eyebrows and saw a grinning Frankie staring down on me. I smiled at him. Man did this drugs act fast. I tapped the space by my side and offered him one of my neatly wrapped cigarettes of holiness.
He shook his head 'no'.
"Your loss..." I said as I took a drag. He smiled at me and I furrowed my brow at him.
"I'm happy you're here" He stated simply. Bullshit. He had only talked to me like four times. What's really on his mind that he's not telling me?
He smirked at me.
"It doesn't matter how many times I've talked to you, Alice. I only needed one glace to like you." He responded, looking at my eyes with a spark to his.
What the fuck? He's a fucking mind reader?
"I'm not. You're talking out loud, Alice"
"Ohh...sorry." I smiled at him. God, I'm acting like a two dollar whore. He giggled.
"Did I do it again?"
"Yeah. And you're not a two-dollar whore. You're just a drugged chick" He said, reaching for my hand and taking the cigarette away from me. I thought he was going to take a drag but instead he put his fingers around where the cigarette was lit, returning it to its still state. I groaned as he stuffed it with the rest of them and zipped the duffle bag up.
"You don't need any more drugs" He sighed, taking my hand on his. It felt manly, warm...refreshing. Someone tapped the window and we turned. Brian had been watching us as Frank made me stand up. "I wouldn't do that. She's too high. Bring her inside" he commanded.
"I'm going to take her for a walk. Perhaps the air would sober her up." Brian thought for a moment then nodded. Shit, I was going to kick his ass as soon as I could walk without falling face front in the gravel. Frank wrapped an arm around my shoulders, providing me support and started to walk with me in tow.

Frank's POV
I walked her to the nearest shop. We entered and I noticed some kid recognized us. Alice seemed to be a bit more sober, in fact she didn't need my shoulder anymore but I hadn't retreated because I liked to have my arm around her shoulders. I quickly sent her to fetch some ice cream as the kid neared us. She looked at me in confusion for a second then looked at the approaching kid and understood I was protecting her rep. She quickly walked out and the kid waved at me. He asked for my autograph and asked,
"Is that, umm Alex from Last Word Uttered?"
"Al/ice/" I corrected him. He seemed a taken back and backed away, thanking me again and returning to his companion's side. I looked for Alice in the ice cream section and she was trying to decide if she would buy a chocolate chip one or a French vanilla. It seemed like it was the most important decision for her in the whole wide world. And perhaps it was.
"Take both. I'll choose a chocolate chip one, though."
"mmmm...Then I'll take French Vanilla"
"I'm warning you, I'm not sharing"
"I'll take both then. But in cups..." she said, leaving the cones she had on her hand and taking the small cups. I reached for the cone she was leaving behind and we headed for the cash register.

They walked back home eating the ice cream. It had had the exact effect Frank had hoped for: it had cleared her mind and pin her back to Earth. He returned to be his usual jumpy self, hugged her a lot, and stole several kisses that she didn't return. Both of their lips were now numb from the ice cream. Frank had Alice's hand cupped in his, and this seemed to make her feel secure. She didn't refuse it; she had actually intertwined her fingers with his after some time.
Frank looked at her with her pensive stare at nothing at all. She was letting him walk her around.
"You know, I could've drawn you to a dark alley and raped you. Ice creams included." Frankie smirked at her.
"Yeah, but you didn't" Alice smiled, "you're a good boy on the inside, Frankie".
They both laughed at the absurdity of the remark and Frank shoved the remains of his cone on Alice's small nose, liking it off sensually.
"I don't think so" He said, his bearded face inches away from hers. She looked at his beautiful eyes and brushed his face with her eyebrows.
"you know, you should get ready for your show. It's in two hours and I know how you chicks take forever to get ready" Frank mumbled.
"Translation: you need to get ready too"
"Yeah, that too"
He smiled and left her at 'her' house.
"See you in a bit"
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