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Oh my fucking God, did he just tried to punch me?

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gerard on alcohol

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Chapter 16
Kamz hung up and Alice stared at her in confusion.
Kamz walked to her friend and hugged her quickly, "I'm sorry honey but my mom sort of had a heart attack..."Kamz mumbled, "And that was my sister telling me to get on the first fucking plane and head out."
"So, you're going when the show ends?" Alice asked, preoccupied.
"No, I need to go right now. I'll call Pete from the cab and ask him to look a flight for me right now"
"oh...and is your mother ok?"
"Yeah, she's just scared. Thank God I didn't had time to unpack."
"I'll be leaving now, then. Oh, I should warn you. I think Barrios is sort of hooking up with Jess. At least they're fucking in her room." They hugged and Alice kissed her best friend's lips lightly. Kamz frowned,
"seriously Alice, you use the most dramatic moments to do your lesbian acts"
"Yeah, I know. I should work on that, shouldn't I?"

Alice applied her makeup for the tenth time, her hands were shaking slightly. Somehow her encounter with Frank had let some of those feelings out. She wasn't sure if she wanted him but if it wasn't that then what was up with the shaking?
She took in her finally finished makeup in: she had done the smoky eyes and had applied a slight blush and made her lips a bit fuller. As she stood up she flattened her bangs and short stripped black and white dress that framed her curves perfectly. It had a not so sluttish cleavage that made her breast look quite nice in her opinion. She chose fishnets and her black Mary Jane's. She raised a hand to her head for the umpteenth time, the bangles on her wrists clicking slightly.

"THIS IS LAST WORD UTTERED EVERYBODY!!" and with that the guys were in. Ben headed for the mic and the rest positioned they're instruments.
"Hellooo!" The gigantic crowd of teenagers and young adults surrounding the scenario cheered at them instantly "Okay, so we'd like to start with this song that talks about being alone and feeling defeated...using drugs as an excuse. This is 'but I soon realized I didn't understand'
Look at the bright lights
Don't they seem to shine more tonight?
There's no silence (no silence, here them scream)
I can see that
I can also see how everyone's blurry and tilting to the side
Come on, look at me go
I'm jumping off the floor and staying aloft
Feeling happier
than I'd ever thought worthy
and then sad once more
I look into you deep brown eyes and I fall
Down (and down)
Come on, look at me go
I'm jumping once more, staying aloft
Look at all of those tightly wrapped gifts
Given to me by thee
By that saint I proclaimed you to be
I look at the bright lights burn
They're burning tonight
Burning all of my insides (flames also caressing my sides)
But healing my deepest wounds
And oh, come
Look at me go!
I'm jumping off the floor (and this time)
I need you support
Yes, to keep me aloft
(To keep me from falling with them, too)
Alice was doing the amazing solo and then Brian accompanied her, making the bass overpower the guitar in a depressive tone. As Alice and Brian united Ben muttered quickly on the mic with Alice
"Don't let them take me"
"Stick your nails to the ground if you have to"
"Throw all of them away"
"Let the powder disappear in mid air"
"Don't let them take you"
"Don't let them take us"
The show continued and they played other three songs. Finally they left the small stage, the kids cheering back at them. It had certainly been a good show and all of them were sweating from head to toe. They left the scenario and were instantly approached by a woman in her late thirthies, with blonde hair pulled back in one of those sophisticated nots and wearing a soft pink suit. A cameraman was trailing her.
"Hello, I'm Amanda from the local news channel. We're the ones in charge of this news, and we already have arrangements to sell it to the national and international companies, would you care to give us an interview?" Amanda asked in her learned polite manner.
"Sure" Ben responded. Alice instantly flattened her hair. Amanda started asking about the show and why they had decided to do it. Ben shrugged and tapped Alice in the shoulder.
"Well, it was for a good cause" Alice said truthfully. Amanda made some other quick questions and left.
"Didn't you drag us here to run from your mother?" Jess asked as he unglued himself from Barrios' lips.
"Yeah. I said it was for a good cause"
The rest of them laughed and they saw Mikey approaching with Frank. Alice walked to them and Frank lounged into her arms. She giggled and said her hello to Mikey.
"This is Mikey Way..." Frank said, nodding at him.
"I know Frank. I'm not stupid" Alice responded.
"I'm Alice Priest. Nice to meet you, Mikey"
"your last name's Priest?" Frank stuttered, overpowering Mikey's reply.
"Yeah. Sorry Mikey, didn't catch that"
"Nice to meet you too. I loved that song you guys just played. Your solo mixing in with what's his name was just kickass"
"Brian, yeah I thought it was...although I'm not so sure about the song, yet. I should've worked on it more"
"Wait, you write?" Frank interrupted, removing his arms from around her waist and taking her hand in his.
"Yeah, I've written all of our songs with Lead Singer's occasional help."
"That's so rad" Mikey said as a pair of skinny arms wrapped around him. Alicia smiled at Alice and they introduced themselves. Alice was starting to get overwhelmed. Goddammit she had just met Mikey Way and Alicia Simmons. They talked for a while until Frank pulled her out of the cozy conversation.
"You okay?" He asked, playing with her bangs.
"Yeah. Just too goddamned happy" She said candidly.
He nodded and kissed her lips lightly, "I'm going for a beer". And with that he took off.
So much for a gentleman, huh? Alice laughed to herself as she walked through the crowd. Some random band was playing and without noticing she stumbled into a circle of kids who were surrounding someone. The kids looked at her and some asked for a picture and an autograph. That was a first. She laughed it off and made their requests. The small circle dispersed as she flattened her bangs once again and turned around to see who the crowd had been harassing.
Black hair.
Cold green eyes.
Evil smirk on his features.
"just great" Alice muttered, backing away. Gerard was on her way, not letting her go through.
"How's it going slut? I see you've got a new victim now...what would poor Bert say?" He said in a whiny voice.
"I should've let Bert smack you in the face. Get out of my way" Alice spat, shoving and hand towards his chest. "Why? Making you nervous?" Gerard asked, batting his lashes.
"Fuck off"
He stared at her coldly and then her cell phone rang, causing her to introduce her hand in the middle of her bra. She had stuck it there because of lack f purse and pockets. Gerard seemed to find it very amusing. She took it out and gingerly flipped it open after looking at the name the screen read.
"Hello Bert"
Gerard cackled with laughter.
"Is that Gerard?"
"Why are you with him?"
"I'm in Belleville for a charity event"
"Don't worry, Berty Bert she hasn't made a move on me yet" Gerard blurted. For the first time Alice looked into his eyes and noticed how glassy they were. He was drunk all the way.
"Don't mind him, he's drunk. So, how's that thing we talked about?"
Bert shrugged, "I haven't gotten word from the just yet. They're analyzing the problem or some other shitty excuse."
"Oh, I see"
"Not the answer you were expecting, huh?" Gerard cackled.
That was it. Alice put a hand on the mouthpiece and stared at Gerard coldly. "Get out of my way"
"Or what?" Gerard said, raising his chest and looking at her with pure hatred. He started moving towards her, fist in hand. Alice stared in confusion. He raised his fist at her and she screamed, ducking down and throwing her cell into the ground as his fist passed just were her face had been.
Someone took him by the shoulders yelling, "What the fuck man!"
It was Ray's voice. Alice squealed and took her cell, flipping it close. She ran away from them, scared to death.
What the fuck is wrong with him?
Her eyes watered and put a hand to her mouth, letting the tears stream freely. She was scared to her very bone and shivered madly. She sat on the grass, remembering his furious face when he tried to punch hers.
Oh my fucking God, did he just tried to punch me?
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